Thursday Update on True Love 22nd October 2020

Thursday Update on True Love 22nd October 2020

Maiyya questions Akash about Meethi. Where is she if she is alive? Why dint you bring her along? He is sure Meethi is alive. Anyone can leave me but not Meethi. Maiyya wants to stick to the truth. Love and truth are two different things. Sankrant tries to say something but Maiyya stops him. We cannot change what has happened. it is our misfortune that we dint find Meethi’s dead body. Akash folds his hands in front of her. don’t say bad about my wife if you cannot say anything good about her. Listen carefully, even if God comes to tell me the same then I wont accept it. My Meethi cannot leave me ever. He picks Meethi’s photo and talks to her while they all look on. I know you cannot leave me. I will find you any which ways wherever you are.

Saba is venting her frustration at Meethi. My mom and dad have a pure heart. You could have been caught by Ansari ji today but Ashfaque saved you. We all might have been behind bars otherwise. Mumtaz Begum asks her to call her husband as to when is he reaching home. Saba goes out but only after telling Meethi that she is watching her. Meethi is worried how to get out of this. How will I reach home! Anni must be thinking that I too died in that train accident. How do I tell her that I am alive? She thinks of calling her.

Someone comes there and is confused to see Meethi in her room. The girl asks for an intro. Mom has sent you to make me smile so that I don’t look upset in my own wedding? Meethi keeps quiet. That girl calls out for her mom. Mumtaz Begum comes with Zubeida. Meethi is given clothes to change. The girl continues talking. I will marry wherever you will ask me to. I will marry anyone or that Babar for your sake but don’t use these relatives to make me bring a smile on my face. Mumtaz Begum tells her to mind her words. She (Meethi) is our guest. Your brother had saved her. it is ok if you are angry with me but why are you taking it out on a guest? She is told to apologize to Meethi. Everyone leaves including Ashfaque. Nusrat apologizes to Meethi. Meethi can sense her anger. One doesn’t understand what he / she do or says when they are angry. Meethi is asked to come downstairs as they all eat together. Nusrat goes from there.

Gomti wants to keep Meethi’s clothes back in its place or Akash will not spare her. I don’t want to become a villain. Akash comes there to talk to his Maiyya. I had gone there to look for Meethi but you dint ask me a single question about it or Meethi. you were instead mourning for her. you threw all her memories from my room. I feel like you all were waiting for her to die. He turns at Gomti angrily. Who told you to take out Meethi’s memories from my room? Maiyya takes it on herself. I cried a lot when your dad died. I kept all his belongings in a box. Memories stop people from moving forward in life. Akash reasons that that time and this time is very different. I had lit his pyre with my very own hands but Meethi isn’t dead. She is missing. Why don’t you understand this? It is certain that I will bring her back from anywhere. Maiyya wants to know from where he will bring Meethi.

Khalid (SIL of the house) has brought jewellery for Nusrat’s wedding. Nusrat simply nods when her dad asks her if she likes it. Nusrat’s dad notices Meethi and introduces her to Khalid. He is Saba’s husband. They exchange greetings in their own styles but Meethi also gestures back in Aadab. They all head to eat food. Meethi stands at a distance lost in thoughts. She says she isn’t hungry when Mumtaz Begum asks her to join them. Mumtaz Begum asks her if she dint like the food here. Her husband (Rizvi) tells her to let it be but Mumtaz Begum says that they use the same spices to cook food. If you don’t like this food then should I get something made for you separately? Meethi denies. Mumtaz Begum requests Meethi to eat something as she hasn’t eaten anything since she has come here. Meethi is sad thinking that her Anni too wouldn’t have eaten anything. She must be looking for me everywhere. Ashfaque hears it and leaves his food like that. Mumtaz Begum takes Meethi with her. Everyone else is sad for Meethi too. Khalid finds her to be very innocent but Saba tells her to focus on food.

Akash is arranging Meethi’s clothes. He doesn’t even know how to arrange them properly. Zarurat plays while he imagines Meethi with him, teaching him how to fold a saree. She also tells him to take care of himself. Are you trying to be a devdas? He keeps looking at her nonstop. He looks at the photos on the bed and puts them at the side tables. He turns to tell the same to Meethi but she is gone. He looks at their wedding photo sadly.

Mumtaz Begum doesn’t know if she has been able to trust them or not but she can understand her pain very well. I will still tell you to think of us as your own till you are here. She explains Meethi about taking care of herself. Meethi finally eats a morsel when Mumtaz Begum tells her to think of Ammi instead of Anni. Ashfaque is watching it from outside. Suddenly she hears Anni’s cries for her and gets sad again. Anni wouldn’t have eaten anything. She must be looking for me everywhere. I am her everything, her life. She is my Nani. Can I talk to her once? I only want to tell her that I am alive? Only one phone call! Ashfaque tells her that it is impossible. You cannot call India while you are living at our house. Meethi requests him. I only want to tell Anni that I am safe. Only for a minute? If Ansari gets to know that she (Meethi) has tried to call India then we will be in big problem. He anyways has a doubt on you. Jammu’s bomb has affected our country too. You don’t know the situation. Mumtaz Begum suggests telling the entire truth to Ansari but Ashfaque tells her against it. He will not even spare his own people for law. He will break this relation and this house will be filled with sadness. Meethi requests yet again but he stays put. For me my sister’s wedding holds more importance than you. Epi ends on Meethi’s sad / tearful face.


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