Sunday Update on Strange Love 29th August 2021


Sunday Update on Strange Love 29th August 2021

Astha hiding behind the white cloth. Shlok looks at her. He asks what is this stupidity. She comes to him and stops asking what happened, what did I do now. This is white flag to end the quarrel between us. She says war between us is over, I want to talk important thing, I know you won’t listen, but whats there to try. She says I heard you and Niranjan, that presentation is important. He holds her and shuts her mouth. He says shut your mouth, I won’t listen anyone, keep your opinions to yourself, next time don’t use Kavya to meet me, I will think about institute and I know what to do. He leaves. She says he is Sadu no 1 and his height will shorten when he hears anyone.

Varad talks to Jyoti and asks what is she saying about Baba, whom you regard Lord. She says yes, he cheated us, I did not believe Astha, but when I knew Baba is not like he is seen, its true he has two faces. Varad says you are mistaken, we have seen him since childhood. Jyoti says you will trust me when you see is true face, then you will understand me, anyways, I called you to talk about Astha and Shlok, we should do something to unite them. He says even Astha is misunderstanding Baba, and till then they can’t end their fight, you explain Astha, everything will solve. Jyoti asks don’t you trust me, Astha is right, Baba has tied cloth to everyone’s eyes to hide his truth.

Anjali waits for Astha and says why did she go to argue with Shlok, they will fight again. Astha comes to her and says you were right, its useless to talk to him,, he did not even hear me well, I told him to fill the form for the company, its big deal. Anjali says what can we do. Shlok comes to Niranjan. Niranjan says the American company is interested in our institute, I want you to fill this form. Shlok says fine and says I will fill the form if you want. Shlok fills the form. Astha too gets the form and shows Anjali. She says I thought I will make Shlok fill it, so I got a copy. Anjali asks what will you do now. Astha says I will fill the form for the company’s good. She says we are owners of the company too, so I will fill it on your behalf. Astha too fills the form.

Its night, Astha works on her laptop. Anjali brings milk for her and asks her to sleep. Astha says yes, coming. Anjali goes to rest. Astha says she has to show all accounts of the project. Anjali hears her saying figures and helps in calculations. Astha is impressed seeing her strong maths. Anjali corrects her and asks her to count well. Astha smiles and says great, you are like Shakuntala Devi. Anjali says she is good in maths managing home expenses. Astha says I know you are genius. Anjali says Lord gives one talent to everyone, see you work so well on laptop. Astha says she will teach her to work on laptop. Anjali says I can’t. Astha says sit, I will teach you.

Astha teaches her. Anjali learns MS word and shortcuts. Astha explains her further and also teaches video calling. Shlok says what the hell seeing their faces on video call. Anjali says Astha will transform her. Astha shows shutting down and says lets sleep now. Its morning, Ajju gets hurt by Ankush’s plan and he taunts laughing on her. Avdhoot asks Kalindi to bring hot water. Ankush says live telecast started in morning, and asks Ajju to walk properly. Avdhoot scolds him to respect Ajju. Ankush passes bad comments and Kalindi scolds him asking him to see himself first. Ankush says he does not like cleanliness, I came with warning signboard, so whats my mistake. Kalindi says its useless to talk to you.

Ankush asks her to on the tv and she asks him not to touch anything. Astha gets ready for office. Anjali asks Kavya to keep laptop in temple and have haldi kumkum on it. Sojal looks on. Anjali keeps it back. Sojal asks what did you do, this is not right, you made my daughter do your work. Anjali says I just got blessings from her, kids are Lord’s avatar, don’t forget I m your mum in law. Anjali says Astha she has to correct the young lots when they make mistakes. Niranjan and Shlok come. They look at Astha. Anjali makes Astha have the curd. Astha says she will go, and asks Anjali to have food on time. Astha leaves. Niranjan sends Shlok out and stops Anjali.

Niranjan starts taunting Anjali to serve Astha all the time and wasting time. He asks what is Astha doing now, girls’ work is to manage kitchen and home, that’s it. Anjali says this is 21st century. He laughs. She says there is no difference between girl and boy, they can do any work efficiently, you see Astha will make our name high. You can’t count her talents, she can the ability to turn evil into good. She is an angel for me. He says angel? Oh, so treating her so well… He holds her hand and hurts her. She says leave my hand. He asks her to have the curd.

She eats the curd and cries. He says I made you eat as I m also going for a good work. He says as he has put Astha in a corner, and now he will insult her in office and kick her out. He gets angry and Anjali cries. He says see how big punishment you and your angel Astha get. He leaves. Anjali worries for Astha.

Ankush asking Kalindi to on the tv. Kalindi warns him. Ankush looks at them and goes and breaks the tv. Everyone is shocked. Ankush says from next time, don’t try or provoke me. He says he won’t think much to break their hands and legs. Kalindi scolds him and says you can’t be even called an animal. Ankush laughs and says I m like this. He argues and says its my property on which you are claiming your right forcefully. He goes. Kalindi worries. Avdhoot says its somewhat tough, but not impossible. Astha stands to take an auto. She says I m getting late for office. A car passes and mud falls on her face. She calls out are you blind. The car stops.

Its Shlok in the car. He lowers the window and Astha is shocked seeing him. She asks whats this Shlok, see what you did. He says I just got mud on you, you have done this with my and dad’s respect. She says fine, lets share our pain. She sits in the car and spoils his face and shirt with mud. She says she spoiled the car too and goes. She takes the auto and leaves. Shlok looks on. Anjali prays for Astha and fears what Niranjan would do. She says Shlok and Astha’s relation should not break. Niranjan is on office and thinks how did this happen, I have to tell this news to Shlok. He says if I can take advantage of someone’s foolishness, I can’t let this chance go off my hands.

Kalindi brings Kheer for Ankush and asks him to like it. Ankush acts like crying and says you make me emotional, I read somewhere that no one is pure like mum, its fine I will have it. He puts water on the kheer and ruins it. He says everything is impure, like your mum’s love, don’t cry now, you want to make me have sweets and forget the property, I understand your planning, I ruined your plan with water. She says she does not want his property, what will he get troubling her. He says happiness. Kalindi cries. ‘’

Kalindi says fine, if you think I m wrong, you hate me, did you try to know the truth form your dad. He says he is not interested, my mum was not with me since childhood, as she needed a second husband, so don’t tell me this sad story. He says I don’t know my dad was good or bad, but atleast he was with me, he did my upbringing and made my every wish fulfilled, but where were you, you were here with your daughter, if I did not care when you were not there, I don’t care even now, I hate you. Its easy to run away, its tough to manage, don’t give me lecture, you can’t become my mum, as it needs a heart which you don’t have. He leaves. She cries.

Astha dries her hair in the office cabin coming out of the washroom. Shlok looks at her. Iss dil ka ab kya karun………………….plays……………. She sits by Shlok’s side. He moves away. Her saree end gets stuck in the chair. Shlok looks at her. He gets Niranjan’s call and says I m coming. He leaves. Astha frees the saree end and the jerk makes Shlok’s laptop fall on the ground. Astha is shocked. She starts worrying and says she will start it before Shlok comes. She places the battery and tries to start it.

Shlok comes to Niranjan and asks why is he worried. Is he fine? Niranjan says what to say you, how to tell you. He says I m not feeling good to say this. Shlok asks what happened. Niranjan says I got mail from American company, I got to know our company filled two forms, one from your side and second from Astha. He says its sent from Anjali’s institute’s name, one house, one family, one organization and two forms, we will lose respect, what will people think. Shlok is shocked and says how can this happen. Niranjan says yes, but this is the truth. Shlok gets angry on Astha and says she does things that makes me hate her more. I will not forgive her.

Niranjan says no, don’t say this, I don’t understand what should I do now, our family was so happy before. I feel very much hurt, I tried hard to keep the matter in our house, but Astha filled the form and ruined my efforts. He says you tell me, did this happen before, what does Astha think, what does she want. He asks Shlok not to tell anything to Astha, I know she is mature and smart, maybe this had a reason. Shlok says but why, she is taking advantage of your silence, I can’t bear this, let people know we have problems, its fine, I will tell everyone that she can’t be in our house, she is making me realize I did mistake to love her, she insults you always, she does not deserve my hatred, leave aside love.

Niranjan says calm down, don’t do anything that everyone thinks you are wrong. He says explain Astha at home peacefully, as I m worried about your respect, my old eyes dreams to see you successful. He says be happy always, my Shlok is everything for me, so I want you to get this success, not Astha. Shlok says fine, I will do as you like, you worked so hard to make your reputation, I will not let Anjali and Astha spoil it, we will get the project and this time Astha has to fail. Shlok leaves. Niranjan is glad and looks at the sand clock.