Sunday Update on Lost in Love 17th July 2022


Sunday Update on Lost in Love 17th July 2022

Pakhi stops Sai from entering Vairat’s hospital room and yells if she doesn’t have shame at all, why did she return after creating such a big drama last night, she should leave right now. Sai asks if she has amnesia. Pakhi shouts to stop her rubbish. Sai says she is not and they should get her treated by a good doctor as she forgot last night’s discussion that she Virat will decide whether he will meet her or not. Pakhi yells that she is there to take care of Virat and when Sai wants to become a big doctor, she should have some commonsense not to stress a patient and let him rest. Sai says she knows what she has to do and doesn’t need Pakhi’s suggestion or permission. Pakhi says neither Virat nor Chavan family wants her to enter hospital and create new trouble in Virat’s life. Sai says let Virat himself say that. Pakhi yells why did she send Virat back when he came to take her back, she lost her last chance or saving her relationship. Sai warns to stop her nonsense she came here to meet Virat and not go to Chavan Nivas, she will not go from here without meeting Virat.

Virat hears Sai’s voice. Sai warns Pakhi that this is hospital and not Chavan Nivas to show her selfish behavior, she cannot stop her from meeting Virat. Pakhi stops her again and says she took care of Virat whole night and will not let her near Virat. Sai says only a wife has right to take care of her husband and her shouting doesn’t change the fact that she is Virat’s wife even today and not Pakhi. Pakhi stands fuming. Sai asks if she wants to argue more or let her meet her husband. Virat calls Sai coughing. Sai rushes towards door, and Pakhi stops her again. Virat walks towards door with great difficulty calling Sai. Sai asks if she didn’t hear Virat is calling her. Pakhi doesn’t let her even then. Virat falls down. Sai hears sound and pushing Pakhi away runs into Virat’s room and helps him get back on bed. Pakhi tries to enter room, but nurse stops her and asks her to fill patient form. Pakhi unwillingly walks away with her.

Sai wipes Virat’s tears and looks at him with teary eyes. Virat thanks her. She asks why did he wake up and does what he likes without listening to anyone, wipes her tears and with a smile asks how is he. He says he wasn’t fine till now, but after seeing her, he will be fine. She holding his hand says she was worried seeing his mission news and above that bad dream. He asks which dream. She says bad dreams should be forgotten, she is very happy that god saved him and she doesn’t need anything else. He asks if she prayed god for his safety. She asks why is he asking this. He says he thought it wouldn’t affect her. She says why he thinks so, what he thinks of her. He says she is brave and sensitive girl just like a coconut, hard from outside and soft from inside, coughs. She asks if she looks like a coconut to him and offers him water. He repeats. She asks him to rest nnow. He holding her hand pulls her near him. Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar me..title track plays in the background. Sai also holds back his hand reciprocating his love for her.

Pakhi enters and seeing that gets jealous and says Sai forcefully walked in while she was busy filling a form. Virat says he asked her to call Sai, then why is she saying this. Pakhi says family elders don’t want him to meet Sai. Sai says she knows elders and Pakhi don’t want her to meet Virat, but she came here to take care of Virat; she is thakful for Pakhi’s help and Pakhi can leave now. Pakhi says she took care of Virat as she is part of Chavan family and her family ordered her to take care of Virat, she is also worried for Virat as a friend and has right on him, so why she is thanking her. Sai says Pakhi forgot that this is hospital and they should let patient recover peacefully. Pakhi yells one who spoils peace is talking about peace, Sai should go from here and let her take care of Virat. Virat says he doesn’t have any problem with Sai’s stay.

Sai says why would she come here if she doesn’t want to take care of Virat, she didn’t come to watch his face and thinks he is not handsome that she cannot keep her eyes off his face. Virat asks if he is not handsome. Sai says he is normal handsome and not a celebrity kind of handsome. He says handsome is handsome. She says there is a difference, normal handsome means so so like him and celebrity handsome means very charming. Virat says she never came to his college, girls were made behind him. Sai says he is right as she was in school when he was in college. He asks if she means she is much younger than her. Sai says she is. Pakhi jealous of their jovial conversation yells that Sai is not a kid and they both are behaving like kids. She asks Virat if he cannot see that Sai is speaking nonsense and not letting him rest. Virat says they speak similarly always; if she thinks this is argument, then what will she say if they really argue.

Pakhi asks why is he supporting Sai who is irritating him even this situation. He says he knows Sai and she never irritates him, though Pakhi may feel like that. Pakhi asks Sai when she told she will not stay with Virat if he doesn’t ask her, then why don’t she go. Sai says Virat didn’t ask her to go and wants her to take care of him. Pakhi says Sai is trying to get back into Virat’s life, but that is not possible now as Sai used to misbehave with elders and with her absence family is in peace, so Virat should order Sai to go. Virat says if someone has to go from here, its Pakhi. Sai asks him to tell Pakhi clearly that he wants her to stay, only then Pakhi will understand. He says if that is the case, he doesn’t have any problem if Sai wants to take care of him. Pakhi shatters hearing that.

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Virat asks Pakhi to go home as she is there since last night. Pakhi says he himself kicked Sai out of house and after his repeated apologizes, she didn’t forgive him; did he forget that. Virat says he never forgot anything and its his mitake and not Sai’s, how can Sai forgive him after his big sins, but now after hearing about his mission and coming to meet him, he believes Sai forgave him. Sai nods yes. Virat hopes she didn’t forgive him pitying on him. Sai says not at all, she came here after knowing his change of heart. She tells Pakhi that she can stay here if she wants, but I will take care of Virat. Vriat smiles at her. Pakhi (unable to show any expression) says if she cannot be with Virat, there is no use of staying here.

Doctor walks in and asks how is Mr Chavan feeling. Virat says much better. Doctor says he is lucking that he has such a caring wife who stood beside him whole night and took care of him, his speedy recovery is because of his wife, pointing at Sai. Virat says Sai is his wife and not Pakhi and she is also studying medicine. Doctor says then he looks fresh with her arrival and giving medicine to Sai asks to feed him whenever he feels pain, walks away asking him to take rest. Sai asks Pakhi why didn’t she inform doctor that Sai is his wife. Sai tells Pakhi that she already told her yesterday to inform doctor about it and see whom he lets to stay with Virat. Virat tells Pakhi that she should realize that Sai is his wife and she should go from here and rest at home. Sai asks Virat to tell Pakhi one last time that if he wants her to stay here or not as Pakhi told she doesn’t have any problem if he asks her to stay here. Virat holding Sai’s hand says he wants to hold her here to take care of him. Pakhi frustrated says she will never forget her insult he made in front of Sai. Virat asks when a husband wants his wife to take care of him, how is she insulted. She walks away fuming looking at Virat holding Sai’s hand.

Virat says he cannot understand what is Pakhi’s problem, what does she need. Sai says there is nothing to understand here, Pakhi wants to send her out and herself take care of him. She asks him to rest as she has to give him medicine on time and check his regular progress. He laughs. She asks why is he laughing. He says laughter is the best medicine. She asks not to laugh much or else she will call Pakhi. He stops laughing and tires to sit. She raises his bed. He says she is intelligent. She says its common sense. He extends his hand towards water glass. She feeds him water smilingly.

Pakhi returns home crying. Sonali asks what happened to her. Bhavani asks if Virat is fine. Ninad says when she told Virat is fine, why did she return home. Ashwini tensed asks if Virat is fine. Karishma asks if Virat’s wound is infect or due to bullet staying long in his body, he cannot recover or.. Sonali asks if she is a doctor. Ashwini asks Pakhi why did she come home leaving Virat alone, what happened there, etc. Pakhi doesn’t reply at all. Ninad asks Mohit to take out vehicle as Virat’s health must have deteriorated. Pakhi says Virat is fine. Ashwini says why is she crying then. Bhavani wipes Pakhi’s tears and consoling her asks what happened. Pakhi says Virat is fine now and is talking normally. Ashwini thanks god. Mohit asks why is she crying then. Pakhi says if he really wants to know how she is insulted there for taking care of Virat whole night. Ninad asks who dared to insult her. Pakhi says he himself should understand. Ashwini says whole family loves her and the one who used to confront and show her the mirror is not here. Pakhi says same person has returned.

Back in hospital, Virat asks Sai to sit and rest for sometime as her face reveals that she didn’t sleep whole night. Sai says he learnt a lot staying away from her, even face reading. He says anyone can read her face and her eyes reveal that she didn’t sleep whole night. She asks how can she sleep hearing that he is shot. He says someone began caring for him. She says why should she when he taunts her repeatedly. He says even she calls him khadus and what not. He says he is. She asks why is she worried for him then. She says she will not and her room mate Prachi was blabbering a lot watching new. He asks if she told he will die. She puts her finger on his lips and asks why he speaks wrong always. He smiles and says she spoke his line. She acts angry and asks if she speaks wrong, then she will go.

He holds her hand and apologizes her and requests not to go. She cries and says she was very tensed hearing about his injury and called him at least 100 times, but when nobody picked her call, she thought he is angry on her as she didn’t return with him from Gadchiroli. He wipes her tears and asks how can he be angry on her when its his mistake; he already had told her that whenever she forgives him, she should call him and he will reach her wherever she is. She says she did and called him repeatedly. He says he remembered only her after his mission ended, he registered her name in hospital records and phone was switched off, so he couldn’t pick her; hospital couldn’t contact her as she doesn’t stay at Chavan Nivas. She says she thought he ordered his team not to inform her.

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