Thursday Update on Young Love July 05

Thursday Update on Young Love

July 05 Episode

Shiv is pleasantly surprised at Ashi’s Indian avatar. He comments that he never knew there was a beautiful Indian girl hidden in Ashi. DS is not pleased and silently chides Anandi for making Ashi look nice in front of Shiv. Ashi requests Anandi to take some pictures of her, Anandi obliges. She then asks to have a picture taken with Shiv. DS is not pleased with Ashi’s proximity to Shiv. Ashi requests to have a picture of her with Shiv and Anandi. DS offers to click the picture and conveniently cuts out Ashi from the frame . Ashi takes more pictures with Basant and Gehna. DS tells Shiv that she needs to talk something important with him. She says now is not a good time. Shiv offers to come home anytime she wants to talk.
Ashi takes a picture with DS. She thanks everyone, and says she will miss them all when she goes back to London. DS is very pleased to hear this. Ashi leaves with Shive after thanking Anandi and everyone else. Later at night DS, Gehna and Anandi talk about Ashi. Anandi feels Ashi loves Shiv, and Shiv doesn’t know about it. DS yells at Anandi to not talk nonsense and to not say anything to Shiv about this.
In Mumbai, Jagat’s interview at SNG goes well, but due to his qualification, they only offer him an assistant doctor’s post. Even though reluctant, Jagat agrees to this. HR tells him he will be assigned under a doctor the next day.
Next day at Jetsar, Shiv-An go to meet some villagers who are opposing the canal project, headed by a villager Mangal Singh. Ashi accompanies them and takes pictures of villagers. Shiv is not happy about Mangal Singh and discusses with Anandi. They reach the villagers and Shiv tries to reason with Mangal Singh, albeit a bit sternly. Mangal Singh does not give in and keeps instigating the other villagers. His farm is very fertile and he is being given a barren land and compensation in return for his farm, which he refuses. The other villagers support Mangal.
Shiv starts getting angry and says that he will take legal action if needed. This angers the villagers who start to rebel. This makes Shiv even more angrier and he is about to raise his hand, Anandi stops him.
Anandi very calmly reasons with Mangal that the water problem in his daughter’s saasra has caused problems in her life and reminds the villagers that the womenfolk in several such villages are impacted due to water shortage. They will have to face some hardships for a bit, but she promises that she and Shiv will ensure that the compensation given to them is timely, else they will support the villagers to in opposing the canal project. The villagers seem to think about this. Mangal is convinced and apologises to Anandi and Shiv. He says Shambhu had instigated him, but now him and the villagers are ready to sign the papers.
Ashi asks Shiv if Anandi is a magician since she was able to convince everyone so easily. Shiv looks at Anandi with awe and admiration and says he is very impressed and now understands why Anandi commands so much respect in the villages.
The leader agrees to sign the papers and he says sorry. All matter solved. The leader invites them for lunch. Ashi didn’t get it. Anandi explains it. All amused at ashi’s behavious. They agree to stay for launch.
the HR informs gauri that they have appointed jagat already when gauri asked about jagat’s job! gauri got a shock but thinks may be he wants to surprise her.
Jagat sold his watch for money,got very less money for it.(guys i skipped a bit whether he sold the watch or not)
Anandi is making rotis,ashi is clicking pics. Shiv is enjoying.(BG tune..kesariya balam!!)Ashi tries to make roti but cant.while eating anandi told them not to eat mirchi.but looking at anandi, shiv tries it and cant handle it . anandi laughs at him. Ashi tries to press the onion like others but cant. Shiv did that for her.
While coming back ashi wants to go for shopping. Anandi wants to leave as she has to go to school. But shiv and ashi insist her, so she agree. Anandi helped ashi in choosing bangles and dresses. Shiv is amused. In between shiv and anandi r talking and ashi clicked some pictures. Anandi’s chunri stuck in shiv’s watch. Both tries to remove it and eye lock between them. shiv is lost in anandi’s charm and anandi is looking at him too but seems she has no clue!! They removed that. Ashi clicked some more. They enjoy the kathputli dance , shiv keeps looking at smiling anandi.(BG tune..kesariya balam…) And after all masti they return.
At anandi’s school, girls r playing. Ashi wants to see anandi’s school. Girls r very happy to see all three. They asks shiv y he is not coming to school. Ashi is impressed. Anandi asks about a girl jyoti that whether she came or not. A girl replies that she is ill. Then they want to shiv to play with them but shiv turns referee and they starts playing. Ashi and anandi at a time say that all love shiv and laugh. Anandi shows ashi her school. Ashi says if she wud have not seen in her eyes then he wud have not believed that a girl of her age did that. Anandi gives all credit to her frds and family. Ashi says when she knew about shiv’s posting in a village, she was angree but now she is not. May be it will change his life too. ashi says she is returning soon. Anandi upset. Ashi assures she will back for a long holiday soon.
Then Ashi gives a birthday gift for shiv and asks anandi to give it to him on his birthday.Anandi asks the when is his bday . Ashi replies 29th june. Anandi smiles and says it is so near. Ashi says she wanted to give the gift in advance but now she can give him on his bday through anandi. Ashi says she understands how imp it is for her. anandi is lil upset and says yes for her only. Anandi notice her expressions. At that time shiv comes there and they left.