Monday Update on Young Love August 20

Monday Update on Young Love

August 20 Episode

Jaitsar Hospital
The episode starts where it left from dadisa coming to visit him and ruing over his condition.She finally leaves asking lal singh to take cae of jagiya but she leaves behind her Rudraksh mala by mistake on the bed which gets entangled in jagiya’s hand.

Location: Jaitsar Haveli
Dadisa is walking in the haveli absentmindedly thinking about jagiya murmuring from forgiveness from everybody in his sleep,she doesnt even respond to gehna calling her twice after seeing that she has returned.Worried she gets dadisa out of her trance and asks her if she is alright.She makes up an excuse that she’s tired and wants to rest and doesnt evn answer when gehna asks if she should get her tea.Gehna is puzzled.While going to her room she overhears anandi talking to shiv enquiring him about his health,in between his mom and choti maa chatting up,hindering him to have a clear conversation.He finally decides to go to jaitsar hospital with anani the next day for changing th dressing of his wound.Dadisa hearing this is worried for anandi,that she hopes this is not another test coming anandi’s way that she’s going with shiv to the same hospital where jagiya is admitted.She is determined to prevent it somehow.

Location: Jaitsar Hospital
Jagiya is in a cave all alone and in pitch darkness calling out for dadisa when he sees a light at the end of the cave.But as the bright light approaches he is awaken from the dream by lal singh checking his vision and vitals through a torch.He tells jagiya to relax as he is very weak and had gotten him scared.He tells him the entire story of how he reached in the hospital.He thanks lal and says sorry for hurting and insulting their friendship and him whenever lal singh spoke for his favour.Lal asks him to forget about the past that had averse situations and says that she had called gauri and was boggled that maybe she didint understand or maybe recognized him,as she was talking strange.Jagiya tells lal everything that gauri doesnt want to listen anything about me as she is nobody to him now and they have gone separate ways.Lal remembers gauri taling curtly on the phone and understands the entire situation.Jagiya goes on to explain how selfishly she had kept him away from his family for her ego and that his family were right and he was wrong inrecognizing her.For that girl,he betrayed and told so many lies,broke so many hearts,caused hurt to his own family,for whom jagiya’s happiness was of paramount importance.He rues that he lef everybody for a girl who was never truly his.And he says that when he went to his house asking for forgiveness,they turned their faces away and threw him out of the house without even listening to him.And that they were right,coz evn he wouldnt have forgiven himself.He said that he went for forgiveness and evn hopefully for a second chance but he pobably doesnt deserve it.He is thinking how to repent and get his family back.Lal singh wondering that evn if his family forgave,he could never have anandi,as after waiting for him all these years she’s finally moved on.Jagiya’s sees mala and pesters lal to tell him,if dadisa had come.when lal says yes,he says that he knew dadisa of all people would give him a second chance.Now that he knows this,he will keep trying to earn everybody else’s forgiveness.

Location: Jaitsar Hospital
Lal in his cabin wondering that jagiya needs his family right now and calls up bhairo to fix a meetimg to want to talk about something important,He says that once his work is finished he would stop by at the hospital that comes in his way,despite lal singh trying to convince him to have the meeting at the haveli.Lal is worried.

Location:Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Shiv is about to leave for hospital,when bhim singh with panting breath comes in and tells him that jagiya has returned and is presently admitted in the hospital in a delicate condition and he knows this from the local villagers who were talking about him.Shiv is shocked and wonders as to why anandi didnt tell him this.Choti maa to hears and is shocked but doesnt say anything and gives shiv his watch that he had forgotten.When he leaves with bhim,she is wondering about bhim’s words.

On a road in jaitsar
Shiv driving his jeep is wondering as to why was he the last person to know about Jagiya coming to jaitsar when everybody else seems to know about it.Then he thinks if anandi knows about it or her family members have kept her in ignorance about it and wonders what is jagiya doing in jaitsar and how did he reach in the hospital.He calls up anandi to tell her that he wont be able to make it to the hospital today since he has work in office.Anandi jokes about him being punctual about appointments but scare of injections still hasnt gone.He rememebers her holding his hand while administering the first injection and says that he is no more scared and that he would change the dressing at home and also come to her to show it.She tells him not to be careless and take proper care of the wound.Aftre putting down the ph he realises that anandi doesnt know anything about jagiya and it is better that way as she gets affected and is in pain everytime he or his mention comes up and resolves that he would never let her go through that again.

Location: Anandi’s school for girls in jaitsar.
Anandi sees the girls of her school giggling about the fact that shiv has sent something for her.She finds yellow roses and a letter on the desk.She reads it.It says that he thanks her as many times as the petals of the roses for removing my scare and for teaching me the skill of keeping people happy.He says that now his daddu is happy that he spends time with him in his garden and has himself plucked these roses.He presents his friendship proposal through yellow roses and hopes that it stays even after marriage.She is overwhelmed at this gesture and giving the students some work she calls up shiv to thank him for the roses and says that they are friends from today and she would forever try to respect their friendship in every possible way even after marriage.She says that even though she doesnt mention it a alot,but she knows that this task of enetering into a new relation and meeting new people has been easy for her due to his compnay and support and that she acknowledges his every supportive action.And is drwan into a flashback of all the times that shiv helped her prior to their engagement.

Location: Jaitsar Haveli
Dadisa is in anandi’s room looking for her,not finding her there she is worried remembering her call with shiv yesterday and calls gehna.She says that anandi left early today to go with shiv to the hospital after school.Dadisa sends her away to work and worriedly calls up anandi to know where she is.She’s relieved when she tells her that she is still in school and wont go to hospital today.Dadisa then makes up a plan with her to go to the mandir.Anandi happily agrees to meet her directly at the mandir after school.She then goe to her deity in the house and thanks her for avoiding anandi’s going to the hospital today but also asks for jagiya’s good health even after knowing that he’s committed unforgivable sins and mistakes and hurt anandi irrevocably and she never wants to see his face ever again,but today he is in a lot of trouble and needs their help.So she takes the sacred dupatta and having the belief in its magical healing powers asks the deity to let this be her blessing towards jagiay so that he’s healthy once again.She thinks that her first visit to the hospital went unnoticed should she take a second chance.But then she pacifies herself saying that she’s not bringing him home and even a stranger would do what she’s doing right now and leaves with the dupatta.

Location: Jaitsar Hospital
Dadisa enters his ward and gets emotional seeing him.She reaches out to pat his head but then refrains herself and places the chunni beside his bed.She turns around to leave but finds the corner of her sari in his hand.She jerks it off,but jagiay opens his eyes and holds her hand .she gives him a cold stare and tries to pull her hand away and tells him not to presume that she came to visit him but for lal singh.He says that they both have started lying to each other and asks if she didnt come yesterday also to meet him and left the mala by his bedside by mistake.She says that she came out of humanity and no relation to him whatsoever and turns around to leave and finds bhairo standing on the door.She is shocked and jagiya too sees him.