Destined by Fate Update: Monday 15th January 2024 – Nakul Opposes Saroj’s Decision


Destined by Fate Update: Monday 15th January 2024 – Nakul Opposes Saroj’s Decision

Doctor treats Sayuri and tells Kanha that he gave medicine to Sayuri and she will be fine once she wakes up. Kanha says Sayuri got an attack twice since 2 days. Doctor suggests to start Sayuri’s psychiatric treatment then and inform him after consulting his family. Nakul says he will drop doctor out. Daadi Mausi says let her drop him out while discussing about her medicine and leaves looking at Saroj. Nakul gets suspicious. Indu asks Kanha what did doctor say. Kanha says doctor told that Sayuri is suffering from a posttraumatic stress disorder and suggested to start Sayuri’s psychiatric treatment soon or her situation will worsen. Rashmi thinks its good for her, she will prove Sayuri insane.

Saroj tells Kanha that he should accept doctor’s advice. Dhanraj asks Kanha to take an informed decision. Saroj says there is nothing to think as such illness can’t be treated at home. Kanha says he can’t take any decision in a hurry and needs time. Daadi Mausi requests doctor for a help and asks him not to inform anyone about it. Doctor says he didn’t understand. Daadi mausi gives him Kanha and Mithu’s samples and asks him to get their DNA test to confirm that Mithu is Kanha’s daughter. Doctor agrees and says he will send report directly to Saroj.

Nakul hears that and confronts Saroj. Saroj requests not to inform anyone about it. Nakul determines to inform Kanha about it. Saroj emotionally blackmails him. Nakul says her justification doesn’t convince him as even if Mithu is not Sayuri and Kanha’s daughter, she brought happiness in their lives and he will not let anyone ruin their happiness. Daadi mausi asks Saroj not to bother about Nakul’s words as he is a kid.

Kanha at home temple recalls Sayuri’s panicked behavior and prays god to get Sayuri well soon. Dhanraj walks to him and says he nows his dilemma, but this time he should listen to his brain and not heart and help Sayuri in whatever way he can. Kanha says he is right, he will help Sayuri by taking her for a psychiatric treatment. He returns to room and notes Sayuri waking up, asks how is she feeling, shall he press her head and legs. Sayuri says she is feeling weak.

Kanha presses her legs and says he was thinking of performing Mithu’s naming ceremony tomorrow. Sayuri feels excited and explains how she will search a name for Mithu. She then describes how she couldn’t perform any rituaal for Mithu since she is born. Kanha comforts her and says they will perform all the rituals and he will not let a shadow of sorrows fall on Sayuri. Rashmi watches them hiding and thinks she will ruin their happiness soon. She calls someone and asks him to be present when she calls him.

Sayuri and Kanha’s nok jhok starts during naming ceremony. Saroj looks at Nakul signalling him not to inform anything to Kanha. Panditji says he found an initial. Sayuri asks him to reveal it. He builds suspense and shows Ka letter. Nakul says let us debate on a name. Sayuri and Kanha dance on Aaj Phir Kithe Chaliye Morni Banke.. song and drag whole family along. Sayuri then gets a call. She picks it and panics hearing Vikrant’s voice.