Wednesday Update June 13 on True Love Glow Tv

Wednesday Update on True Love Glow Tv

June 13

Ammo on phone asking Ichha to give the phone to Vansh so that she can talk to him and get the confirmation that everything is fine;Ichha is in dilemma now as she is not sure whether Vansh would like to talk to Ammo or not;But Vansh himself takes the phone from Ichha’s hand and talks to Ammo in quite a decent manner;Ammo is happy to hear Vansh’s voice and then she starts telling Vansh about how Ichha always used to visit temples when Paras’s treatment was going on and how she is so innocent;Vansh hears all this and looks at Ichha ;In the end Ammo asks Vansh that if possible one day he should come to their house with Ichha on which Vansh nods his head and puts down the phone, After the phone talk they both finally head for home..

VanCha finally reaches home when Mai asks them how come they r so late when they din’t even go to Jogi thakur’s house today on which Ichha tells Mai that Vansh wanted to stay in the temple for some time and so they cancelled the plan of visiting Thakursaab’s house

Mai then asks both Vansh and Ichha to come for dinner when Ichha tells Mai that she is not hungry as she is not feeling well and is hving a heacache ..so she won’t hv any food but she will arrange the dinner for Vansh(Poor Ichha was feeling so low after standing under that hot sun whole day);Mai understands that Ichha is not feeling well because of the hot weather outside and so she asks Ichha to get some rest; Ichha then goes inside while Vansh is still giving confused looks to both Mai as well as Ichha

Ichha is shown walking on the corridoor in crying mode and remembering all that happened in the temple;She then sits on the floor with tears in her eyes when she remembers the dialogue of Vansh where he confessed about how he is insecure about her past;Just then Veer comes there and sees Ichha sitting on the floor;Veer tries to talk to Ichha when Ichha very rudely tells him to go from there or else Vansh might see them again and draw some other conclusion;Hearing this Veer in a irritated tone tells Ichha that “So what if Vansh sees us together..after all how long we r going to play this hide and seek game in the same house..when we both know that now there is nothing between us..then why we should avoide each other and can’t hv even a casual  chat,

Hearing this Ichha tells Veer that if for the betterment of Vansh,we both had to avoid each other ,then she is even ready to do that as nothing is more important to her than Vansh’s happiness;So then Veer tells Ichha that “Its not possible as we both live in the same house…we all eat together in the same dining table..so day after day we all cannot behave like strangers this way…Bhaiyya needs to understand that we both hv moved on in life..because of bhaiyya I did everything as I love him so much..I m even tolerating all the fake dramas of Tapasya just for bhaiyya’s sake..I even lost you forever but now I m afraid that I may loose my brother also because of this misunderstanding

Hearing this Ichha again in a rude way tells Veer that “I cannot believe u r saying this about your own brother when I thought u know your brother best..you should understand that Vansh is still a small immatured child who needs love ,care and patience”;So then Veer tells Ichha that “Even I care for my brother and showed patience all these years..but now I m afraid that my same care and sacrifice might make Bhaiyya’s condition even  worse But Ichha replies that “This is the difference between the thinking of a man and woman…you might think that way but I feel that apart from patience we will hv to give Vansh lots of love and time to come out of his shell…don’t forget that all these years his life was spent in darkness..he never tasted happiness in life and so the illusion going on in his mind r all natural…the only solution to this is giving unconditional love…Mark my words Veer..one day this same Vansh will become your biggest strength”

Veer listens to her and doesn’t argue further;But all this while Vansh was overhearing the convo between the two and in the end after hearing Ichha’s words he gave a confused look

Vansh then comes to his room and goes in deep thinking mode(Mayb he is unable to analyse his relationship status with Ichha I guess…its complicated);Ichha then comes after him and tells him that after taking his medicine they both will do some drawing..watch TV till he falls asleep(Icchha is treating Vansh like a small kid now and all these scenes reminds me of the serial Bidaai where Sadhna used to treat Alekh like her kid when he was mentally unwell);Hearing those sweet words of Ichha,he feels a bit ashamed for whatever he did in the temple and at the same time his expressions suggest that he is also thinking how much patience Ichha has got;So this time Vansh starts answering her lovingly;Ichha and Vansh r then shown watching TV together in their room when Ichha because of her tiredness falls asleep  while watching TV;Vansh notices this and feels bad of the fact that because of him ,she is doing all this inspite of being so tired;In the background,”Aoge jab tum oh sajna” song from the film Jab we met is going on when Vansh is shown puting his hand on her forehead lovingly;Vansh then picks Ichha in his arms and rests her on the bed while she is in deep sleep;Vansh then himself goes to the other side of the bed and starts resting;He keeps looking at sleeping Ichha and also carasses her forehead and face with his hand lovingly;But again he gets those flashes of Veer-Ichha convo which happened in the corridoor where Veer talked about how he lost Ichha forever but can’t loose his brother now;After getting those flashes Vansh’s expressions again change to junglee mode.

Today’Veer showing off his muscles to the viewers by wearing only a banyan;Well it was night time and he was all set to sleep;So instead of sleeping outside ,today he decides to sleep inside his room only on the bed as Tapasya was not around;After Veer goes into deep sleep,Tapasya arrives home from her Maayka and is more than happy to see Veer sleeping on the bed;She closes the room door and tells to herself that at least Veer took the initiative to start their relationship by sleeping on the same bed today;After saying this Tapasya too sleeps besides Veer on that same bed and in the background “bepanah pyaar hai aaja..tera intezaar hai aaja” song is being played when Tappu is giving all sort of love filled expressions for Veer on the bed;She even tries to touch Veer many times but then she controls her inner passion and decides not to touch the sleeping Veer(in short Veer survives for the third time today from Tappu’s clutches);Tapasya is extremely happy to share the same bed finally(Watch this scene at your own risk if u r not fond of Tapasya’s character as it might kill you)..

Next morning Ichha gets up from her bed only to find Vansh missing again;She starts searching for Vansh everywhere in the house but Vansh is nowhere(I heard Boney Kapoor is making a sequel of Mr.India film..I m sure Vansh will b a perfect choice for this sequel na);Ichha again goes in crying mode

Ichha is now feeling helpless and so she decides to ask for Veer’s help;She approaches towards Veer’s room…even knocks the door but then she is shown in double minds whether to approach Veer or not;Finally she decides to just enter Veer’s room without knocking as the situation for her was quite desperate;When Ichha enters his room,she sees Tappu and Veer sleeping on the same bed;Ichha doesn’t react much and stands there with her head down ,thus giving them time to wake up from their sleeping beauty mode;Tappu wakes up and sees Ichha standing in their room and so once again Tappu uses this opportunity to make Ichha jealous;She deliberately keeps her hand over Veer’s body who was still in sleeping mode;Tappu then tells Ichha that yesterday they both slept quite late and so today they r hving difficulty in getting up(In short Tappu is trying to give the impression that last night they both together had fun…disgusting);But Ichha cares any damn about those stories and is only looking worried for her hubby;Finally Veer wakes up from his sleep and sees Tappu sleeping besides him,but he doesn’t react much as if he already knew it(Looks like last night accidentally Veer took those Vansh’s medicines and went in that sleeping mode instead of Vansh..so we can see last night Vansh was awake while Veer became a sleeping beauty and is not even aware that Tappu was sleeping besides him whole night..);Veer then sees Ichha and quickly gets up from the bed and approaches her;Ichha in her crying mode tells Veer that Vansh is missing sinse early morning but she couldn’t tell this to Mai and so she decided to ask him for help again;Hearing this Tappu too comes near Ichha and deliberately stands with Veer and puts her hand in Veer’s arms and tells Ichha that “Whats new in this..it has become Vansh’s habit to run away everyday and then whole day we all waste our time in searching him..he must b feeling so much important na..so its better we don’t give him so much importance now and let him come back on his own…as it is Vansh knows only how to run away but he can’t do anything else na”(Tappu was indirectly hinting to herself ..trying to tell that Vansh is not capable of doing emotional or physical atyaachaar which I keep doing on my robotic-hubby);Hearing this Veer aks Tappu to just shut her mouth and get some glass of water for Ichha;Tappu is not so happy with this order of Veer but she goes and gets a glass of water which Veer offers to Ichha as she was badly crying;Veer then asks Ichha to stop crying and go down and help Mai in the kitchen as Vansh will come back;He also tells Ichha that we will see for sometime and then will go in search of Vansh;Ichha is convinced and she goes from there;(I was happy to see how Veer was caring for Ichha in a practical manner but at the same time I fail to understand how come Veer had no reaction after finding out that he and Tappu slept on the same bed..so does that mean this has become permanent and daily they both will sleep together…then I m afraid very soon we might see another physical atyaachar of Veer)

On the breakfast table Mai and Daddaji asks Ichha about Vansh and she has no answer;Chanda too makes sarcastic remarks like these days both her brothers r always late for breakfast because of their wives who hv spoilt them a lot(Why This Bundela family people are only present during breakfast,lunch or dinner time ??..rest of the time they r completely unaware of whats happening in the house);Just then Veer too is passing from there when Mai asks him to do the breakfast on which he replies to Mai that he has no time as he is going for Vansh hunting mission again;Hearing this Mai tells Ichha and Veer that she saw Vansh going out early morning but then she thought Ichha knew about it;Ichha looks a bit embarassed here as everyone is questioning her about Vansh and she has no clue

So then Veer tells Mai that Ichha has no clue where Vansh went as she was searching for him sinse morning;Veer also tells Mai that its high time Vansh takes some responsibility now and at least tell his wife where he is going;Veer goes on to say that Ichha is continuously crying sinse morning because of Bhaiyya’s absense..its high time Bhaiyya should try and understand not only his responsibility but also Ichha’s pain;Just then Vansh makes a dramatic entry in the house;He sarcastically tells Veer that “U r absolutely right Lalla…its high time I take my responsibility…in fact its you who has always showed me the mirror and told me what to do next..I hv always given you and Ichha lots of trouble but you hv always done the right things in life..you hv always been the responsible guy and I should learn from u now”;Vansh is extremely sarcastic with his tone while saying all this which makes Veer as well as Ichha highly confused;Episode ends on Vansh’s sarcastic face