Saturday Update on Strange Love 3rd July 2021

Saturday Update on Strange Love 3rd July 2021

Anjali confessing to Astha that she is bearing all the torture of Niranjan. She says do you know why, whats my place in this house. She brings a door mat and kicks on it. She says this is my place. Astha cries. Anjali says Niranjan uses me like this, this is my truth. I have been bearing this for 30 years and now I m used to all this, this is the rules of the house, if I don’t get beaten up, I feel the day is not over. Anjali folds her hands and says save my daughter, I request you I know Jyoti can’t bear this injustice, its wrong, but I can’t stop all this. A mum have lost.

Astha says no, a mum did not lose, you think your place is of door mat, you have an identity without Niranjan, your place is high as you are really beautiful person(by heart). Anjali says if you respect me, save my daughter, will you do this. Astha says I promise you I won’t let Jyoti go with Abhay, don’t worry. They wipe their tears. Astha goes down crying and controlling. She calls someone.

Abhay calls Jyoti a fallen woman, who ran away from home, and calls himself a great man who is accepting such a characterless woman. Jyoti cries. Abhay says I respect Niranjan so I m taking you home. Kalindi says Ajju to do something. Ajju says what can I do. Kalindi says I m feeling helpless seeing injustice going on with Jyoti. He drags Jyoti. Jyoti asks Niranjan, Shlok and Varad to stop him. Astha comes and stops Abhay. She comes infront of them. Astha says we don’t send Jyoti empty hand so I want to do a ritual. Kalindi asks what are you doing Astha. Abhay says fine, do this, but I want gold coins for what Jyoti did.Astha says come Taai. Jyoti says I don’t want to come, please. Astha makes her sit. Jyoti says you know everything, I don’t want to go. The maid brings Outi items. Astha gives it to Jyoti and also gives necklace. Abhay and Bua smile.

Jyoti says what are you doing. Astha gives her earrings too. The police comes and says Mr. Agnihotri. Everyone are shocked to see police. The inspector says we got the news that your daughter is being mentally and physically tortured, and also had illegal way of abortion some days back. Shlok, and everyone are shocked. Abhay and Bua get tensed. Abhay says no you are mistaken, its nothing like this. Jyoti speaks up and the news is right. This has happened with me. Shlok and Varad are shocked.

Jyoti says I can’t stay with him, he did my two daughter’s abortion and now want to kill my this daughter too. Shlok and Varad get angry. Jyoti says he has beaten me a lot, she shows her wounds. Jyoti cries. Jyoti says he was taking me from here without my will, I can’t stay with him, please take him, if I go with him, then maybe you will see my dead body at his house and he will tell everyone that I did suicide. Jyoti says I will not stay with him, I swear on my daughter, take him.

Shlok sees Jyoti’s wounds and fumes. He is about to beat Abhay but Niranjan stops him. Niranjan is angry on Jyoti. Shlok looks at Abhay with anger and moves back. Niranjan looks at Abhay and asks the inspector to leave as its his house matter. The inspector says sorry Sir, his wife Jyoti complaint, till she takes the complaint back, we can’t ddo anything, we have to take him to police station. Abhay says Jyoti I m your husband, this is our child. He asks Niranjan to say anything. The police arrests Abhay. Bua talks to Niranjan but he leaves. Bua says leave him, he did not do anything. Abhay says she is mad, I did not do anything. Jyoti stops the inspector and goes to Abhay with anger. Abhay smiles thinking Jyoti will not let him go. Jyoti looks at him angrily and slaps him hard. Abhay rages in anger and is taken away. Everyone looks on. Bua runs after Abhay. Jyoti cries.

Astha comes to her and wipes her tears. Kalindi says take care. Jyoti hugs Kalindi. Ajju says take care of you and your daughter. Kalindi and Ajju leave. Astha says we all are with you, come. Shlok and Varad sit down near Jyoti and holds her hand. Shlok wipes her tears. Shlok says don’t cry Tai, your brothers are with you, we will not let anything happen to you. Varad says enough Tai, its enough crying now, don’t cry. Anjali comes there. Astha says Sasubai……… See Jyoti will stay with us now, no one can hurt her. Anjali thinks of Niranjan coming to her. The FB scene: Niranjan says girls should not stay in their Maayka, they should live in in laws house after marriage, go and send Jyoti back. Anjali cries. (How can he do this knowing about her abortions, such a creep, Astha should have send him to jail too!!) Jyoti says Aai…… and walks to her. Anjali asks her to stop and says you can’t stay here, its still time, rectify your mistake, free Abhay from police and go home. Astha says but you said…….

Anjali says Astha stay in limits. Shlok says Mrs. Agnihotri, you are forgetting your limits, how can you send her back to hell after knowing everything, are you not ashamed to call yourself our mum. Anjali says you won’t understand, a wife has to live in her husband’s house, be it heaven or hell. Shlok says right, but a daughter is not dead for her parents after marriage. Shlok says if you have problem, then fine, but she will stay with us, if you want to go against then I will not stay here. Niranjan sees this. Varad says I will also not be quiet this time, I will also not stay here, we are her brothers.

Astha says if Shlok’s decision is this, then I will go with him. Sojal stands with Varad. Niranjan is shocked. Anjali says this is your house Shlok, this will be wrong. Shlok argues and says how can you send your daughter to hell knowing everything. He says Taai don’t worry, till you have your brothers, you don’t need to worry, if this house has no place for you, we will also leave this house. Shlok and Varad hold Jyoti’s hands. Niranjan is shocked. Anjali gets happy by heart but can’t reflect. She worries about Niranjan. Shlok says lets go Taai. Niranjan says Anjali. Everyone stops.

Niranjan comes to them. He says Anjali, what are you doing, you are a mum and can’t understand your daughter’s pain, see where will she go in such state. He says I know you respect rules, but our children are more important, such rules should be broken. Anjali says I m sorry, I want her to go back and respect relations. Shlok says when will you understand and value relations. This won’t happen, the solution is simple, we all are going, come Taai. Niranjan stops them and says no one will go anywhere. He says its my order. He looks at Anjali and says your children are leaving your house and you are just watching, looks like your love for them is over. Astha feels bad seeing his drama. He says don’t be rude Anjali, else you will be left alone. He says Anjali try to understand. (He should be physically abused to know the pain of Anjali!)

Niranjan hugging Jyoti. He asks Anjali to love and take care of Jyoti. Astha understands his drama. Niranjan says take her to guest room, Jyoti will not go anywhere and will stay with us. Shlok says I knew this Baba, you are not like others. You will understand Jyoti’s state, thank you. Niranjan asks Jyoti to rest. Astha takes Jyoti. Niranjan and everyone leave. Anjali suddenly gets out of the shock and thanks the Lord crying. Sid waits for Kalindi and Ajju. They come home. Sid asks them about Jyoti. Kalindi says she is fine.

He asks did Abhay take her. Ajju says no, police took Abhay, Jyoti will stay with her parents now, she will be happy. Sid says but Ajju. Kalindi says but Astha is with her, she will take care. Sid says how can a man fall so low to kill his own daughter, he does not deserve Jyoti. Abhay does not respect Jyoti, such house is not a home, I would have saved Jyoti from all this problems, I don’t know what to do. Ajju says trust Bappa, I know you and Jyoti became good friends in few days and we will also miss her. Kalindi says I wish she stays happy.

Sid leaves. Niranjan tells Anjali that its because of you my family was breaking today, its good I came and stopped them, else my son Shlok would have gone today, I was helpless as I have to stop Jyoti. I will try to free Abhay from jail and take Jyoti from here. He speaks against daughters. He asks Anjali not to love Jyoti more, else she knows what he can do. He says make her feel daughters are burden on family after their marriage, whether she lives or dies, everything should be in their in laws house. She says but her child. He says you tell me that girls can bear anything, make Jyoti like you, tell her not to do anything which ashamed me, you know my respect is more than relations and my daughter, before the society knows this, end this matter so that I don’t need to face their bad questions. He leaves.

Astha hears all this standing outside their door. Astha says keep trying Baba, but I will break this bearing myth. I will make Anjali realize the importance of being a woman, as she gives birth to a man, a man is nothing without her, you did not see her Durga avatar, but soon you will see, as you are inviting it. She smiles. Shlok and Varad rests in Jyoti’s lap. Shlok says you are very strong. Varad asks Shlok not to cry. Varad says ofcourse Taai is very strong. They talk about their childhood and jokes on Jyoti to make her smile. They go to tickle her. Jyoti smiles. The brothers laugh. Astha comes and smiles seeing this. Varad says tell me, why did you not tell your brothers bearing all this torture, you made us strangers, you know we were so worried, you are our life. Varad cries and says you could have called us, why did you bear it all these years.

Jyoti says please don’t cry. Varad says we are with you, tell us if anything wrong happens. Varad hugs her. He says you sleep now, we will talk tomorrow. Jyoti says don’t fire Siddharth. She says I m with you only because of him, he is like an angel to me, the night when I was running, some goons were following me, then Sid saved me and took me home. Then he took me to……. Astha signs no. Jyoti says then he took me to his Kaki, they are good people, they took good care of me. Varad says fine, I will see, now you sleep. Astha says tell goodnight to little Jyoti too. Varad says yes, ofcourse, and talks to the baby. Shlok and Varad keep a hand on Jyoti’s stomach and says I m your elder and younger Uncle.

Astha says I will also talk to her. She keeps her hand and realizes her kick. She says she kicked. Shlok says she is very smart, she understood its her Nautanki Mami. Eveyrone laughs. Astha says I will stay with Jyoti. Jyoti says I m fine. Astha says sure? Jyoti says yes. Astha says good night and leaves. Jyoti thinks about Kalindi, Avdhoot, Ajju and Sid. Sid misses Jyoti and thinks about her. He says fate is playing a strange game with me, I could not admit my feelings to her, and now I won’t be able to her that I love her a lot. Jyoti thinks of Sid seeing her slippers which Sid brought. She smiles and says I wanted this, I came my home, and even then I m missing him, why.

She says he is a nice guy, who does good for everyone. She says I m not special for him. She goes to sleep. Its morning. Astha makes dry fruit milk for Jyoti. Anjali comes to her. Astha asks the maid to cook in lunch. Anjali says no need. Jyoti comes and sees Anjali. Anjali scolds Astha for not making separate food for women. Astha stops Jyoti and says morning milk is ready. Jyoti feels bad and leaves. Astha asks the maid to leave. Astha talks to Anjali and asks what happened to her, how can you change so soon, what are you in real. You requested me to save her, and now you are asking her to face this, why did you stop Jyoti then. Anjali says don’t talk in between me and my daughter I did not say wrong, daughters are burden on her parents after marriage. Astha asks really?

Look in my eyes and answer me. Astha says you don’t have answer right, as these words are someone else’s. I promise I will force you to say daughters are not burden, but to love when they make her parents grandparents. Anjali says you will do this, as daughters give happiness, not sorrows. Astha leaves. Astha comes to Jyoti with the milk. She talks to her. Jyoti says I don’t want to stay here. Astha says can’t you see our love, you only saw her scolding, you know I took degree in getting her scold. Astha asks like Anjali. Kaka looks on and smiles. Jyoti and Astha laugh. Kaka asks whats this, backbiting about Anjali. Kaka asks Jyoti to know Anjali. Astha acts like him. Kaka holds her ears. They smile. Anjali looks at them and is happy seeing Jyoti smile. Astha sees her standing. Anjali leaves.