Monday Update on True Love July 30 Glow Tv

Monday Update on True Love  Glow Tv

July 30 Episode

Tappu coming downstairs and having the breakfast which Damini prepared for her; Tappu is still looking nervous after her home-robbery …After the breakfast Tappu leaves Divya and Jogi is shown coming with some prasad from the mandir..they give it to Damini and asks her to give it to Ichha ;Damini informs them that Tappu had come in their absense on which Divya expresses some disappointment for not able to meet Tappu; Damini then gives the card of some charitable organisation to Jogi and tells him that they had come in their absence to hand over this card…(Jogi arranged that money to give to this Charity I guess ) Jogi and Divya then go upstairs; Jogi opens the locker and is shocked to see there is no money inside the locker ; Divya too is shocked.

Nani too comes there and expresses shock ;Nani then decides to search every room on which Jogi indirectly warns Nani not to let Ichha know about all this robbery fiasco Everyone then first go to Masoom’s room to search for the money and they actually manage to find a bunch of money in her room ;So they assume that Masoom stole the money and so Nani keeps asking Masoom to tell them where she has hidden rest of the money but Masoom keeps crying and telling everyone that she is innocent(Its Tappu’s plan to plant some money in Masoom’s room for obvious reasons );

Nani then asks Pushkar to call the police but Pushkar tells Nani that if police comes they will investigate the matter and ask questions like how is this girl related to this family which can ruin their reputation (Pushkar’s expression suggested that he only is the partner in crime with this girl );Nani agrees with Pushkar’s words and keeps cursing Masoom ;In the end Jogi asks Pushkar to pack her bags and get her out of this house forever ;Masoom is then dragged out of the house(So Jogi is not interested in searching for his lost 2crore rupees ?? ) Tappu in her house balcony is standing when Nani calls her up and informs her about this Masoom and stealing fiasco in detail ;Tappu gives a evil smile on her face after hearing from Nani that Masoom was blamed for the robbery ;Nani also tells Tappu that they were suppose to call the police but then changed the plan in the last minute keeping their reputation in mind; After putting down the phone Tappu goes in flashback mode where its shown that she deliberately planted a bunch of rupees in Masoom’s room under her bed so that she gets the blame for the robbery .

At Jogi’s house Damini is discussing with Ichha about who can steal the money all of a sudden; Damini tells that Masoom was with her in the kitchen, so she can’t steal the money..then who can it b ;Damini then notices that Ichha is not at all listening to her words and is lost in her own thoughts and depression Masoom is shown having Panipuri on the roads and fuming with anger ;She promises to take revenge on Tappu now Masoom then calls up Tappu on her mobile on which Tappu shows her irritation but Masoom shuts Tappu’s mouth by telling her that even she is not interested in talking to a murderer like her ;Tappu is now shocked and scared when Masoom tells her that she has got her bloodstained clothes with her which is enough to prove that she is a murderer ;Initially Tappu was not ready to believe her but then Masoom tells Tappu that if it was possible then she would have shown those clothes to her through that phone only ;Finally Tappu believes her and tells her that she will come to meet her ;After putting down the phone a nervous Tappu curses herself for becoming so forgetful and committing all sorts of blunders which is resulting in girls like Masoom blackmailing her now ;Veer sees Tappu talking to someone on phone but is still clueless (I knew Veer is another tubelight like Sid ) Tappu goes to meet Massoom when Masoom shows her those blood-stained clothes and tells her that “If these clothes reach the police station and then I tell the police that she stole the money and instead blamed me ..then u r definitely going to jail” ;Hearing this Tappu straightaway asks Masoom about how much money she wants on which Masoom sarcastically asks her whether she will b stealing from her sasural now ;Masoom then tells Tappu that she wants to get back home to her father Jogi Thakur ;Hearing this Tappu argues that “Jogi is my father” on which Masoom gives one ultimatum to Tappu by telilng her that “Either u take me back to Jogi’s house or I will go to the police station and hand over this dress of yours to the police” ;Massoom then goes from there while Tappu is fully screwed up now (Still I feel Tappu will go scotfree..because somehow she will manage to get Masoom back in the house and will give the money to Sid as well ..some girls have all the luck in the world ) Veer is roaming in the balcony and wondering that half the truth is already out about Tappu ..now how to get the other half of the truth out about how Tappu is involved in Bhaiyya’s murder ;Veer then also wonders why always Tappu sticks to her mobile phone and why always someone keeps calling her on her mobile ;Veer then decides to find out all the answers by questioning Tappu directly this time (Finally Veer thought of doing something sensible ).READ PART 2