Monday Update on A Magical Love Story 20th September 2021


Monday Update on A Magical Love Story 20th September 2021

Aman stopping Roshni from attacking Chunmun. He says we don’t know her weakness or strength, she will get angry if we attack her. Tabeezi asks them to call Rehan and Shayari. Aman calls Rehan and asks about Makdi jinn. Rehan says she can’t stand in front of your powers. Shayari says let me talk, I m offering help. Rehan and Shayari argue. Aman stops them and asks Shayari to talk. Shayari says every jinn’s weakness is his heart, you can attack the Makdi jinn with the ancient arrow, maybe we get some time.

Aman asks can you get it. She says yes. Roshni says don’t come home, its not safe. Aman asks how will we get it. Shayari says there is a way. Roshni sees Salma and cries. She says we will free you soon. Aman comes and hugs Roshni to console. Rehan says I m going to find Natasha. Shayari says she is your first love, its not good to go to her when there is a problem here. Rehan says its not good to judge anyone, I m sure Natasha knows the name of kaala jinn, I know her weakness, I will make her admit the name. She says I will come and see your talent. He says no need, you will spoil the plan. He agrees to take her.

The golgappa man gives the golgappas to Aman and everyone. He says attack the Makdi jinn. Aman asks did you get the arrow. The man says yes. Makdi jinn comes and asks what did you get. He says golgappa, do you want to eat it. She smells the pots. She says its not good. She throws the pot down. He asks why did you do my loss. She says sorry, I m blind, Aman will pay for your loss. The man passes some box to Dadi. Rehan asks Shayari to stay inside the cupboard, Natasha would be coming now. Natasha comes to Rehan.

Aman says how can a spear get inside this little box. Roshni says we have to attack the Makdi jinn. The baby looks at the box. The spear appears. Aman and Roshni see the baby smiling. They smile. Rehan tries to fool Natasha. He says I was helpless to get engaged to Shayari, I left her because she is a duffer. Shayari gets angry. He holds Natasha close. He says she is a jinn shikari, you know a jinn and jinn shikari can never unite. He signs Shayari to hide. He flirts with Natasha.

Aman and Roshni go to see Chunmun. They open the door and see golgappa. She says I have put golgappa here to get to know your footsteps, you always anger me, your baby is sleeping there, shall I weave him in my web. Aman says please don’t do anything to him. Roshni throws the spear at her heart. Chunmun removes it. He says Makdi’s heart and secret are hidden, my heart isn’t here, I have hidden it somewhere else. Aman asks what do you mean. Chunmun says you find out, I m feeling sleepy, you may go. Natasha says I did a big mistake by joining hands with Kaala jinn. Shayari sees a spider and screams. She comes out of the cupboard. Shayari and Rehan argue. Natasha shouts enough, you both are playing a game with me. Roshni says Chunmun isn’t going. Tabeezi says I found something. She shows them a glass ball.

Roshni says you want to play. Tabeezi says this ball will end the game, she said she has hidden her heart somewhere, we can find her heart by using this ball. She shows the ball turning into a heart. Aman says its really working. He says its 10 mins left to 1 now. Natasha says you thought you will get the name of Kaala jinn by fooling me, I will not attack you, I want you to see your entire family getting ruined, I have no time for you, I want to see your family in trouble. She disappears. Rehan says we have to go home. Aman and Roshni see Chunmun sleeping. Aman says just two mins. Roshni leaves the ball. The heart shape beats somewhere. Roshni says she is heartless. Aman says we just have two mins, come. Chunmun wakes up and asks who is it. Aman and Roshni hide and leave. Chunmun sleeps again. Shayari says sorry, I didn’t know there is two jinn there. Aman asks what. Rehan says Natasha said she wanted to see them weaving the web, it means there are two jinns. Aman asks what. He says maybe there is another Makdi jinn we aren’t able to see her.

Roshni saying maybe they are two Makdi jinn, how will we save Sara and Salma. Aman sees the time. They go and see Makdi jinn awake. Aman hears the footsteps and says footsteps sound of two people. Roshni says yes, why can’t we see it. Aman says Makdi jinn’s heart was not there, it means we aren’t able to see another Makdi jinn. Roshni says there is a way to find out. They put some powder on the floor. Roshni sneezes. Makdi jinn asks who is it. She comes out.

She says Armaan you are here, come. She sings and laughs. She goes away. Aman and Roshni check for the footsteps. They see footsteps of two people. Aman says our doubt was true, another Makdi jinn is with her. Roshni says she is blind, her heart is outside her body, they are connected. He asks how will we get rid of her. She says we have to do something soon.

Its morning, Aman says we have few hours to save Salma and Sara. Tabeezi says yes. Aman says we have to get second Makdi jinn outside. Armaan smiles. The window opens. Roshni goes to shut the window. The wind chime moves. Roshni asks how is this sound coming. Chunmun gets irritated by the sound. Her twin comes. Chunmun asks her to keep hiding. Roshni comes to Salma and cries. Chunmun asks Roshni to talk to Salma. Roshni says I will not let anything happen to you, don’t worry. Salma signs to Roshni. Roshni asks what do you want to say. Salma signs towards the windchime. Roshni sees the windchime in webs. She says what’s the connection with the bells. She goes to tell Aman. Aman stops her. They say Chunmun coming. Roshni gets a spoon and bowl and starts making sounds. Chunmun’s twin appears. They get shocked.

Chunmun webs the bowl. Her twin disappears. Aman says it means Makdi jinn comes out hearing the bell sound. Roshni says we have to keep doing it, else how will we attack her. Aman says its not possible, Chunmun is stopping the bells by web. Rehan and Shayari are in the car. She tries to play radio. Rehan argues. They hear Natasha on the radio. Natasha tells about Chun and Mun, even if they see Mun then they will be in big trouble. Tabeezi gives the bells to Aman and Roshni. She asks them to be careful. Chunmun comes.

Natasha says its not easy to get rid of Chunmun, they don’t know that…… The radio gets off. Shayari says maybe Natasha got a mic and it fell down. Rehan says we have to inform at home. He calls Dadi.

Aman and Roshni tie up the bells to Chunmun. Dadi says Aman and Roshni found a way to bring the twin out. Rehan says no, stop Aman, we will be in trouble if the twin comes out, she is powerful, Shayari and I are finding a way to find her, you all just…. He hears a sound…. Dadi says I should stop Aman and Roshni.

Chunmun asks what’s this, stop this bell. Dadi comes running. Her twin comes. Aman says enough of hide and seek, get ready. The family comes. Tabeezi gives the arrow to Roshni. Dadi comes to them. Roshni throws the spear. Chunmun webs around and catches the arrow. She says you are sensible, but not more than us, you will be dying in an hour in my web, then we both will eat you. They sing. Chunmun throws the spear and throws it. Chunmun asks what will you do now, you all will be dying now. They laugh. Aman and Roshni look on.