Friday Update On True Love Sept 7

Friday Update On True Love

Sept 7 Episode

Friday Update on True Love
Ichcha is heartbroken hearing the news of Veer’s engagement.
Umed comes to talk to Veer and asks if he has whole heartedly agreed to this marriage with Kinjal. Veer thinks of Ichcha, but then tells Umed that he has left everything for them to decide, since his decisions have been proven wrong in the past. But Umed still remains unsure abt all this.
Nani comes home with news abt Veer’s remarriage, which stuns Divya and Jogi. Tapu hears this and is clearly upset, but hides her tears, and instead pretends to be happy for Veer. Jogi is pleased to see Tapu taking this news so bravely and hugs her. Tapu comforts Divya, while Nani is shocked seeing Tapu react so calmly.
Later Nani gets a call from Pushkar asking for help in getting him back into the house. Nani rebukes him for ignoring her warnings and updates him abt the recent developments in the house. Pushkar is shocked to hear that Tapu brought Masoom home and asks Nani to persuade Tapu to help him too. Nani tells him how Tapu isn’t talking to her much these days. All of a sudden, Pushkar gets an idea and Nani is left confused.
Jogi is in his car, on his way to Ichcha’s school when he remembers old times when Veer asked Ichcha’s hand in marriage, when Veer exposed how Tapu tricked Ichcha into giving up Veer to her, when Ichcha blamed Veer for Vansh’s death and today when Tapu calmly accepted Veer’s decision to remarry someone else. He arrives at the basti and is surprised to see Veer there with the kids. He tells him that he knows abt his upcoming marriage and extends his support saying that he has every right to be happy, especially when he clearly never loved Tapu and was forced into marrying her. He blesses Veer happiness in life and leaves. Veer stands there looking sad.
Tapu sees Masoom relaxing and pretends to sprain her leg. She manipulates Masoom into giving her a foot massage. Realizing Tapu’s real intention she hurts her in the process which sends Tapu screaming. Later Tapu crosses Masoom’s name from her hit list since she got her revenge today. Veer remembers his talk with Umed, Jogi’s words when they met at the basti, and Ichcha’s hug and tells himself that he’s had enough and there isn’t any place for Ichcha in his life anymore.
Tapu watches her parents do the karvachauth rituals and remembers how Veer put the mangalsutra and sindoor for her and their night together (all of which Veer was forced intoErmm). Nani sees Tapu sad and tells her that she knows that she’s hurt hearing of Veer’s remarriage. Tapu corrects her that all she wants is that Veer not get married to Ichcha, and nothing else matters. She leaves asking Nani to stay away from her since she left her at a time she needed her most. Seeing Tapu’s attitude, Nani is assured that she hasn’t changed at all and will come back to her like old times.
Nani brings Pushkar to Tapu and when he tries to sound caring towards Tapu, she smirks asking him to stop pretending cuz she will never help him at any cost. When Nani reminds her that he is family, she rebukes that one is all by oneself and this she learnt the hard way when she was all by herself out there in that filthy basti. She blasts Pushkar for trying to cheat her parents of their property and for bringing Masoom in their lives’ making it clear that she would never shelter the ppl who tried to cause harm to her parents. Pushkar reminds her of the times they helped her and she in turn reminds him how no one cared when she was kicked out of the house and that she is not the same Tapasya anymore.

Nani replies that she still is the same Tapasya since she sees the same old hatred in her eyes for Ichcha. Tapu tells her that Ichcha is not the only one she hates and Nani retorts that the hatred she feels for Ichcha is diff than towards anyone else, since Ichcha not only took away her father from her but also Veer. Pushkar asks how much she really knows Ichcha. Tapu looks at him confused when he makes a deal with her that if she helps him back into the house, he will tell her something with which she cud destroy Ichcha’s life forever. Tapu scoffs that after losing her husband so early in life, there’s nothing left in Ichcha’s life to be destroyed. But Nani reminds her that all this is ok only till Ichcha is away from Veer, but things would be different if that were to change. Pushkar adds that they know a raaz that cud send Ichcha far away from Jogi and Divya’s and all their lives forever. Tapu looks on curiously.