Teasers on Lost In Love July 2022


Teasers on Lost In Love July 2022

While Sai puts forth her views on Devyani and Pulkit’s wedding, a reluctant Virat throws her out of the house.

Starlife Lost In Love July 2022 Teasers 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Episode 152

When Madhuri discovers Pulkit in terrible shape, she is perplexed. Later, Pulkit tries to prevent Sai from telling Virat a terrible truth.

Episode 153

To keep Bhawani’s wrongdoings from Virat and Ashwini, Sai concocts a narrative. Later, Virat apologizes to Sai for his previous bad behavior.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Episode 154

The Chavans had fun while cheerfully celebrating Holi. Virat chooses to tell Sai that he loves her since he respects her.

Episode 155

The Chavans got quite drunk while enjoying a colorful Holi celebration. They afterwards take in a special guest’s dancing performance.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Episode 156

The Chavans are grateful for their special guest’s outstanding dancing. Later, in the thick of the festivities, Virat opens up to Sai.

Episode 157

Sai and Virat enjoy a passionate moment. Sai implores Devyani to hold onto faith in her love for Pulkit as Pulkit confides his worry to Madhuri.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Episode 158

Sai assists Devyani in leaving the house to wed Pulkit as the Chavan family is enjoying Holi. Later, Virat takes a significant action.

Episode 159

Bhavani becomes wary when Sai and Devyani arrive at the wedding location. Meanwhile, the family is horrified to uncover a serious reality.

Tuesday 5  July 2022

Episode 160

Virat loses his faith in Sai as she and Devyani go missing. Elsewhere, Pulkit organises a surprise for Devyani.

Episode 161

Bhavani gets furious as she holds Sai responsible for stealing the letter. On the other hand, Virat traces Sai’s location while the latter is busy welcoming Pulkit’s Baarat.

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Episode 162

When Virat arrives at the location, the wedding of Pulkit and Devyani is stopped. He chooses to detain Pulkit and Sai despite Pulkit’s protests.

Episode 163

Pulkit marries Devyani after conquering all obstacles. Later, Virat promises to take strong action against Sai to calm a panicked Bhavani.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Episode 164

When Virat’s animosity is at its height, he plans to kick Sai out of his home. Meanwhile, Ashwini affirms her support for Sai and asks for a chance to demonstrate it.

Episode 165

She remains silent to uphold her commitment to Pulkit as Virat presses for an explanation of Sai’s conduct. She is then requested to permanently vacate the property.

Friday 8  July  2022

Episode 166

While Sai puts forth her views on Devyani and Pulkit’s wedding, a reluctant Virat throws her out of the house. Later, Pakhi manipulates Virat against Sai.

Episode 167

Virat lashes out at Sai after spotting her outside the Chavan mansion. While Pakhi makes an offensive comment about Sai, Usha loses her cool.

Saturday 9  July 2022

Episode 168

Fed up with their insults, a furious Sai exposes the Chavans to their neighbours. While Patralekha comes to inform this, Ashwini taunts her.

Episode 169

The Chavans feel humiliated when Sai creates a scene outside the mansion. Later, she finds a shred of vital evidence to prove Pulkit’s innocence.

Sunday 10  July  2022

Episode 170

Virat realises his mistake after uncovering Pulkit’s original documents. He conveys his apology to Pulkit and plans to make amends with Sai.

Episode 171

The villagers warmly welcome Sai and Usha back to Gadchiroli. On the other hand, Virat loses his cool over the Chavans when they accuse Sai.

Monday 11  July  2022

Episode 172

The Chavans blame Omkar for causing trouble after Virat shows them evidence against him. Elsewhere, Sai recalls fond memories with Inspector Kamal Joshi.

Episode 173

Virat forgives Omkar on a condition while Sonali reprimands him for his silly behaviour. Later, Virat visits Gadchiroli to bring Sai back home.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Episode 174

Virat seeks forgiveness from Sai and requests her to return home. However, she lashes out at hime and refuses to go back home.

Episode 175

Despite Barkha’s advice, Sai refuses to forgive Virat. Later, the Chavans are shocked when Virat informs them about her decision.

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Episode 176

Virat holds the Chavans responsible for turning him against Sai. Elsewhere, Barkha advises Sai to forgive Virat and give him a second chance.

Episode 177

Pakhi is shattered when Virat confesses that he has fallen in love with Sai. Later, she demands answers from him for choosing Sai over her.

Thursday 14 July  2022

Episode 178

Pulkit asks Sai to forgive Virat, but she wants to forget him. Ashwini accuses Bhavani of tearing the family apart. Later, Virat goes out on a mission.

Episode 179

Sai hallucinates Virat after Pulkit reminds her that she is missing him. Later, Pulkit introduces their daughter to a happy Devyani.

Friday 15  July  2022

Episode 180

Devyani is heartbroken as Harini refuses to accept the former as her mother. While Virat fails to get in touch with Sai, the latter consoles an emotional Devyani.

Episode 181

An emotional Sai tries to hide her feelings as she learns about Virat’s risky mission. Ashwini scolds Pakhi for trying to call Virat during his mission.

Saturday 16  July 2022

Episode 182

Sai grows worried about Virat and prays for his safety. Elsewhere, Virat is rushed to a hospital after he gets shot during the mission.

Episode 183

Pakhi blocks Sai’s way when she comes to see Virat in the hospital. Later, Sai’s demand to stay with Virat causes an intense argument between the two.

Sunday 17  July  2022

Episode 184

Sai gets overwhelmed with emotions upon seeing Virat’s condition. While she puts forth a condition in front of Pakhi, the latter receives advice from Ninad.

Episode 185

Virat convinces Pakhi to leave him alone as he places Sai above on his priority list. Later, Pakhi stops Sai when she comes to meet Virat in the hospital.

Monday 18  July  2022

Episode 186

Sai takes a firm stand against Pakhi for preventing her from meeting Virat. Upon seeing them being affectionate towards each other, Pakhi feels vulnerable.

Episode 187

Pakhi feels insulted as Virat chooses Sai over her. Later as Sai takes care of an ailing Virat, Pakhi informs the Chavans what happened at the hospital.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Episode 188

Ashwini opposes the Chavans for expressing their displeasure about Sai’s return. Meanwhile, Sai and Virat have a heartwarming conversation.

Episode 189

While Virat and Sai spend time together, Pakhi swears revenge against her. Later, Ashwini and Virat plead with Sai to return home.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Episode 190

Virat gets discharged from the hospital and returns home with Sai. While Bhavani expresses her displeasure, Virat opposes the Chavans for objecting to Sai’s arrival.

Episode 191

Pakhi accuses Sai of insulting her when she forbids her to meet Virat. While Virat defends Sai, Bhavani takes Pakhi’s side.

Thursday 21 July  2022

Episode 192

Sai tells the family that she has returned just to take care of Virat. Later, Ashwini’s gesture of motherly love overwhelms Sai.

Episode 193

Pulkit and Devyani are invited to perform their post-wedding rituals. Meanwhile, Bhavani advises Pakhi to mend her differences with Virat.

Friday 22  July  2022

Episode 194

Sai upsets the Chavans by inviting some guests without informing them. Later, they get shocked upon finding out the identity of the guests.

Episode 195

Virat happily welcomes Pulkit and Devyani into the Chavan Mansion. Later, an arrogant Bhavani misbehaves with Pulkit and refuses to bless them.

Saturday 23  July 2022

Episode 196

Bhavani feels uneasy after Sai asks her about Devyani’s child. Later, she gets shocked when Sai tells the truth about Devyani’s daughter.

Episode 197

While Pulkit puts forth his pain and misery to Sai, she tries to convince Bhavani to trust him. Will the family accept Pulkit?

Sunday 24  July  2022

Episode 198

Upon being convinced by Sai, Bhavani forgives Devyani and accepts her. Meanwhile, Patralekha gets jealous looking at Virat and Sai as a couple.

Episode 199

Bhavani tells Ninad how Sai helped her realise her love for Devyani. Meanwhile, Ashwini gets emotional when Sai talks about leaving.

Monday 25  July  2022

Episode 200

Virat tries to confess his love for Sai and gets closer to her. Later, a jealous Patralekha gets into an argument with Sai.

Episode 201

Bhavani appreciates Sai for reuniting her with Devyani. While Pakhi’s plan to spend time with Virat fails, Sai worries about Devyani and Harinee.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Episode 202

An excited Virat visits Harinee for the first time. Sai assures Pulkit as he worries about Harinee’s misbehaviour with Devyani.

Episode 203

Virat convinces Sai to reunite Harinee with her family as a surprise birthday gift. Later, Sai astonishes everybody by announcing Harinee’s birthday.

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Episode 204

Sai gathers everyone to celebrate Harinee’s birthday. She also insists Bhavani to tell everyone the truth about Harinee.

Episode 205

The Chavan family accuses Bhavani of betraying Harinee. For the sake of Devyani, Bhavani eventually consents to go to Harinee’s birthday party.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Episode 206

To celebrate Harinee’s birthday, Virat and Sai plan to stage a play. Virat asks Pakhi to play Devyani for this, but she declines.

Episode 207

The Chavans get ready to receive Harinee when Pakhi chooses to take up Devyani’s job. Harinee is forward to see her family members later on.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Episode 208

Devyani and Harinee are played by Pakhi and Sai. Harinee embraces Devyani as her mother and hugs her after recognizing the characters.

Episode 209

When Devyani teases her, Pakhi exits the room. Pakhi, furious and upset, accuses Virat of violating her sentiments.

Sunday, July 30, 2022

episode 210

Virat is unable to correct Sai’s misperception following her surprising response. The Chavan family later joyously celebrates Harinee’s birthday.

Episode 211

Sai endures shame when speaking with the Chavans about family planning. She rejects Virat’s attempts to comfort her and accuses him of being responsible for Samrat’s abduction.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Episode 212

When Virat exerts himself, Sai rubs his back. Later, the Chavans witness Pakhi and Sai get into a furious dispute.

Episode 213

Sai loses her temper and accuses Pakhi of spying on Virat. When Sai reveals Pakhi and Virat’s earlier relationship, the Chavans are taken aback.

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