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Thursday Update on Complicated Love 25th March 2021

Pari was waiting for Rohan on the balcony. She was shocked as Rohan walks to the balcony silently. Rohan says it’s alright, she won’t be afraid since he is here. He hugs Pari from behind. She hugs him back, but Rohan feels pain in his back. Pari apologizes at once. She asks Rohan what he and Mishti were doing together. Rohan tells Pari they had gone to Veer, Mishti was tensed. Pari says Mishti only had a breakup, she didn’t do any crime. She asks Rohan if there is something else. Rohan melodramatically screams, No! Doesn’t she trust him? Pari smiles that she trusts him more than herself. It’s just that Mishti didn’t speak to her about it.

Rohan suggests about not delaying their beer party. Pari had to say something to Rohan. She stammers, gets confused… she begins… Love is something… The phone bell rings. Rohan now gets a call… It was tally selling… Rohan listens to Pari. She was nervous. Rohan says Pari is definitely in love, she must tell him; may be the other person is also waiting. He says one must not delay the confession of love. Pari’s phone bell rings once again. She rejects the call, then asks Rohan if he has ever loved. Rohan thinks for a while, then says yes, but he never said I love you to her, and she didn’t say it either; its mutual for them. Pari suggests he must tell her and not delay. Rohan smiles that she is stubborn, so is he; he awaits her confession.

In the room, Rohan was shouting at the inspector that he couldn’t get any information about the kidnappers. Mishti comes to the room. Before she could speak, Rohan tells her not to say a word. She must forget what happened. It was their luck that he spotted her there, else he would have never forgiven himself. He tells her to forget everything now, and move on. He demands a promise to Mishti that they will move on. They hug each other.

Later, Rohan and Mishti stood on the balcony. Mishti says he broke up with Veer and thought life would be easy, but they haven’t been able to share anything with their family yet. Rohan says we are only waiting for the right time. He tells her to forget everything now, then shows a photo to Mishti of a building and a flat. Mishti says it’s too good. Rohan says he also likes this. Mishti asks if he is leaving their house. Rohan tells her to believe so. Mishti was upset at once and turns to leave. Rohan stops her, places his forehead with hers and says they will have to shift to their house someday. It will be possible only when she says those three magical words, else he would have to think if he would marry her or not. Mishti replies she would never do. Rohan takes a selfie with Mishti, then offers to go and see the flat with him. Mishti replies she will have to think about tomorrow.

The next morning, Mishti was cooking in the kitchen. Radhika comes to her, she wish her kidnappers can never stay happy in the world. Mishti tells her not to worry. Radhika was thankful that Rohan was around and saved her. It now seems, Rohan is also her child. Mishti says this worry isn’t good for her health. Mishti says she filed a police complaint. Radhika insists no one should leave home for a few days. Mishti says any bad incident teaches us to be braver and stronger. She consoles Radhika to smile right now then jokes about an idea to join Karate classes. They reaches the dining table. Mishti tastes her food. Radhika asks Mishti if she has noticed, Pari is a little different these days and extremely happy person. Mishti says she has noticed this as well. May be its because Pari is very good in her work, every client praises Pari’s vision and work.

Radhika was happy about it, but the matter is a little different. She has seen Pari smiling and feeling shy when alone. There may be someone special in Pari’s life. Mishti was excited and says she must ask Pari about it. Radhika thinks she must not take Rohan’s name, may be Pari tells Mishti who it is. Mishti tells Radhika she won’t take her name, but she must speak to Pari about it.

Arnav comes to office with a file of a company with all its detail. He informs Veer about a meeting with Chennai’s client. Veer tells him to cancel the meeting. Arnav argues that clients are in Mumbai. Veer shouts at Arnav he will work according to his ways, else he may resign. Arnav was offensive and says though angry, but he can’t misbehave. Veer apologizes. Arnav says it’s his duty to inform him about his meeting list, there is a party in a hotel in the evening and everyone expects Veer there.

Veer was lost in the thoughts of Mishti hugging a guy in the car. He recalls he trusted Mishti and had given her the responsibility to handle the management of the party. He had made an agreement with her company, and Mishti signed it without reading. She had said she trusted Veer, and promised she would not give him a chance of complaint. Veer thinks tonight’s party will be organized by Mishti and Pari’s company. Now he would make Mishti face the same insult as his. He will first welcome her tonight, then find out the guy. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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