Teasers on Young Love July 2022


Teasers on Young Love July 2022

Bhairon and Sumitra find Anandi unconscious inside the room.

Glow Tv Young Love Teasers July 2022 

Friday 1 July 2022

Episode 29

While Kalyani Devi keeps taunting Anandi for every small task she undertakes or for every mistake she commits, at the same time Sumitra takes good care of her.

Episode 30

Anandi gets emotional as her parents gets ready to leave. However, Sumitra calms her down and tells her about a fast kept by married women.

Monday 4 July 2022

Episode 31

While commencing the ‘teej’ ritual Sumitra remembers Jamuna. When the time comes to break the fast, Anandi refuses to eat as she had already has already eaten something with Jagdish.

Episode 32

Kalyani Devi scolds Anandi for disrespecting the ritual. Later, she questions Basant about the rights of a widowed woman and man. Anandi also offers to help Jagdish with his studies.

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Episode 33

The teacher at school is impressed with Jagdish’s work. While Jagdish and Anandi are sharing their good moments, Dadisa interrupts and tears the book which Jagdish gave to Anandi

Episode 34

Sumitra stops herself from helping Anandi in the kitchen as instructed by Kalyani Devi. Later in the night Anandi comes across Basant who is drunk.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Episode 35

Bhairon feels insulted when Basant talks about him being greedy for property. Things get worse when the topic of Basant’s marriage is breached.

Episode 36

Bhairon discusses about Basant’s marriage with Sumitra. Anandi befriends a widowed girl and gives her bangles to wear which creates a huge ruckus at her place.

Thursday 7 July 2022

Episode 37

Furious with Anandi’s mistake of giving bangles to a widow who belongs to the family of their arch enemies, Kalyani Devi locks her in a storage room.

Episode 38

The family tries to convince Kalyani, but she doesn’t budge. Jagdish secretly supplies food to Anandi. Bhairon feels helpless as he is unable to do anything about the situation.

Friday 8 July 2022

Episode 39

Dadisa confronts Sumitra and scolds her for serving Anandi food. She also warns her and asks her to go back to the room. Although Bhairon requests Dadisa not to punish Anandi, Basant interrupts and supports Dadisa.

Episode 40

Sumitra makes an attempt to save Anandi but finds Dadisa guarding the room. Although Bhairon pities Anandi and tries talking to Basant, he supports Dadisa’s decisions. Later, Bhairon and Sumitra find Anandi unconscious inside the room.

Monday 11 July 2022

Episode 41

Sumitra consoles Anandi after Dadisa punishes her. She also instructs Anandi not to hurt anyone. While Anandi requests Sumitra to take her to her parents, Dadisa interrupts. Later, Sumitra and Bhairon do their best and take proper care of Anandi’s health.

Episode 42

Anandhi feels home sick and wishes to return home soon. Shen then runs away and goes back home. Sumitra blames Dadisa for Anandhi’s disappearance.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Episode 43

Dadisa is angry at Sugna and tries to slap her. Meanwhile, Bhairon and Basant go in search of Anandi. Later, Bhagwati is surprised to see Anandi.

Episode 44

Khaajan is shocked to see the condition of Anandi. She is weak and unconscious. Later, Anandi tells her mother that she did not eat for many days. Meanwhile, Bhairon and his family are anxious about Anandi.

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Episode 45

Kalyani Devi is furious. She shouts at Sumitra for interfering in the fight with Bhairon. Although Sugna tries to soothe the situation, Kalyani Devi warns her for supporting Sumitra.

Episode 46

Anandi is brought back to the mansion by her parents. They try persuading Kalyani, but to no avail.

Thursday 14 July 2022

Episode 47

Khajaan and Bhagwati bid Anandi farwell and leave with a heavy heart. Bhairon and Sumitra then discuss Anandi’s mistakes. Sumitra tells Bhairon to imagine his daughter in Anandi’s place and to help her to resolve the situation.

Episode 48

Anandi is busy in attending to her in-laws, but is saddened that she is considered a thief. Sugna and Pratap are discussing the consummation of their marriage.

Friday 15 July 2022

Episode 49

Kalyani is continuously making Anandi realize that she’s a thief. Bhairon falls into an altercation with Kalyani and Basant, which upsets Kalyani.

Episode 50

Anandi gets scared of dadisa. Dadisa politely mingles with her, removes her scariness. Both happily watches Tv. Noticing Anandi’s unease around her, Dadisa gently talks to her and eases her anxiousness. On the other side, Bhagwati and Khajaan are relieved

Monday 18 July 2022

Episode 51

Sumitra make the kids comfortable by playing with them. Kalyani, Basant and Bhawri approach Gehna’s parents for her alliance with Basant.

Episode 52

Bhairon shows his disapproval of Basant’s alliance with much younger, Gehna. Anandi is confused as even Phooli is a widow, but no one thinks of her remarriage.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Episode 53

Kalyani is very happy because of Basant’s upcoming marriage and she allows Anandi to go her parents’ house with Sumitra and Bhairon.

Episode 54

Sugna, Jagdish and Anandi go to meet Abhishek Bachchan who is visiting their village for a film promotion. He conveys a message against child marriage.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Episode 55

The wedding procession is disrupted by a few goons who demand money from Shambhu, but Kalyani manages to drive them away. Anandi insists Gehna to remove the veil from her face

Episode 56

Khajaan Singh tells his wife about the intrigue Kalyani Devi has played to persuade the family to get Basant Singh married. Later, Sumitra reassures the bride’s family that she will take care of her like a sister.

Thursday 21 July 2022

Episode 57

Anandi is shocked to see Gehna getting married to Basant who is older than her. Later, Gehna is welcomed by her in-laws to their house but she is hesitant around Basant.

Episode 58

Bhairon requests Kalyani to let Gehna stay away from Basant for a while, but that upsets her. Sumitra takes Gehna to Basant’s room on their first night together.

Friday 22 July 2022

Episode 59

Basant forces himself on Gehna on their first night. Next morning, Anandi finds her bruised. Kalyani tries to hide the scratches on Gehna and asks her to get rest.

Episode 60

Gehna is scared of Basant and is unable to adapt to the new environment. On Sumitra’s request, Bhairon talks to Basant about Gehna. However, he scolds Bhairon for interfering in his personal matter. Later, Basant tries to get close to Gehna.

Monday 25 July 2022

Episode 61

Basant tries to talk to Gehna, but feels miserable and leaves the room as she does not respond. Later, Kalyani Devi sees Basant sleeping outside and requests him to go and sleep in the room. She also tries to console him by explaining the situation.

Episode 62

Anandi is puzzled about everything that’s going on in the family. Bhagwati and Khajan come to take Anandi away for a few days and Kalyani agrees.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Episode 63

Anandi is excited to go with her parents, but Jagdish is not happy. Anandi’s face turn blue when she sees Phooli’s mother not letting her wear any accessories.

Episode 64

Gehna is curious to know about the death of Basant’s first wife. Kalyani Devi instructs Sumitra not to disclose anything to Gehna. Although Gehna asks Basant about the reason behind his first wife’s death, he tries to deviate from the topic.

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Episode 65

Anandi has gone to her parent’s home. Meanwhile, Jagdish feels sad about her absence and misses her. He is lost in her thoughts and gets scolding from the teacher for not being attentive. In the interim, Gehna feels miserable being with Basant.

Episode 66

Krishna informs Bhagwati that Champa is pregnant. Anandi rushes to help Champa escape. The villagers call Khajan to join them in killing Champa.

Thursday 27 July 2022

Episode 67

Anandi helps Champa to escape from the wrath of the villagers. Meanwhile, Khaajan Singh finds Anandi’s anklet in the temple and questions her. Later, when the Sarpanch comes to meet Anandi, she shouts at him.

Episode 68

Basant tries to get close to Gehna, but she gets scared and runs out. Basant shares his concerns about Gehna with Dadisa who advices him to control Gehna politely at first. Jagdish gives Anandi a surprise which lifts her sad mood.

Friday 29 July 2022

Episode 69

Anandi is overjoyed to see Jagdish who has come to take her back home. Gehna asks Anandi about Besant’s first wife and the reason behind her death.

Episode 70

Bhagwati shares her grief of staying away from her only daughter. Gehna tries interrogating Basant to know about his first wife and what led to her death.