Strings of Love Update: Sunday 14th January 2024 – Angad Admits To His Foolish Act


Strings of Love Update: Sunday 14th January 2024 – Angad Admits To His Foolish Act

Surinder comes to meet Angad at the hospital. Angad says he shouldn’t have come here and should go before Sahiba sees him. Surinder asks what about the deal. Sahiba enters is gets angry seeing Surinder. Surinder asks Angad if he shall inform shopkeepers that the deal is canceled. Angad asks him to continue the deal as he doesn’t want shopkeepers to trouble his wife and her family. Sahba drops medicines in shock hearing about Angad’s involvement in her shop’s attack. Angad notices her and says he wanted to tell her about the same. Surinder leaves.

Sahiba says her trust is broken. Angad pleads to trust him that he didn’t have any bad intention and was just trying to help her family. He frees himself from IV line and walks to her. Sahiba says her shop was her identity and he took it away from her. Angad continues to plead her. Nurse walks in and makes Angad rest on bed again. She says he is recovering speedily with his wife’s love and care.

Jaspal takes a note of upcoming business meetings from Angad’s assistant Pam and tells Veer that they will take care of business until Angad gets well. Jasleen walks to him and says he not worry as Garry will take care of business. Akaal interferes and says Garry backstabbed them and he will not allow him to take care of business. Garry says he has changed and would truly want to work. Akaal says one who backstab forgets their sin, but one who bears the stab doesn’t forget anything. Jasleen tries to convince him, but he gets adamant and walks away. Seerat tells Jasleen that if Garry is not involved in business, what will he do then.

Sahiba cuts fruits for Angad weeping. Angad continues to apologize her. Inder and Manveer walk in and show their concern for him. He says he is fine now. They notice Sahiba there and yell at her to get out as she is responsible for Angad’s condition. Angad stops them and he himself is responsible for his condition and describes how his plan of buying Sahiba’s shop via his aide Surinder backfired and shopkeepers attacked Sahiba’s shop in a fit of rage and he was injured trying to save Sahiba. Ajith enters and hears that. He confronts Angad for destroying Sahiba’s dream. Sahiba takes him out. At Monga house, Santosh washes utensils and tells Taiji that she will set up Ajith’s food cart today as its the only ray of hope for them after their shop is burnt.

Ajith returns home and informs that Angad got the shop burnt and blames him. Santosh says Angad always tried to help them and would never do that. Ajith says he heard it from Angad himself. Sahiba continues to cry. Nurse comes to perform Angad’s sponge bath and asks Sahiba to perform it. Angad asks her to call a male nurse. Sahiba agrees to perform his sponge bath and helps him. Woh Jo Tha Khwab Sa.. song plays in the background. Sahiba asks if he needs anything. Angad says her forgiveness.