Saturday Update on My Identity 3rd July 2021

Saturday Update on My Identity 3rd July 2021

Avni saying her name ad deceased. She recalls Neil and their moments. She cries. Pandit goes. Avni sits there and starts the havan. She recalls Neil and puts the red bangles and chunri in the fire. She sees her ID proofs and puts in havan. She cuts her hair and drops some ashes in a pot. She recalls Vidyut. She goes to immerse the ashes. FB shows Avni wear the fire resistant dupatta that will save her from all dangers. She thinks of Dayaben’s words and losing Neela. FB shows Avni asking Mishti to go out when the timer beeps.

She says you will sit in the car, I will meet you there. Avni gets saved from fire and says my loved ones will not sink in darkness because of me. Avni wears a coat and covers her face. She sees Neil shouting for her. Little Avni stops her from going to Neil. Avni goes to Mishti. She says sorry, I made some unclaimed bodies take Avni and Mishti’s identity, I will do their last rites. She says Avni Aisha, its right that your past life is getting immersed here, no storm will come in my family’s life. She recalls Neil. FB shows Little Avni asking Avni not to look back and just move on. Avni sees Neil and cries. FB ends.

Neil says I will show the guards shot at me, then Vidyut can’t leave from there. DD says you can’t do this. Neil says I will do this, you will help me in this. He shoots at Vidyut’s statue. Bebe comes there and gives tiffin. She says you didn’t become a police officer to do this, after this incident, we all are trying to save ourselves from breaking, all of us can’t bear another tragedy, just think well before taking any other step.

Avni sees Neil’s pic and says I will fight with evil the way you taught me. She hugs his pic. Vidyut comes to the burnt house. He asks his mum to see his worse state. He sees havan kund and cries. He says somebody come, look at my plight, Avni I betrayed my mum, she was hung to death, I know you will come back for me Avni, this loneliness will kill me. Avni says I have fulfilled your wish. He gets shocked seeing her burnt face. He says stay away from me, don’t come near me. She disappears. He looks around and sees her somewhere else. She says I have come from the other world for you, you are running away, did your true love fade seeing my burnt face.

He shouts don’t come close. She says you wanted to spend life with me, I have gone where you have sent me, no one can separate us, will you come with me. He says get away. She says you love me a lot right, see what did you do with me. He asks her to stay away. He turns away. She says come along and burn with me. He shouts no…. Ali says this place will always remind me of Avni, what will we do without her. Neil recalls Avni. He says her name was there on post mortem report, my Avni’s name was there, but how can Avni leave us. Ali consoles her. Vidyut gets scared seeing Avni in the car. Avni says our mums are there, we will stay there as a family, all the paths lead to me. Vidyut says no. Avni asks where will you go now, come, lets go. Vidyut says this is not real. He sees her gone. He gets out of the car and runs.

Vidyut running from Avni. He sees her in a procession. He shouts no. He prays to Shiv Shambu to save him, he doesn’t want to die. He asks pandit to see Avni, her face is burnt. Pandit says there is no one there. Neil comes there. Vidyut sees him and runs to him. Neil angrily gets his gun. Vidyut holds his leg and says save me, I burnt Avni alive, my repentance will save me, I loved Avni, but she loved you, I asked her to leave you, she didn’t listen, I angrily pushed her in havan kund, save me. Neil says Avni was in jail to hide from you, what did you do, you finally took my Avni away, you will definitely atone. Avni looks on.

Avni prays and says I have left the battlefield, I ended this battle, Avni is dead now, even her tactics are burnt, I believe in results, I just had this way to save my family, that’s why I did my Shraddh, world called me illegitimate, I have become a trouble for Aisha and Neela, I fought for her identity, I know what to do with my name. Neil puts Vidyut in lockup. He goes.

After ten years, Neil talks on radio program. Neil as RJ welcomes everyone in his program Raabta. He plays a song. Mere haath mein…..He sees Avni’s mangalsutra and thinks of her. He says my love story was always confusing, my wedding was fixed with someone else, but my love was my fiancee’s best friend, my eyes were only on her, a girl who had deep eyes, I was lost in her eyes, now lets go lost in this beautiful song. Main jahan rahoon….plays…. He goes on road. He sees an old man sleeping and covers him with his jacket. He gets balloons for kids. He says its been 10 years now Avni, my heart yearns for you, just come some time. He thinks of Avni’s words and says I want to see you.

Bebe, Shweta and Prakash go to wish Neil. Shweta sows the cake. They ask him to wake up. Shweta says he isn’t here, he will never change. Neil surprises them. They wish him happy birthday and hug. Neil jokes. Bebe asks him to cut the cake. Neil cuts the cake. They all feed him the cake. Prakash does shayari. Shweta asks them to come and have food. They go. Neil sees mangalsutra and cries. He sits awake all night. He sees the sunrise and goes out. He wishes Avni comes back once. He sees Avni and smiles. A car speeds towards her. Neil pulls her away.

They fall down. He sees someone else. The lady asks are you mad. The director asks why did you become villain in my shooting, go somewhere and become hero. Neil says Avni it was you, I have seen you. A guy sees Neil and smiles. He says he came from nowhere and disturbed the shoot, find out who is he. Neil sits at a tea stall and says Avni you…. A van passes by. Samrat talks about accidents. The girl says my hair is still a mess. Tara and Sitara argue. Sunehri stops them and says can’t you both handle work of one girl. She talks to teenagers. The girl says all of us are fine, where is Jaan didi. Neil says I felt my Avni is alive. Avni chants mantras. They see her.