Friday Update on Young Love 24th July 2020

Friday Update on Young Love 24th July 2020

Jagya getting down the car and meets Nimboli and Disa. He sends Nimboli with his driver and asks him to bring sweets. Nimboli goes. Disa tells Jagya that Akhiraj is a devil indisguise. She tells him that Akhiraj got his son married to Nimboli first and then to Urmila. She tells him that Akhiraj is a murderer and a devil. She says Akhiraj killed Kamli’s boyfriend Gopal mercilessly with his sword and tells everything about Gopal’s murder. She then tells him about Akhiraj killing his own brother for money.

Jagya is shocked. Disa shows the photos of Kundan’s marriage with Urmila and asks him to ask Khetram. She tells everything about Akhiraj’s tortures. Jagya asks why did you not tell me when I came to your house? Disa says she was afraid of Akhiraj and with the thought of separation with Nimboli. She is about to tell about Nimboli, just then Nimboli comes and tells Disa that she brought sweets. Jagya thinks he was supporting devil till now. He asks her to come with her and says time has come to talk to Akhiraj. Jagya comes to the election meet and is welcomed by the guests. He asks Disa and Nimboli to sit in the car.

Akhiraj thanks Jagya for the respect which he is getting. Disa thinks she will be relieved seeing Akhiraj punished. She gets down the car after asking the driver not to let Nimboli get down the car. Jagya gives the speech and says I was thinking what I shall tell you about him. He says I am happy that I came here. He says I know few things about him, which you people might not be aware of surely. Everyone claps. Jagya says Akhiraj is doing good deeds from long without informing others. He says Akhiraj started doing good work from his house. He saved his house from partition and killed his brother.

Akhiraj is shocked. Jagya says he is not limited to his house, but he helped other too with his good nature. He tells Akhiraj killed a young man Gopal who loved his daughter. He says story didn’t end here, he took him to Jhalra and killed with his sword infront of everyone. People start gossiping. Jagya says he hanged Gopal’s dead body on the tree as he want to prove that Gopal committed suicide. He says so this is Akhiraj, who thinks he is ahead of everyone.

Akhiraj tries to beat him and asks him to keep quiet. Jagya slaps hard on his face and says you will repent today. I didn’t see a man like you. He asks the people not to make anyone their politician without knowing anything. Akhiraj swears not to leave Jagya. Jagya asks the police to arrest Akhiraj and not leave him till the enquiry is done. Everyone beat Akhiraj. The Public gets angry and beats Akhiraj. Disa looks on happily. Jagya tells that Akhiraj shall not get bailed until the enquiry is done. Disa thinks Akhiraj’s bad deeds pot have been full. Nimboli asks the driver to play music. He plays a song on the radio. Nimboli sees Akhiraj beaten up by the people and asks driver to open the door. The driver refuses. Nimboli cries and asks driver to open the door as her Bapusaa is being beaten up. Driver sees Disa coming and opens the door. Nimboli runs from the other door and tries to stop the people from beating Akhiraj. Disa runs after her.

Nimboli throws stone on Inspector. The Police team starts lathi charge inorder to control the crowd. Akhiraj gets a chance and he takes a constable rifle. He is about to shoot Jagya shocking everyone. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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