Thursday Update on True Love 23rd July 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 23rd July 2020

Pavitra and Gomti are excited that someone is coming over for dinner tonight. They come to ask Maiyya about the same. Gomti guesses it to be Chaubey by the look on Maiyya’s face. She is upset as whenever he comes, he takes something with him. The sisters tell her how they had warned her about it.

Meethi assures Ambika that he father will like the food cooked by her. ambika leaves after telling her to call out for her in case she needs anything. Meethi nods. Ambika stops for a moment to watch her from outside then goes out. She thinks I tried to create rift between Akash and Meethi but their love is very strong. What if I cant win over Akash, I can atleast attempt something with Meethi….let us see how she saves herself today! She dials the landline number. Meethi hears it and calls out for Kasha kaka to attend the call. Ambika hides behind a pillar waiting to watch Meethi come out to pick it. Maiyya also stops Pavitra thinking it might be that Chaubey’s call. Ambika herself will pick. I had lost my mind that I made a relation with a policeman’s daughter.

Meethi decides to check on her own. Ambika is happy as she sees her coming out of the kitchen. Ambika runs off to the kitchen as soon as Meethi reaches the table where the phone is kept. She sprinkles kerosene oil in the kitchen. Meethi picks up the call but there is no response. Meethi starts heading back to the kitchen while Ambika sets everything right and cleans all the proofs. She smiles wickedly as she holds the matchbox. She keeps it next to the gas. She is startled as she hears the sound of wheelchair approaching. Meethi comes in and Ambika comes out from behind the door and goes outside safely.

Ambika happily watches Meethi continuing with her cooking work. The cloth from which Ambika had sprinkled kerosene oil is kept directly under the stove. Meethi tries to use the lighter but its not working. She picks up the matchbox and finally lights the matchstick. Ambika is very happy to see everything. Meethi lights the gas stove but the whole kitchen lights up in the process. Meethi is scared now. She thinks of dousing the fire but of no use. Ambika is watching it happily as Meethi panics and calls out for Akash. Ambika looks around to see if anyone is around and is assured to find no one there. Meethi loudly calls out for help. The door is closed and the lock is at the upper side. She again calls out for help. Akash comes back home from office jus then. Ambika notices him and is worried. Why did he come early? Now everything will be ruined. Meanwhile Meethi tries to reach out for it but falls on the floor in the process. Fire is shown to be spreading / heading in her direction. A chant plays in the background.

Ambika runs off from there and goes to the front side of the kitchen. She yells loudly for the fire. Akash hears it and is alert. He is shocked to see the fire. He rushes there immediately. Ambika tells him to save Meethi. he is all the more stunned to see Meethi like that. He jumps in the fire to save her which irritates Ambika. He picks her up in his arms and brings her outside. The sweet instrumental music is playing in the background. He calls out for Maiyya and Sankrant. Maiyya and her sisters hear his voice and are worried. He puts Meethi on the sofa and tries to wake her up.

Sankrant comes rushing there. Akash tells him to douse the fire in the kitchen. Ambika goes to get water for Meethi. Maiyya and everyone come there too by now. Ambika is happy at the Meethi’s state. Ambika gets water which Akash sprinkles on Meethi to wake her up. Sankrant comes back and tells them he has doused the fire in the kitchen. All the ladies except Ambika are taken aback to hear this.

Meethi wakes up. Sankrant wants to know how this happened. Akash retorts I don’t want to know that. All I want to know is why Meethi was there in that kitchen. Maiyya looks at Ambika and vice versa. Who asked her to cook? He looks at the faces of all the ladies and repeats his question. Pavitra and Gomti shake their heads whereas Ambika shakes her head for Maiyya indicating her not to take her name. Akash asks Maiyya and Ambika mouths Bau ji (Chaubey). Maiyya says the same thing to Akash. He is coming for dinner tonight so. Ambika adds that they were making it together. I was with her (Meethi) in the kitchen only. You can ask her. Maiyya looks at her in amazement / awe. Meethi holds Akash’s hand and reiterates the same thing. Akash asks her what could have happened if Ambika wasn’t there. Whoever’s dad comes or whoever comes home but Meethi wont go in the kitchen. This is decided. He picks up Meethi in his arms again and heads for their room.

Damini is pacing excitedly in the hall. She is waiting for someone and right then the bell rings. Divya (a new replacement for the character) is back. Both are very happy to see each other and share a hug. Divya had wanted to come in Mukta’s wedding but couldn’t make it. Nani counters it is good that you were not there. They too share a hug. Nani rues about Mukta’s wedding. They did court marriage and the wedding was done. Anyways wedding would be done as per the status of SIL. Divya stops her. Don’t welcome me with such bitter words. I only pray that my both daughters stay happy. Damini tells her to sit down to relax as she must be tired. Nani sees Mukku coming from an auto and is shocked.

Nani goes outside and asks her about the same. Mukku sternly tells her not to start all this now. You very well know my husband doesn’t own a car. You have change? Nani taunts her about the same…not even taxi? Mukku reminds her how she used to take autos when she used to go to college. Nani refuses to give. Mukku asks the gardener for help. Mukku gets excited to thinking about Divya returning home. Nani asks her about her bag and file and Mukku tells her she had gone for an interview. She runs off to meet Divya while Nani is all the more upset with Vishnu for making Mukku think about a job,

Akash is upset with Meethi as she was working in the kitchen. He turns to look at her and notices that she is looking upset. He says I am only saying it for you. She counters if he is trying to make her realise she is paralyzed and cannot do anything on her own. I may fall once or twice if I try to work. But if I get scared of falling and give up then how will I live? He sits down next to her. don’t take me wrong. What if something had happened to you today? she assures him nothing like that would have happened to her.

You remember how the doc told me to try and believe in my willpower which I am trying to do. I want to stand on my feet again. You too want that. What happened downstairs was just an accident. If someone else would have been at my place then they wouldn’t have been able to come out too. I don’t want you to be my support at every step. I want you to become my strength. He holds his ears and apologizes sweetly. I dint know my Meethi is so strong. She asks him to hug her instead of apologizing like this. They share a sweet moment. Ambika watches this from outside and if angry. I failed once again but I wont give up. I will separate Akash and Meethi for sure. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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