Sunday Update on Strange Love 25th April 2021


Sunday Update on Strange Love 25th April 2021

Astha and Shlok doing a ritual. Kalindi guides them on how to do the ritual. She asks Astha to untie the thread from Shlok’s hand with one hand only. Astha tries and unties it. Kalindi smiles. Then comes Shlok’s turn to do the same. He looks at her and unties the thread, it falls and Kalindi gets worried. Astha looks at Kalindi. Kalindi says fine, its ok. Kalindi asks Shlok to take good care of Astha. Shlok says you did the kanyadaan as it was your duty, now its my duty to keep Astha happy and I will do my responsibility well, you don’t worry, leave it on us. Kalindi smiles. Shlok holds Astha’s hand and says I will keep her very happy, as she is Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri. He asks Astha do you trust your husband. She says yes. He says I think we should leave now. Kalindi gives him some gifts for Sojan and Anjali.

Astha comes home with the gifts. Anjali looks at her and says did you go alone to meet your parents. Astha says Shlok was with me, he dropped me and went for some work. Anjali says don’t call your husband by his name, call him Sahib or Wo. She says you are our bahu now, do your duties well, tomorrow is the puja, do you remember. Astha says yes, I invited my parents. Anjali gets angry and says they are not required. Astha says they will feel bad if I ask them not to come. Anjali says its our house’s puja, we don’t need them here.

Anjali asks Astha to call her parents and ask them not to come in the puja. Astha says please, don’t call them, what will I tell them. Anjali insists. Astha starts crying. Astha calls Kalindi and tells her that you don’t come in the puja, as I came to know that the puja is only for family. Astha gets upset and says you might be tired after the marriage, have rest. Kalindi asks is everything fine, did Anjali tell anything. Astha says yes, everything is fine, I will call you later. Astha ends the call and goes to her room. Sojal and jaya see this and are happy. jaya says the chance is good. Sojal says yes and they go to Astha. jaya says Anjali has treated Astha well.

Sojal says Anjali does not like Astha but Shlok loves her, everyone listens to Shlok in this house, if this goes on, Astha will gain more value than me, its time to do something, I will make Astha go away from this family. jaya and Sojal talk about Astha infront of Shlok and Shlok hears whatever happened with Astha. Shlok goes to talk to Astha while she is crying in her room. Sojal and jaya stand there and hear them. Shlok tries to talk to Astha but Astha gets angry on him. He says what did I do, this is not fair. Astha says I don’t want to talk, go from here. He says fine, we will talk when your mood is good. Astha tells him sorry. He says I told you we will talk later and leaves angrily.

Astha cries further. Shlok leaves in anger and Sojal and jaya are happy to see him go. Sojal says Astha did a mistake by making Shlok go away. Its night, Astha is still in her room thinking she has made Shlok upset. She thinks what to do, she thinks she should apologize to Shlok. She sees jyoti sleeping and goes to meet Shlok. She sees Anjali and hides.

Astha could not meet Shlok and leaves. The next morning, Anjali comes to Niranjan. Niranjan asks where did you go. She says I….. Niranjan says leave it, I hope you did the arrangements of the puja, I don’t want any problem in the puja, am I right. Anjali says you can’t be wrong ever. Astha sees Shlok and he looks at her. Astha holds his hand and stops him. She says I m very sorry, forgive me please. Shlok is still angry, she falls on him and he holds her. She says I m sorry. jyoti comes and says the pandit is waiting, come down. Shlok and Astha go downstairs. Everyone are in the hall in the puja.

Anjali scolds Astha for not coming on time. She asks Sojal to bring the prasad. Astha sees her parents coming in the puja and is shocked. Anjali too is stunned to see them. Everyone looks at them. Anjali gets angry on them while Astha smiles seeing them. Anjali stops Astha from meeting them and says don’t forget your limits, remember you are our bahu now. Anjali taunts Kalindi and Avdhoot on coming in the puja after they asked them not to come. Kalindi says but…. Anjali does not listen to her and keeps on saying.

Anjali says this is our house’s puja and you can’t be a part of this. jaya smiles. Sojal comes and hears them. Anjali asks them to leave. Astha gets upset. They start leaving and Shlok says I called them here. Everyone are shocked. Shlok says let them be a part of the puja and end this talk here. Avdhoot says we are sorry, we did not know about this. Niranjan says Shlok invited you, it means we invited you, welcome. He says Anjali obey the rules strictly, but don’t feel bad about her words.

They start the puja. The pandit starts the mantras and everyone looks on. Astha says I m sorry, and I love you Shlok. He says I can’t hear it. She repeats her words. Music plays. Niranjan signs Anjali to go to Astha. Anjali comes to Astha and asks her to take care of the saree border. Astha looks at Kalindi and smiles. She signs I m fine.

The puja going on in Shlok’s house. Sojal talks to Bharat about Astha’s family saying why did they come in our house’s puja. Bharat says look there, even your mum is present and she is also not required here. Sojal becomes quiet. jaya comes to Astha’s room and says I will get many things today. She steals few things and ornaments from Astha’s bag. The pandit asks Shlok to fill Astha’s maang. Anjali says I will bring the sindoor and comes to Astha’s room. jaya hides under the bed. Anjali sees everything on the bed and says its so messed up, Astha does not know how to keep the room tidy and clean. She takes the sindoor and leaves locking the door from outside.

jaya comes out of the bed and finds the door locked. She gets tensed. Shlok fills Astha’s maang with the sindoor and some mantras play. Avdhoot gets a call from Ajju and he says so you came back, we are at Astha’s house, we will come soon. He tells Kalindi Ajju came, I think we should leave now, the puja got over now. Kalindi agrees and tells this to jyoti. She says tell this to Astha. jyoti says fine.

The pandit gives some fruits to Astha and says you don’t have to make it fall and don’t give to anyone else, you have to take care of the fruits. He says the puja is completed now. Everyone pray and Astha moves and the fruits fall. Anjali is shocked to see Astha picking the fruits from the ground. Everyone look at her and are shocked. Anjali gets angry and says what did you do, the pandit explained you not to let the fruits fall, you dropped the fruits and broke the mandap. She says this mandap has to be like this till tomorrow. She says you made a big mistake, you have to pay for it. Shlok says I don’t believe all this. He takes Astha’s side.

Taai says Shlok, you have to believe it, we can’t ignore this. She says its your duty to believe all this rituals. Astha did a mistake, so she has to regret for it, its for your good. Astha cries. Taai asks Anjali to start the regretting process. Everyone look at Astha. jaya is still stuck in Astha’s room. She knocks the rdoor. Bharat hears her knocking the door and opens the door. He says what are you doing here. She says nothing, I want water and leaves. Anjali’s parents see sweets in a box and think did Anjali send it. Her dad says no, it can’t be her, she won’t send us. They miss Anjali’s love for them.

Her mum says why did she do this, she was happy with us when she was unmarried, but after she got married, things changed. They get upset thinking about Anjali and wonder who has send this sweets. Astha takes a bath by milk. Everyone look at her. Anjali puts milk on her head. jaya comes and asks did Astha do anything again. Sojal quiets jaya. Shlok gets angry seeing this.

Shlok comes there and baths with milk infront of everyone. All are shocked. Astha sees him and is puzzled. Anjali gets angry. Anjali says what did you do. He says I will also regret about it with Astha. Anjali says men don’t have to regret. Shlok supports Astha saying she is my wife, you can’t punish her alone, as she is with me. He says come lets go from here. He takes Astha with her. Anjali is very much angry. jaya laughs. Sojal asks her why, did you have fun. She says yes, there is always some drama going on in your house. He says its good when Shlok taunts Anjali. She says I get peace to see it. Sojal smiles. jaya says Shlok supports his wife a lot, and look at Bharat, he does not support you.

Bharat hears this and is angry. Sojal is shocked to see Bharat standing behind her. jaya leaves from their room. She stands and hears them talking. Bharat says you are a girl’s mum, don’t you feel your mum is wrong, learn from Astha. Sojal says whats my mistake. Bharat scolds her and asks her to grow up. He says change yourself. He sees jaya standing outside the door and leaves. jaya comes back to Sojal and says see, your Bharat is also favoring Astha, make Astha go out from this house soon. Sojal says yes, I have to think of some idea.

Niranjan is angry on Anjali and says you can’t do anything, if this goes on, this house will break. Anjali says that day won’t come, I will take care. Niranjan says Astha has to learn about this house and you have to teach her the rules. Anjali says I know, but Astha…. Niranjan says explain her, make her understand. Astha is with Shlok in their room and says so you love me so much. Shlok pulls her and says any doubt. Astha says no, I don’t believe my fate. He says your fate is linked to me now, trust me. He says only few hours left for us to be together. Astha smiles.

Niranjan says I don’t want any issue again in this house, this house is not an ashram that anyone can come inside. He says how did Avdhoot and Kalindi come in this house, its because of you as no one is afraid of you, he says do anything but control Astha else it won’t be good for you. Anjali cries. Shlok says will you be shy like you. Astha says go from here, this is not your room, its jyoti’s room. He says so what. She says go, I have to get ready. He says for whom and why and smiles. He says tell me. She says its a new beginning of my life. He says it will be our first and beautiful night, do you also wait for it as I m waiting. Astha says please go, else I will get late. He says fine, I have to go. Music plays…..

Shlok stops and looks at her. He says I will give you the reply, I m waiting for this night from long, when you and me ….. She says go. She smiles and closes the door. Shlok smiles outsude the room. Iss pyaar ko…. plays…. in the background. Astha is on cloud nine as her happiness is at the peak. The episode ends on Astha’s and Shlok’s smiling faces.