Sunday Update on The Frontliners 19th September 2021


Sunday Update on The Frontliners 19th September 2021

Karan saying I want this heart for my son, I promised Chintu I won’t let anything happen to you. The police comes inside the hospital. Rishabh says we can talk. Karan shouts. Ishani thinks I have to explain him some way. Karan sees the police outside. He says you all will save me, I will keep you captive. Ishani asks what will you get, we are doctors, we will help you. Karan shouts. He says we think you are Lord, you made a devil, I came here to save my son. She says police will catch you, you aren’t a criminal, if you do anything, police will not leave you. Karan says shut up, else I will kill everyone.

Sid thinks where is that man, I hope he doesn’t do anything. Sid comes to OT and asks is everything fine. Karan says tell him everything is fine. Rishabh says operation is going on, Sid. Sid says be careful, police has come. Inspector asks who is inside. Sid says everything is fine, an imp surgery is going on. Ishani says you can’t save your child this way, you have to be alive to help him. Karan says you think you are clever, police can’t catch me. Asha says no, don’t kill me, I m pregnant. He laughs. He says now this child will save me, you will do what I say, tie their hands, come with me, I won’t spare your child. Asha cries. Rahil says where did he go, police is finding him. Sid thinks. He says I feel restless, don’t know what.

Rahil says what. Sid says stay here. He goes. Asha ties Ishani’s hands. Ishani says you can’t get saved. Karan says I didn’t come to get saved but to save my child. He asks Asha to take the box. He takes Rishabh, Ishani and Asha with him. Sid comes with police and says how is the door open. He sees the nurses tied and says he took the heart and three of them also.

Karan takes them at gun point. He sees nurse Philo with the kids. He asks them to come quietly. Ishani and Rishabh talk. He says he really looks dangerous to me. Ishani thinks Sid, come soon, I left signs for you. Sid and police come there. Sid gets Ishani’s rings fallen there. He says this door goes to non functional wing. He tells inspector. The police goes ahead to check.

Karan hits Rishabh and asks him to come. Sid says did I alert him, I have to go silently. Ishani thinks if Karan goes, maybe the heart gets harmed or he shoots someone. Sid says I shall wait here. He sees Karan getting them. He says they are here, where did police go. Karan asks Asha to jump down the window, nothing should happen to the heart. Asha says I can’t jump. Nurse Philo says she is pregnant, she can’t jump. Asha says if I fall down, think about my child. Ishani sees Sid there. Sid signs her. Asha asks Ishani to do something. Karan says think about my worry, jump otherwise I will shoot. Ishani says we can’t hurry, we can’t harm it. Asha asks why are you doing this.

Ishani says I will help, Asha don’t be scared, nothing will happen to you. Sid attacks and fights with Karan. Rishabh shouts Sid…. Ishani says just leave him. Nurse philo frees their hands. Asha tries to go. Her gown gets stuck. Ishani helps. Karan shoots and threatens. Police hears the gun shot. Ishani removes Asha’s surgery gown. Karan says I will shoot this pregnant girl, leave me, let me go. Karan shoots at Asha. Ishani comes in front. She gets shot and shouts Dr. Sid…. Sid and Asha get shocked. Sid runs to hold Ishani. Police comes to arrest Karan. Sid lifts Ishani and cries. He takes her. Asha thinks of Ishani saving her. She cries. Sid asks Ishani to keep eyes open. Rahil goes to prepare the OT. Sid says everything will be like before, please lose. He takes Ishani to OT and operates her.

Sid taking Ishani to the OT. He says I will do this surgery, Dr. Juhi, I m a surgeon, I won’t sleep or do any mistake, I will die before anything happens to Ishani, she is mine. Juhi says calm down, you are the best doctor, but you are weak now, its risky to operate the person we love, I will do this surgery, she needs your love, but as a doctor, she needs me. She goes to Ishani. Sid says Ishani, I can’t live without you. Juhi says we will try our best. Mujhe tujhme….plays….

Juhi operates her. Sid thinks of Ishani and cries. Asha looks on and recalls Vardaan’s words. She sees the blood on her hand. She worries. She says I have killed Ishani, she saved my child and I….. She cries and says forgive me Ishani. Rishabh says we are already late for the surgery, inform the patient’s family. Anjali consoles Sid. Sid says the worst has happened with me, we study to get this degree and save people’s lives, I love Ishani, I can’t do he surgery, I can just see it, I m dying here. He hits the wall. Anjali asks him to calm down. Asha recalls her mistakes. Sid sees Karan and gets angry. Inspector stops him. Sid recalls Ishani’s words. He says I will pray that your son gets a heart soon and he gets fine. Karan gets shocked. He says I also want Ishani to get fine, she tried to explain me, but being a father, I didn’t understand what’s right or wrong. Sid says I will help your son. Karan says I will pray for my son and Ishani also, forgive me. He goes.

Juhi says Ishani is a strong doctor. Vardaan talks to someone and tells everything. He says I m glad that things are fine. Asha comes and says I can’t do this now, I can’t hurt Sid and Ishani. Vardaan says calm down, why are you getting hyper, we were standing together, I was helping Sid, the game begins again. She shouts. He threatens. She asks what will you do, call my dad right now. She also threatens him. She says forgive me, now I can’t do this, matter is over. He gets angry and says matter is over, but the children don’t know that I have goodness and much evil, they should know why am I Vardaan…

Sid imagines Ishani. He says I don’t want to go. She says I don’t want to go leaving you, but if…. anything happens to me then….. Sid says I won’t let anything happen to you, I won’t let you go, your half life is in me. She asks what if I lose, will you save me. He says yes, I won’t let anything happen. She hugs him and says I don’t want to go, but I have to go. She faints in his arms. He says Ishani….

Juhi checks Ishani and asks her to respond. Nurse goes to get injection. Asha looks on. Sid shouts Ishani and comes to the OT. Juhi asks Rahil to take Sid out. Rahil asks Sid to let them do their work. Juhi says come on Ishani, respond well. She gives her shocks. Juhi says please Ishani, what will I answer Sid.