Sunday Update on The Frontliners 29th August 2021


Sunday Update on The Frontliners 29th August 2021

Sid recalling Malvika’s accident. He gets away and laughs on Ishani. He says you think you can attract any guy by doing all this. She says not any guy, but you. He says you got me here by excuse and then did this, you know what type of girls do all this. She says guys like you put girls in type so easily, I didn’t do this before, I wasn’t in love, when its the biggest truth of my life, I don’t want to lie to you and myself, sorry you aren’t able to say truth. He asks her to think of her self respect, isn’t she ashamed to follow him. He says just shame on you. She cries. He ruins the things and thinks I m doing this for your betterment, your heart won’t break later if you get angry now. He goes and cries. Rahil comes to him and asks what happened.

Sid says leave me alone. Rahil says tell me, I m seeing your sad face since many days. Sid says its my personal matter, leave me alone. Ishani recalls his words. She says I would have never seen the guy who told me such a thing, I don’t feel bad today, why. Rahil asks Sid to just tell him. Sid asks him to get lost. He pushes Rahil. Rahil says look at yourself Sid. Sid says I can just hurt people, no one needs to come close to me. Aman and Neil wait for Ishani. She changes and comes. They ask are you fine, didn’t the plan work. She signs no. Neil says other plan is ready. She says thanks, I m so glad that I have friends like you, I m not sure, I should take a break. Rahil comes and says no, you don’t give up on him, please. Ishani asks what’s the next plan. She goes to Sid’s house and meets his mum. She hugs and cries.

Ishani says mum has special powers and know it all, where were you. Roshni says I had gone to a medical camp, didn’t Sid tell you, come in. Shashank recalls Philo’s words. Juhi comes and says Philo told me, don’t worry, I spoke to Jessica, everything is fine. He worries. Juhi sees the old files. Nurse gives her the file and goes. Shashank thinks sorry, I didn’t tell you the complete truth now, if you know the truth, you can’t forgive yourself. Ishani eats the halwa quickly. Roshni looks at her. Guddu jokes on Ishani’s bon appetit. Roshni asks about Sid. Ishani says I…. She cries. Guddu asks her not to cry. He also cries.

Roshni asks him to stop it. She asks her to cry if she feels better. Ishani says sorry, I think to give up but…. Roshni says everything will be okay. Guddu says give icecream to her. Roshni takes her to light diya. Light goes. Roshni says lights will come soon, when there is any hope left, don’t lose, a ray of light matters in the dark cave. The lights come. Roshni says don’t give up until you reach the goals. Ishani says you just talk like Shashank, he motivates us. Roshni cries and goes. Guddu says Sid is a good person, he was saying sorry to you in sleep, I heard him. Ishani asks really. Roshni asks him to come, they have to go to temple. He says really and goes. She says even a ray of hope matters in darkness, I won’t lose hope.

Sid coming to room and seeing Ishani. She says your mum and uncle have gone to Jagrata, you can change, I m not seeing you, room was messy, so I was cleaning it, this won’t work after marriage. He recalls Malvika saying the same thing. He gets angry. Ishani asks him to wear this colour. He throws everything and goes. She turns and gets shocked. He recalls Malvika’s death. He asks Ishani to just leave. He hits there and gets hurt. She asks him to stop. He asks her to leave. She says okay, stop. She goes out. He sees her. Judaai….plays….He shuts the door.

Anjali turns to see. Vardaan catches her. She says you are scaring me. He says that was my plan. She asks are we kids. He says kiddishness is good for health. She says I was coming home. He says my girl’s friends are coming home for sleepover, so I have come here. She says whatever this is, it shouldn’t be known to anyone. He says you think a lot, its just you and me in this moment, don’t waste it. She says its hospital, anyone can see. He says no one will see. Shashank sees them and shouts Anjali.

Ishani recalls Rahil’s words. She goes back to Sid. Sid sits crying. Ishani tries to get through the door. She looks inside the window. She calls Roshni. She tries to open the door bolt and gets inside. She sees Sid. He drinks and asks did you want this. He throws the wine bottle. She asks him to stop, she won’t come to him. He asks her not to come close. They fall on the bed. She cries. She hugs him to save him from broken glass.

She says tell me, why are you making me away. He says don’t hurt me more, you will die because of me, my ill fate will kill you. She gets shocked. He cries and says I m unlucky, I have no right to love anyone, when I was born, my dad left, my face reminds my mum about him, my uncle whom I loved, look at his state, and Malvika…. She asks Malvika. He says yes, my Malvika.

Shashank gets Vardaan inside the cabin. Anjali looks on. Shashank says don’t be around Anjali next time. Vardaan laughs and says Anjali is an adult, not a teenager. Shashank says I know its your plan, like you are taking revenge on me, what is your problem. Anjali gets in and says you are the problem, its my personal life, like yours. Vardaan smiles. She asks him to come. She goes. Vardaan says Anjali will get late while coming home, it may get morning, don’t wait. Shashank cries. Vardaan goes. Sid says we loved each other, we were going to marry, she died in an accident, you go away from me, I don’t want anything to happen to you. Ishani hugs him. He says I love you a lot. They cry. He says I can’t live with this love.