Sunday Update on Sacred Relationships 25th April 2021


Sunday Update on Sacred Relationships 25th April 2021

Mishti jogging in the park. She recalls everything. She sees Kunal there. Meenakshi says Abir can’t do this Parul. Parul says Abir won’t go anywhere, I will go and tell everything to Kunal. Meenakshi says I warn you against telling the truth, I didn’t give birth to both of them, but I loved them equally, I can’t sacrifice Kunal to save Abir, Mehul has won, thanks for supporting me. She calls Mehul and says you played a lot, I m going to conclude now, meet me in office. She swears to put an end to this. Mishti asks are you happy breaking the family.

Kunal asks what. She asks can you choose between left hand and right hand, you think you will make relations strong by fighting, you can just win family by love, I m really sorry for you, Abir always supported you, you broke his heart. He says Abir is leaving us because of you. She says Abir can’t stay away from family, its not easy. Kunal says then why don’t you leave him, find someone else, this is the only way out. Mishti says my life isn’t selfish, you are selfish, you are forcing Abir to go through pain, remember your words, you wanted this relation to break, Abir just knows making relations, I wish you were a brother that Abir deserved.

Abir shows the nameplates. Mehul thinks I have to go and meet Meenakshi. Abir asks am I doing right. Mehul says we can just try. Abir says I never thought that I have to pay this price. Mehul says I will make up for missing your childhood. Mishti comes and greets him. Mehul says its good you have come. Abir says come, we have to start shopping.

Mishti says we will buy Rangoli, will Parul come there to make Rangoli, we won’t keep any musical instrument… Abir says that will remind me of mum, I know why you are not happy. Mishti says you would be knowing. Mehul interrupts. Abir says sorry Mishti, I didn’t ask you, do you want to live with me, away from my family. Mishti says Rajshri and Vishwamber taught me what’s family, I can’t stay away from family. Mehul thinks Mishti may spoil my plan. Mishti asks can’t you give me time to think.

Abir says of course, take your time, we will do what you want. Mehul thinks great, I also want time. Kuhu sees Varsha and fakes a call to Kunal. Kuhu says I will talk to Abir. Varsha says maybe its better idea if they live away, Abir is right, they don’t like Mishti. Kuhu says I like Abir bro, not Mishti. Varsha says its tough for Mishti also, maybe this distance is better for you and Kunal. Mishti gets Rajshri’s call. She says I m fine, Abir wants to buy things for new house, we can’t forget old relations. Rajshri says you know Meenakshi’s nature, even then you are thinking about her. Mishti says she is Abir’s mum, she hates me. Rajshri says but she loves her son, maybe you can find a solution, do your best.

Meenakshi asks Uma to shift Kunal’s meetings to main office. Uma says I shifted the meetings, Kunal might be driving, I couldn’t inform him. Meenakshi asks her to wait outside and inform Kunal. Mehul comes to meet her. He jokes. Meenakshi says don’t waste my time. He says we started the game, but either will win, thanks for giving me a tough competition, you think you didn’t lose, if I win, then you will have to give me what I ask, else I have no right to ask, I want everything, money, fame and respect, my life which you snatched from me by accusing me of fraud. Mishti comes to office. She says I love Abir, Meenakshi is his mum, I have to talk to her. Meenakshi says one who steals get punished, you are a thief. He says it was not proved, you snatched my life’s 20 years, I could have roamed around like you in a car, your one police complaint made me a beggar, I have right on this property. She says its dad’s property. He says fine, you want your son, you give all this to me if you want Abir, I struggled for money, I don’t want any poverty now. Meenakshi says you lied to Abir.

Mehul says you really thought I care for my son. She says I did good to keep Abir away from you, he always got angry on me, he doesn’t trust me, I always tolerated his anger, I didn’t want him to become like you, I can do anything to save him from you and Mishti. Mehul says you are great, I m not that great, when will you give me property papers and money. Mishti informs Uma informing Kunal not to come here. She thinks Meenakshi would be here. Mehul says I can convince Abir toi stay back. Meenakshi says he doesn’t listen to anyone, Mishti will come to your house and ask Abir to stay in your house, you should transfer your property to me. She asks how can I trust you. He says you have no choice. She says if Abir leaves me, then you won’t get anything. Be says you thought I will cry in some corner, but this didn’t happen. Mishti sees them. Mehul leaves. Mishti hides. Mehul says you realized it now you were so wrong. Mishti thinks what is he talking about.

Mishti hiding and looking on. Abir calls Mehul. Mehul says I m fine, I have come to meet the doctor, once he gives medicines, its a relief. Abir says I m waiting for you at home. Mehul leaves. Mishti says why did Mehul lie to Abir, I will go and ask him, what will I say, why do I feel that I m missing something, Mehul lied before also. Kaushal asks Meenakshi what does Mehul want. She says what he wanted before. He asks her not to give him anything. She says Abir is already with him, I lost. He says nothing will happen. Abir asks Jugnu to pack things. He talks to a doctor about Mehul. Jugnu says take me along. Abir says I m selfish, if I take you along, who will tell me about Nanu and Kunal. Jugnu cries and says I was too young when you came here, you told Ketki that you got a brother, I will come along. Kunal comes. Jugnu says I will get breakfast. Kunal says no, I will manage. Abir says I also learnt to live without my brother, my fate didn’t support me. He goes. Din lage….plays…

Mishti hides about Atul. She hears about the travellers database. She says I can find about Mehul also, but this is wrong to spy, if Abir can know his family better then I m ready to steal, Kartik also left his house but Naira took him home, I have to do the same. She goes to Meenakshi’s cabin. Abir calls her. Mishti asks what will I tell him, that I m spying on his dad. Abir asks what are you doing. She says I don’t want you to see me like this, Rajshri applied face pack on my face. He says you already glow a lot. She says everything will be fine. He says I trust you and dad a lot. She says fine, I will talk you later. She thinks this trust shouldn’t break.

Parul says Abir and Kunal fought and left. Meenakshi says I will call you later. Laxman comes. She says I was helpless to get you back, I want Abir, I will fulfill Mehul’s demands, I just want you to inform me about his plans. He says I understood, don’t worry. Mishti checks and says Mehul met us in Mumbai, he went to Mumbai from Rajkot. She checks the dates and says he came to Rajkot when something big happened in this family, it can’t be a coincidence, maybe he was keeping an eye on family or Abir. Meenakshi says nothing is imp than Abir, we will show him that we are happy, engagement will happen. Parul says its not less than any festival. Meenakshi asks her to take Nidhi and Ketki, go to Mishti’s house, I want to see Abir happy, its fine if Mishti becomes my bahu. She ends call and says I know when Mehul leaves Abir, Abir will need me.

Mishti says its not normal, Mehul had serious heart condition, why did he travel so much, did Meenakshi stop him from meeting Abir, what will I tell Abir, I have no proof. Meenaksi comes to her cabin. She sees Mishti waiting. She asks when did you come. Mishti says sorry, I didn’t take appointment and just came here. Meenakshi asks what’s the matter. Mishti says I had come to take your blessings. Meenakshi blesses her. She asks her to save Abir from every pain. Mishti says I love Abir a lot, trust me, I won’t let him get hurt. She leaves. Jugnu receives the courier for Meenakshi and Abir. Meenakshi says I have done all this for my children, when they aren’t with me, what’s the use, I will give everything to Mehul, I will have my children with me.

Laxman calls her and asks her to read agreement well, its written that your entire business will go to Mehul, how can you do this. She says if I have Abir, I have everything. Abir comes and says dad isn’t here, I will look for his reports. Mehul comes and sees Abir on call. Abir asks for his reports. Mehul says I will give it, I don’t want to lose you, I feel that I have pushed you towards this decision, this is your family, I will always be with you, I think you should think about it. Abir says Mishti and I thought well. Mehul says Kunal needs you, how will he live without you, think again. Abir says Kunal will do what mum tells him, the family will keep hurting you, its better we stay away, don’t take stress. He goes. Mehul thinks Abir didn’t agree, Mishti is my last hope.