Monday Update On Young Love Sept 10

Monday Update On Young Love

Sept 10 Episode

Location: Jaitsar Haveli
Dadisa tells jagiya that she’s fasting for the well being of her grandson and his speedy recovery.Jagiya too offers to fast for dadisa and for the welfare of all of the village people despite dadisa telling him not to do as he is physically not capble to be fasting right now.Dadisa is extrmemly impressed by this gesture and wonders at how mature and responsible he has become and blesses him to stay like that.Anandi watching this in the background.
Scene 2:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
While shiv is getting ready for office,despite his repeatedly saying that he is fine,meenu is upset over the recent happenings and worried that shiv is also upset because of it and is not showing it and that the only reason he hid the facts about jagiya’s memory loss from her is beacuse it actually affects him.She says that she too would be in peace only whn jagiya leaves from there.She expresses her concern as to what if what nandu said,pretty soon the other family members start thinking on the same lines.Shiv assures her that nothing like that would happen and that he knows how to deal with it,even though he admits its difficult and that she should not worry about him and instead asks her to get ready for the evening arti.
Scene 3
Location: Jaitsar Haveli
When dadisa comes in to ask anandi to get ready to go to the arti with shiv and meenu,jagiya starts to cough badly to gain their attention.Dadisa instucts him to eat something nd take care of himself.But anandi tells her that if everybody goes who will stay back for him.Dadisa says she and gehna would stay back as it is necessary for anandi to go as shiv and meenu would be present.Jagiya asks her why is it necessary for anandi to go.Dadisa covers it up saying that she has to go with shiv as h is teh collector and she the sarpanch.He holds her hand and begs her not to go.Dadisa removes anandi’s hands from jagiya’s and says that she would stay back instaed.jagiya offers to go with them.Dadisa refuses that too citing his health.He then gives up and ask them to go and dadisa assures that she would be back right after the arti.She tells anandi to get ready and leavse.Jagiya is lft thinking to himself.
Scene 4:
Location: At the temple
Everybody is happily doing the arti.When shiv and anani come forward to do the arti together,jagiya comes and holds the thali before shiv.He is disturbed bt doesnt say anything and steps back.Anandi and other members of the family are uncomfortably worried and meenu is visibly angry.Anandi too pulls back her hand from the arti thali.Jagiya does the arti with a victorious smile on his face.Onlookers talk among themselves about how jagiya having lost memory doesnt remember leaving anandi.Meenu leaves the arti.Seeing this bhairo tells dadisa that due to jagiya,they cant even make a public appearance now.And that sonetimes he wonders whether jagiya is faking this for an ulterior motive.dadisa defends jagiya saying that he wanted to come earlier only,she had refused him to come.Basant too favours jagiya saying that if he waas faking lal singh,who’s a doctor would have known it.Bhairo still expresses doubts on being able to trust him when dadisa tell shim to try and look beyond his prejudice that jagiya has indees changed by god’s blessings.He still stands unconvinced.Gehna and anandi too are uncomforatble.Shiv too stands upset.
Scene 5:
Location: At the temple
Jagiya calls for bhairo to stop his van as he wants to go with them.Dadisa and ghna and anandi are agin disturbed hearing this but his walk to the jeep is intercepted with shiv’s van who offers him a seat in his van.When jagiya tries to wriggle out of the offer saying he wants to be with his family,shiv tells him that since he’s unwell others stand the risk of ctching infection from him and nandu has just recoverd and hence precaution is necessary.moreover he has lots of empty space in his car.At a loss for excuse,jagiya gives and sits in shiv’s jeep.Both the vehicles leave for the haveli.
Scene 6:
Location: on th road
Shiv asks him about his health.on knowing he’s better,shi comments he looks better too.This prompts jagiya to fake cough and shiv to smirk at that quietly.He asks jagiya whats happening in his life,he says nothing much,there’s not much to do during the day.Shvi says he didnt mean that and that he thinks that jagiya is hiding more than he’s showing.When jagiya asks what he means by that,shiv replies saying that he is also trying to understand what he means by his latest behaviour and what does jagiya actually want.He sayas that he’s not a fool and has undrstood that there’s a reason for him to stay here.jagiya pretending to be ignorant says he has his family here and that this is his village.he doesnt need a reason.On the family’s mention,shiv comments that his family is sweet,simple,god fearing and helping family and its easy to fool them but he wont be able to pull wool over shiv’s eyes.He says he belongs in administration and one of the tarining aspects is to know a persona nd his psychology and behaviour and that if he wants he cud expose jagiya within a minute but not dng so for one reason and that is respect for his family and especially anandi who has seen a lot in her young age and he doesnt want to trouble her anymore.Jgia continues his pretense and says that she and shiv share a professioanl relationship whereas she is his wife and that he can never think about hurting her.Shiv stops outside the havveli with a screech in anger.
When jagiya gets down the jeep,shiv calls him fropm behind and facing him says that if he ever tries to harm anandi or any of her family members by mistake,then the results wont be gud.He says dont mistake my silence and peacefulness to be my ignorance,it remains only till everything is all right.whwnever he will sense trouble,then he loses his cool and his anger has no limits as jagiya has already experienced.jagiya is reminded of the incident in jaipur market.He still p[retends saying why would he want to hurt anybody in his family and that he loves dadisa and is about to talk more when shiv stops him asking him not to even dare to take anandi’s name as she’s his fiance now and they are getting married.He says he loves anandi and will go to any limits to protect her and asks jagiya to remember it always
Shiv driving and remembering his meetings with Anandi to what he said to Jagaya yesterday that he loves Anandi. Shiv then says to himself how many times I have confessed this to myself but never said it to Anandi .He then picks up his mobile saying he will call Anandi and confess his love to her but then stops himself by saying these type of talks cannot be done on phone These type of things are discussed sitting in front of each other .He says to himself Mr Shivraj Shekhar wait for just one night tomorrow you will tell Anandi whats in your heart.
Shiv comes there .Dadisaa welcomes him .He gives Dadisaa parsad that his mother has sent .Dadisaa thanks . Dadisaa then apologizes to Shiv about yesterday Jagaya coming during Aarti.She says she never thought he will come there but what she can do she cannot even say to him why you went there because he is not well .Shiv says no problem .He asks for Anandi .Just then Anandi comes with tea saying I am here On seeing Anandi Shiv remembers why he came here .Anandi asks him is there any problem .Shiv says no then says to himself today he will tell Anandi all whats in his heart .Just then Nandu comes running downstairs with Jagaya after him stopping him .Jagaya sees Shiv and remembers his yesterday’s meeting with him . Nandu says to Jagaya come chase me .Jagaya strictly tells Nandu to stop being naughty and behave himself in front of collector shahib collector shahib loves punishing people who misbehaves .All are shocked listening this from Jagaya’s mouth while Shiv smirks .Shiv says to Jagaya you remember this all .Jagaya says how can I forget that..that was worst time of my life I had never been insulted ever more than that incident how I spent that night in jail only I know .All are shocked hearing this from Jagaya his memory is back except Shiv who keeps smirking .Bhairo says Jagaya now you remember all .Dadisaa comes near Jagaya . Jagaya then realizes what he said .He then pretends holding his head his memory is slightly coming back . Jagaya then says after some drama of memory coming back what he is doing here .He remember he wasn’t even allowed to step his feet in this house Dadisaa tells him you were sick your got temporary memory loss . Jagaya says destiny is playing strange games with him when he didn’t remember anything he got some time to spend with his family when his memory came back he has to go from here .He then says he has to go from here .He tries to leave when Nandu stops him crying don’t go you promised you will never leave me again will stay here with us .Jagaya says to Nandu he promised to him when he was unwell didn’t remember anything now he has to go from here .Ghena holds crying Nandu Jagaya leaving house in slow motion with others busy in looking at him session leaving house . Then Basant stops Jagaya. Jagaya stops .
Basanat asks Bhairo to forgive Jagaya since he has repented for his mistakes this not fair with him .Bhairo disagrees. Basant says why not why are you so harsh with your own son .How much he did wrong he has done right too .He worked at Naryan’s fields , he helped villagers day and night serving against swine flu epidemic .He saved Nandu too so can’t do forgive give him one chance to make his place in this house . Bhairo says whatever he has done now is nothing as compared to how much pain he has given to them how much wrong he has done who knows behind his this good works now he has his selfish plans .This all is his planning ,Jagaya shocked at hearing .Shiv gives Jagaya stern look .Dadisaa asks Bhairo what he is saying ? Basanat says you even doubt your son’s illness .You call me egoistic but look at yourself for how long you will hold grudge against your own you will never talk to him disown him forever .Bhairo says in this house in my heart there is no place for Jagaya . He cannot stay here .Jagaya emotional at this .Basanat strictly tells Bhairo this house is Masaa’s how much rights you have even I have you cannot alone decide you will stay here we have too right to decide Jagaya will stay with us .Bhairo says fine then I will leave this house with Anandi. All are shocked at this .An emotional Jagaya comes to Bhairo and Basanat and says to them please don’t fight for me .This house is you all’s I have no right left here so I leave this house .Anandi and Bapusaa should not leave this house they will stay here .He says he has done a lot wrong with Anandi if she cannot forgive him ever he cannot even complain because he lost that right. Jagaya tries to leave again when Anandi stops him .Anandi goes near him and says to him for her family’s sake for their peace she forgives him .Jagaya shocked .All are shocked at this Dadisaa becomes happy