Friday Update on True Love August 17

Friday Update on True Love

August 17 Episode

Masoom bringing Juice for Jogi;Seeing Masoon there,Jogi is shocked and questions Divya about it on which Divya tells Jogi that if he can do justice by throwing their daughter Tapasya out of the house then why injustice will b done to Masoom when its proved that she was innocent;Hearing this Jogi feels that Divya wants to take revenge here by bringing Masoom in this house on which Divya tells Jogi that she just wanted to fill the vaccuum that was created after Tapasya was thrown out of this house by bringing Masoom in this house (Oh so Divya brings Masoom in Tappu’s place like some exchange offer);Hearing this Jogi tries to explain to Divya that noone can fill that vaccuum created by Tapasya in this house and certainly not Massoom;But Divya is adamant and tells Jogi that Massoom will stay in this house only

In the car showroom Tapasya thinks about Veer’s words and calls up Mr.Mehta and tells him that she is ready for his offer but on one condition that she will hv not 25% but 40% share in the game (Show should b titled Gambler now);After some initial argument,Mr.Mehta agrees for 40% deal..

Veer returns home and informs Ichha about Tappu’s new luxurious life and how she is enjoying her life by purchasing a new car;Hearing this Ichha is shocked and feels that they should inform about Tappu to Jogi when Daddaji comes out and tells both Veer-Ichha that he doesn’t want to hear any talks about Tappu in this house sinse she is the murderer of this house’s son..After Daddaji leaves,Veer and Ichha looks cluelessly at each other (I feel Ichha is doing 2-3days guest appearences in this show now)

At night,Pushkar and Masoom r secretly discussing about money in Masoom’s room when Damini comes there sinse she saw the room lights still on at night;Seeing Damini there,both Pushkar and Masoom gives an excuse of chipkali inside the room because of which Masoom was shouting and so Pushkar came to her rescue;After Pushkar leaves,Damini warns Masoom by telling her that she is there in this house only because of Divya’s trust and so it will b better if she is not breaking her trust here;Damini also asks Masoom to stay away from Pushkar (Little does Damini know that both Pushkar and Masoom r partners in crime)

Same night Tappu and Raghu r once again hving a game in the club in which Mr.Mehta is also present;Tappu with the help of sign language is giving all the secret hints to Mr.Mehta about the type of cards that Raghu is hving with him;Because of this Raghu goes on loosing all the games and Mr.Mehta goes on winning everything;Mr.Mehta tries to put down Raghu’s defeat in words when Raghu in a cool manner replies to Mr.Mehta that when he came to this city,he had nothing with him but only after going through several defeats in life,he achieved everything and so even today,he feels satisfied whenever he is being defeated because thats what gives him the motivation to win again (This was a good dialogue)

After the game is over,Mr.Mehta compliments Tappu for her work and also gives her 40% of the money;After getting the money,Tappu starts counting it in the club only,when Raghu comes from behind and Tappu is shocked after getting caught red-handed by Raghu