Thursday Update on This is Love July 05

Thursday Update on This is Love

July 05 Episode

Ishita going to make sweet corn soup for Ruhi. She gets a call and says I m coming. Raman tells her that Mihir called him. She says even I got his call, how is Ruhi. He says Ruhi is fine, this time you stopped me, Niddhi has to pay for this for sure. They leave. Raman and everyone discuss about union in the meeting. Raman says union workers are not ready to listen. Adi says I think we should file police complaint. Mihir asks what will we say, union workers did not do wrong, union’s work is to protect workers. Aaliya says Mihir is right, police complaint is not a solution. Adi reacts angrily and asks her to keep her views to herself, I told Mani that you won’t be involved in this project, go away. Mani asks whats this way to talk to Aaliya, she is just giving
her point of view. Adi says she is not needed here. Ishita asks Adi to stop it. Adi asks Aaliya to leave.
Mani asks whats wrong with you, you are saying Aaliya is responsible for this, its happening because of you, if you did not beat that worker… Raman apologizes on Adi’s behalf and says Adi is stressed. Mani says no, this is not a reason, Adi has to apologize. Raman asks Adi to apologize to Aaliya. Adi refuses and leaves. Mani says I think we should leave Aaliya. Ishita apologizes from Adi’s side. Mani asks her not to cover up Adi’s mistake and leaves with Aaliya. Mihir says its all going bad. Raman says its getting personal, this way things won’t get fine. She says I think we should go home and sleep, then think fresh.
Shagun asks Mani shall I get angry on you or be proud of you, you tried to help Raman and your own work got spoiled, its my turn to do something for you, sorry I just have this much. She gives him a cheque and says I m your wife, whatever is mine is yours, pay double money to workers and start work, we can’t keep factory shut. He says I can’t take this, sorry. She asks how will it run, once work starts, we can convince workers to go and work with Raman, we can help Raman and Ishita that way, keep this, I m your wife, trust me. He takes the cheque and thanks her. He says I will call workers and negotiate.
Ishita and Raman wonder where is Adi. Raman calls his friends and asks about Adi. He tells her that Adi is not with his friends, he is grown up boy, he will come. Adi comes home drunk and says leave me, I m not a kid, I will not let Aaliya live peacefully, why did she reject me, whats in Mamu which I don’t have. Ishita says love does not happen by thinking well, did you think before liking her, you can’t force anyone to love you. He says she has to say yes to me, I can’t hear no, I don’t want to hear your lecture. He goes. Raman asks Ishita not to worry, Adi is hurt, I will talk to her.
Mihir goes to Aaliya and says I know Adi spoke to you badly, try to understand, he is very much bad, you know the reason, I think you should stay away from Adi, give him some space and time, if possible, don’t talk about me infront of him, I don’t want him to get hurt. She asks what about my pain, you are behaving rude to me, I m tolerating all this because I…. Mihir says I m not right for you, there is age difference and generation gap between us, this is infatuation and will face with time. She says no, I know its love. He says try to understand this is not possible. She holds him and says I can’t say how much I love you. He asks do you truly love me, come with me.
Mani thanks Shagun and says workers agreed to work, I m feeling light, I was in tension, I m feeling bit hungry. She asks him to freshen up, I will order food. She goes and calls union leader. She thanks him and says you did not break my promise. He says how can I refuse to big profit. She says you will get 50 lakhs in your account, just make sure Bhallas don’t run their factory. She says Niddhi’s plan worked.
Mihir asks Aaliya to put her hand on the flame and prove her love. She asks are you mad, I won’t do this madness, I don’t need to do this to prove my love. He says you have to do this, and holds her hand. She says I will get hurt, you got mad. He says this is your love, see my love now. He puts his hand on flame and says I truly love Rinki, you just have infatuation. She switches off the flame and asks are you mad. He says stop this madness, I don’t love you, you want someone who madly loves you, I m not that guy, you would do this if you truly loved me. He goes.
Ishita thinks of Adi and wakes up from sleep. She goes out to get water. She hears some sound and goes to see. She sees Adi and asks whom are you messaging, Aaliya, show me. Adi says leave me. She reads threatening message and asks whats this nonsense, how can you threaten her, are you mad. He asks her to be away from his matter and takes his phone. He sends the message. She asks are you blackmailing her. He says leave me, I can manage myself. She says I will not let you fall even if you want, stop this nonsense. She takes him home.
Raman goes to Adi’s room and does not find him. He goes out and sees Ishita bringing Adi. She signs Raman and gives her phone to him. She takes Adi to room. Raman sees Aaliya’s incoming call and thinks what to call. He answers. Aaliya says Amma, Mihir does not like me, Adi hates me, he has sent many messages to me, I don’t know what to do, you said right, Mihir has no feelings for me, I love Mihir, and now I lost my good friend, please meet me. Raman says its me, not Amma, she is handling Adi, he is not well. She asks why, what happened to him.
Raman says you are asking this, he is not able to handle himself, he does not care for parents. She asks why. He says I don’t want to be rude, you may have hurt that what you sow is what you reap, when your heart breaks, you will understand my son, you behaved such that he felt you love him, don’t make fun of anyone’s feelings. Ishita comes and asks whose call is it. Raman gives her phone and goes. Ishita talks to Aaliya. Aaliya says I m sorry for Adi, Mihir did right with me, I deserve it. Ishita asks what happened, why are you crying. She wonders what Mihir did and calls back. She says her phone is switched off, I need to go and see her. She leaves.
Shagun comes to Aaliya and finds her crying. She asks why are you crying, did Mihir say anything, I will talk to him, he has to accept your love. Aaliya says stop it, why are you doing this, you should have showed me right path, you are provoking me, Amma explained me that hurting Adi and loving Mihir is not right, I ignored her because of you, Mihir took extreme step today, thank God he is not like you, Adi would be so hurt, Raman uncle was saying right, I rejected him and Mihir rejected me, enough, I won’t listen to you, I will meet Adi tomorrow and say sorry. She leaves. Shagun thinks what will happen of my plan now.
Ishita asks Mihir whats wrong with you, whats his gas burn drama, I did not expect this from you, are you mad, that’s why Aaliya was crying, she is young, she got scared. He says I wanted to explain her about infatuation, I had to take this drastic step, sorry. She goes to Aaliya and hugs her. She makes her sleep. Aaliya says sorry and cries. Ishita sits by her side. Shagun looks on.
Adi is sleeping ..hangover…Puttar questions if he’s happy seeing them all worried for him…adi was not interested in his lectures early in the morning…
Adi says … That he’s doing what he has been doing for the last 7 years…never thought of the family…
Raman says ..” You’re a matured than your papa”… The bestest self realization ever…acceptance ever..
And tells him hitting the bottle is not the solution…while adi back answers him…putar hands over the bottle to him…and to his shock, adi thanks him for the drink and vows to take revenge on aaliya.
Aaliya is thinking about adi…and wanted to apologize …and texts him”.if they could meet …adi agrees…
on his way to meet aaliya…he sees his friend agasthiya…and offers him a ride…and that’s the last thing that was needed, more fuel to the fire…his friend is in a similar situation…he wanted to teach his gf a lesson…his friend gets off the car …adi wanted to teach a lesson to aaliya…aaliya is waiting for adi and is watched by someone…the person gently taps on aaliya’s shoulder..she turns and the acid attack ( chemicals) happens.
Aaliya is in the hospital…the nurse reAds adis message.
Aaliya is waiting for him
Mani enters..Shagun is making coffee for mani..awww…the care and concern…
Police at mani’s”…requests him to come to the hospital.
Police at the office…they inform Ishra about the attack.
Ishra recollect adis words…
Romi breaks his partnership with Ashok…
Ishu wants to deal in her own way…
Ishu bribes the union guy…Greed over powered him, wants both..money from Shagun and Ishita…he fell right into the trap…and agrees and the union workers witness this…
And Ishu starts her bhashan…though it was the truth…I just couldn’t take it any more..I’m tired …finally they decide to work..looks like they couldn’t take her lectures anymore…
Aww Ravan Kumar is Proud of his wifey…