Thursday Update on True Love 22nd October 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 22nd October 2020

Akash asks the constable about Meethi who in turn tells him to check the list on the notice board. Akash is checking it when he hears Meethi’s voice calling out for him. he turns around and is stunned to see her. she tells him that his princess is here. He touches her hand and she can sense that he was super scared that he had lost her for forever. He is in tears and envelops her in a hug. He asks about his whereabouts and how she dint tell him on call that she was leaving him for forever. You know I cannot live without you. She wipes his tears saying the same thing. He seeks a promise from her that she wont leave him ever. Punish me if I make any mistake but don’t leave me like this. Let us go home as everyone is waiting for you. Constable asks him if he found his wife’s name in the last. Akash excitedly tells him that he found his wife instead. I am taking her home with me. He turns while pointing at Meethi but cannot find her anywhere. He is sad again thinking as to where has she gone.

Ansari is lost in thought. His junior talks to him about some film he had seen yester night. He talks about Madhuri Dixit and her acting skills, beauty, makeup and bindi on her forehead. It strikes to Ansari that there was a bindi on Meethi’s forehead too.

Akash talks to the inspector. I have checked all the lists and there is no mention of my wife’s name anywhere. He is told that the search is still on. Sankrant comes there looking for his brother. Akash is surprised to see him here. Sankrant assures him that Meethi bhabhi will be found. When the army and police have not been able to find her then what will you do here? Akash is adamant. Sankrant gives him hope that she must be alive as her name is not in any of these lists. God might have rescued her in some way or the other. She will return to her home or our home when she will come back. She might be upset with you but she will definitely try to contact her Ammo Nani. What will happen by your staying here? Nothing! Bhabhi will surely come back but you will have to take care of Maiyya and Ammo Nani till then. Let us go home as I am sure bhabhi will come back. She wont be able to live without you.

Zubeida calls out for her MIL as the food has been served. Her MIL is worried for Meethi as she is not in her room. Saba wonders if she stole something when she was here but her mother has full faith in Meethi. she is a good girl. don’t know where she has gone. She is a stranger. I am super worried thinking about her as she was brought here. Just then Ashfaque comes in and adds that she is alright. Everyone is relieved to see her again (except Saba). Where were you? He replies that she had gone to the police station to tell that she is an Indian. Everyone is shocked to know this. Ashfaque’s mother had a doubt on the same fact. She is dressed differently and this bindi adds to the fact that she is an Indian. Saba is unhappy that her brother brought this tension home. You should have left her there only. Her dad stops her. she is a human after all. Now she will stay here only as it is God’s will. Ashfaque tells him that she had reached the border. Call it a fortune or a misfortune that Mr. Ansari was on duty which is why I was able to bring her back. Saba wants them to rethink on their decision. We are giving shelter to an Indian. Ashfaque indulges in food. Saba reasons that if Ansari gets to know about this then our relations will break plus we will be punished legally too. Ashfaque teases her indirectly. His dad stops them. it is a serious issue. He tells his wife (Mumtaz) to talk to Meethi.

Mumtaz Begum checks her temperature and is worried as she was told to rest. Go and rest first we will think of something. She tells Zubeida to get Kahwa and Halwa but Meethi declines. I only want to go home. I want to go back to India to my Anni. I agree that you are very nice people but let me go home. She literally touches her feet when Mumtaz Begum helps her in getting up. Daughters don’t touch feet and we only bow down before a God in our country. You might not be one of us but you are not a stranger for us. We can understand your pain very well. We will do every possible thing to help you in reaching your destination. Ashfaque tells his mom to tell Meethi to remove her bindi. Luckily Ansari dint notice it or else we would be in a problem. Ansari enters right then and greets them. They all look at him in shock.

Meethi wipes her tears and turns to look at him. Ashfaque comes between her and Ansari and removes her bindi. Zubeida and Saba sigh in relief. Ansari is surprised / confused to notice Meethi’s bare forehead. He asks her about it. Ashfaque calls it an illusion. They both talk about trust in lighter notes. Saba takes Meethi upstairs with her. Ansari shares that it is his habit to doubt on people. Ashfaque’s dad assures him that she is their relative. Ansari says we are getting into a relation too so from today onwards all your relations are ours too. I have heard that that lady’s memory is somewhat weak. Ashfaque’s father manages the situation well. We are giving you our daughter. Nusrat and your brother, Babar (hope I have heard right names) are going to get married. How can we hide something from you in that case? Ansari agrees with him. ashfaque suggests a kahwa but he declines. you haven’t tasted the kahwa at our police station. Ashfaque smiles. Ansari takes their leave. Mumtaz Begum dint like the way Ashfaque spoke to Ansari. Ashfaque tells her to explain it to Meethi. she must not do anything stupid. There is a celebration at home where the brother of a police inspector will come. If she continue doing something like this then a procession of policemen will come instead. Mumtaz prays for help and mercy.

Akash comes home and is shocked to see that everyone is in white and mourning for Meethi. There is a garland on Meethi’s photo with a diya lit in the front. Akash blows the diya and removes the garland. What’s happening? Have you lost your mind that you are grieving for my wife? She tells him to accept the reality but he denies it. I can hear / feel her heartbeats. He politely tells the priest to stop this puja right away and makes all the guests leave from the house. Sankrant calms him down. Pavitra tells Ekadish to make him understand. This way Meethi’s soul wont be at peace. Akash shouts at her. I have told you that Meethi is alive. Maiyya questions him on the same. Where is she if she is alive? Why dint you bring her along? CONTINUE  READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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