Monday Update on True Love August 6

Monday Update on True Love

August 6 Episode

Tappu going out of the house but before leaving she grabs Ichha’s hand in hatred who was standing near the door and then Tappu tells Ichha that “This is the reason why u came to my life na..r u happy now ?this is what u wanted to see..u wanted to see my husband and my father both kicking me out of the house..so u must b really happy now..tell me” ;Tappu repeatedly keeps asking her the same question in anger while Ichha keeps on crying as usual when Jogi rushes towards Tappu..grabs her arms,…throws her out of the house and closes the door on her face leaving behind a devastated shocked Tappu in tears ;Entire family is shocked to see this but keeps quiet (Even though I always wanted to see Tappu kicked out of the house in this manner but dunno why I was feeling bad for Jogi ..from a father’s POV ,its really painful to throw your own daughter out of the house in such cruel manner na …my heart goes out to this man of principles ..)

After Jogi closes the door, Damini rushes towards Jogi and pleads him to take Tappu inside the house or elsewhere will she go in the middle of the night (Why Damini is so bothered about Tappu here when her own daughter is in so much trauma );Damini also requests Jogi to forgive Tappu on which Jogi shouts and tells everyone not to ever talk about forgiving Tapasya ; Jogi then tells everyone that “Each time Tapasya made a mistake ,we have forgiven her and that’s the reason she started going from bad to worst today and for this We all r responsible especially Ichha” ;Jogi then walks towards Ichha and tells her that “Yes Ichha u r mainly responsible for getting Tapasya on this wrong path today…right from childhood u have always give her all your belongings like cycles, chocolates everything..then after growing up, you also gave away your would be husband to her just because she tried to cut her wrist and emotionally blackmail you…then when she tried to kill u,that time also u hv forgiven her and kept your mouth shut which was your biggest mistake..if that day you would hv exposed the truth in front of everyone,then today we would hv not seen this day at all and mayb Vansh too would hv been alive today” (Jogi for last 3 Episodes is in full form );After saying this Jogi goes upstairs while Ichha keeps crying ;Damini too is standing helpless there;Nani with her son and daughter-in-law goes inside while Divya is standing there and crying and remembering how in childhood Tapasya used to get jealuos when Ichha was favoured over small things.

After the break, Ichha in her room is sitting on her bed..seeing Vansh’s photo and crying as usual; Damini tries to console her when Ichha tells Damini that “It’s all my fault..Papa was right..if I have not favored Tappu during all her mistakes..then today all this would not have happened and Vansh would hv been still there with me” ;Ichha then goes on to ask Damini that “M I really wrong in supporting Tappu ?Ammo u only told me to always take care of Tappu’s happiness because my happiness lies in her happiness only..so then why all this happened today” ;Hearing this Damini tells Ichha that “This was my biggest mistake when I told u to always take care of Tappu’s happiness before your own..I wish I hv never said that and instead asked you to think about your own self-respect first..but I never imagined that Tappu can go to this limit out of jealousy” ;Damini then also tries to explain to Ichha that whatever happened with Vansh was destiny’s call and so she should not blame herself for it ;Damini then looks at Tappu’s photo in their room and tells to herself that “I hv always treated Tappu like my own daughter but never thought one day she will try to kill my own daughter” (Ok now its high time writer ¬†show some different scenes with Ichha where she is trying to fight back in life )

Tappu is shown aggressively driving the car and crying her heart out in frustration while driving ;Tappu tells to herself that “Nobody loves me now..nobody will support or stand by me now..neither my father nor Nani…today my father dragged me out of the house for the second time and that too for the sake of that servant’s daughter Ichha..even my husband Veer kicked me out of the house because of Ichha…he humiliated and used me as well for his own motives which I will never forget and Veer will hv to pay for this…I will make Veer repent for his actions one day” (So Tappu will b back with a vengence again );Tappu keeps on blabbering all this while driving when suddenly a truck comes in front of her car because of which she loses her balance on the car brakes which resutls in her car getting dashed against a tree ; (Don’t worry nothing can happen to Tappu madam so soon ) READ PART 2