Monday Update on True Love August 6 (Part 2)

Monday Update on True Love August 6

Part 2

Tappu’s car getting dashed against a tree but as usual Tappu survives and nothing happens to her ;Tappu then cries her heart out loudly with a sad song playing in the background (Why is the writer showing so much pity on her as if she is the real sufferer in the show );Tappu then tells to herself that “Nobody cares for me..nobody even loves me..nobody cares whether I live or own father too doesn’t care for me and Veer too used me for which I will never forgive Veer…I will take revenge from Veer and will make sure that one day he repents for his actions and accepts me with full love and respect..I will not give up so easily..I will get what I want” (So its back to square one again..whats the use of so much drama last week then );Tappu then checks her purse for money and drives her car back to somewhere ..

At Jogi’s house,Divya is crying in her room when Damini comes to console her; Divya tells Damini that “I know whatever Tapasya did was a bit mistake for which maybe even I will not forgive her ever but still I m a can I see my daughter being kicked out of the house late night…god knows where is she right now…I m really worried about her mood swings..what if she does something wrong in anger again” (From a mother’s POV,I can understand Divya’s pain..kicking out a young woman out of the house at late night is not done ..Instead it would hv been better if Tappu was sent to jail to pay for her sins )..

Divya keeps on crying while Damini feels bad for her, Tappu is shown entering a hotel and she asks for a Delux Room for 5 days (Even after all this she wants a Delux room to stay );So then the Hotel-Manager tells Tappu that it will cost her Rs.10,000 per night on which Tappu gives her credit card and accepts the offer ;Hotel Manager then asks her full name on which Tapasya remembers how Jogi told her that he is taking away his last name from her name and so Tapasya tells only her first name to the hotel manager and not her surname ..

At Jogi’s house, Divya is still crying when Jogi tells her that she needs to keep a control on her emotions now and forget that they ever had any daughter like Tapasya ;Hearing this Divya bursts out crying in front of Jogi and tells him that “I m a mother and I cannot do this..I know Tapasya did a huge mistake for which she is already punished when Veer kicked her out of the house and we too did the same ..but just think she is a young girl..where will she go at this time of the night..what if something happens to her..then we won’t b able to forgive ourself plss call her up and ask her to return home..I beg u ..plss call her back” (I really hv my full sympathy for a mother she is worried for her daughter’s safety which is very logical );Hearing this Jogi tells Divya that “We cannot repeat the same mistake again which we both hv been doing over the years..I always kept forgiving her because of my emotions and u too kept forgiving her because of your mamta…but now I can never forgive her or become weak..Tapasya will never come back in this house and thats final” ;After saying this Jogi walks out of the room while Divya keeps crying (Jogi’s decision actually defies logic..instead of kicking Tapasya out of the house which no father will actually do in real life circumstances even if his kid is a serial killer ,he should hv opted for police and got Tapasya arrested to punish her for her sins )

Tappu gets a delux room in the hotel (We were expecting jail for her and here madam gets delux room to stay );She enters the hotel room and starts looking at herself and wondering how she has become so weak and distorted because of all this sudden happenings in her life ;Tappu then starts bashing Ichha for her conidtion ;She feels that her father kicked her out of the house because of that servant’s daughter Ichha ;Tappu then looks at her own reflection in the mirror and tells to herself that “Papa u don’t want to see my face na..fine neither I will telephone u ever nor will show u my face even if u want to unless u yourself realise your mistake and come out looking for me..from now onwards I will not b called Tapasya Thakur anymore..I will b only Tapasya” (And how is she planning to survive here…on her father’s credit cards?