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Oct 8, 2018

Taps is thrilled when Mai sets up the best room in the house for her. She calls Nani and thanks her for her help in getting all this, but explains how it was ultimately ichcha who opened the door of the Bundela house for her. Nani and Taps laugh at how Ichcha always sets out to destroy her own life just to act mahaan in front of all (she does have a point..) Taps then hangs up and goes to bed.

Jogi and Divya return home. When alone, Jogi and Damini talk abt what happened at the Bundela house earlier. Jogi apologizes for not standing up for Ichcha when Mai was going off on her, and explains that being a girl’s father, he didn’t have any choice. Damini replies, that being ichcha’s mother she worries abt her when Mai has still not accepted her as Veer’s wife. Jogi assures her that all will be well and that Tapu has promised him that she will convince Mai to accept Ichcha. Damini reminds him that unlike him, people usually judge a person not by her values but by the family and caste she is from. There Ichcha and Veer are in their separate rooms worried in thoughts abt all that’s happening.

Late at night, Tapu comes to the kitchen when Veer is there as well’ she pretends to act sweet and innocent with Veer, but fails to make him fall prey like she did Ichcha. He tells her that even if ichcha believes that she has changed, he sees it clearly that she hasn’t. He makes it clear that nothing she says or does will affect him in any way. When she brings up the topic of ichcha and him sleeping in separate rooms, he warns her that she is only allowed into the Bundela house and not to interfere in his life and personal matters.

When nothing works she tries throwing her fake pregnancy on his face when she promises on her unborn child that she will never come in between his happiness and if he is happy with Ichcha, then she is happy for him, cuz even today she loves him like she always did. When he retorts back reminding her that what happened that night between them was a mistake, she replies that it wasn’t a mistake for her since those are the best moments of her life. He tells her that her pregnancy is never going to change how he feels for her since she doesn’t matter to him at all. To that she thanks him saying that neither she nor her child would expect anything from him and that she is in this house only because of Mai and Ichcha. She constantly manages to throw the fact that she is carrying his child and leaves to her room reminding him that she needs her timely sleep in order to keep his child healthy and well.

 Divya busy giving instructions to Masoom since she was packing Tappu’s stuffs which can b send to Bundela house ;Divya then sees Jogi sitting worried on the sofa when she goes near him and asks him whats the matter on which Jogi shows his concern over Tappu’s stay at Bundela house since he feels that Gunwanti’s views yesterday were not in good taste ;Hearing this Divya tells Jogi that Tappu will b happy there since Gunwanti will take good care of her and then even Ichha is there to take care of Tappu (Yeah Ichha will again become Tappu’s slave na );Hearing this Jogi tells Divya that he is not bothered about Tappu’s care in that house but he is bothered that people r using relationships for their own selfish motives since that family is now divided into two parts wherein Veer-Ichha-Umed r on one side and DaddajiGunwanti r on other side ;Jogi then goes on to say that since Gunwanti and Daddaji r putting their hand on Tappu’s head ,he feels that this way they r trying to drive Ichha away from that house and in this process they r using Tappu (Someone tell Jogi that Tappu is using everyone out here );

Jogi shows his concern over the fact that Tappu’s life might b further destroyed if she is getting used there in that house so that Gunwanti can take her frustation out on Ichha ;Hearing this Divya tells Jogi that nothing of this sort will happen; Then Divya also tells Jogi that if Tappu had given birth to her baby in this house,then lots of questions would hv raised on her character,so its better she gives birth to her child in Bundela house so that at least the child gets the father’s name even though she is aware that Tappu has no relation with Veer now but for the sake of the baby’s future,its better Tappu gives birth to her child in that house (Arre which nonexistent baby they r talking about..what nonsense going on )..

At Bundela house, early morning Ichha tells Veer that she is going out for marketting to get some urgent stuffs and will make his breakfast once she returns ;Tappu overhears this and makes her typical plans ;Tappu and Gunwanti meet near the corridoor when Tappu asks Gunwanti about a locked door which is just besides Veer’s room ;So then Gunwanti tells Tappu that this is the room where she gave birth to Vansh and so she has locked it because she has fond memories attached with this room ;Gunwanti then remembers those days when she gave birth to Vansh on which Tappu asks Gunwanti if she can stay in this same room sinse she is going to give birth to Vansh only ;Hearing this Gunwanti agrees and asks the servants to open the room for Tappu to stay ;After Gunwanti leaves Tappu shows her excitment for staying just besides Veer’s room …

At Jogi’s house ,Damini is lost in her thoughts ;She is thinking about Ichha when Divya comes to the kitchen to ask Damini about Masoom but Damini is so lost in her thoughts that she gives the reply with some fumbling ;Divya then notices that there r tears in Damini’s eyes even though she was cutting tomato and not onions ;So first Divya makes a sarcastic remark looking Damini all lost but then Divya remembers whatever happened in Bundela house and how Gunwanti insulted Ichha and so Divya understands Damini’s pain and tells Damini not to worry about Ichha since Ichha is a very matured girl and soon she will make a place in Gunwanti’s heart too ;After Divya leaves from the kitchen,Dadi enters the kitchen and taunts Damini by telling her that “I know why u r so upset..just becuase Tappu has gone back to her house and so she is not happy about it” ;Hearing this Damini tells Nani that the reason why she and Ichha came to this house was Tappu only and so she loves Tappu as much as she loves Ichha ;Hearing this Nani further taunts Damini by telling her that “Even though Your daughter Ichha is wearing the sindoor of Veer’s name but Tappu is carrying Veer’s child” ;Poor Damini makes further sad and worried face.

At Bundela house,Gunwanti is feeding milk to Tappu and pampering her ..also telling her to walk slowly in this condition while Veer is sitting on the sofa..getting bored and waiting for Ichha to return from the market ;Ichha returns from the market after a while and tells sorry to Veer for being so late since the fruitwala in the market was giving selective Anars to her for Daddaji and there lot of time went by becuase she knew Daddaji loves Anars ;Hearing this Veer is happy but Gunwanti blasts Ichha by telling her that why she had to bring anything for Daddaji when she very well knew that Daddaji doesn’t want to hv anything from her hand ;Poor Ichha remembers the previous incident when Daddaji refused to hv Khichdi from her hand and feels sad about it.

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