Monday Update on True Love August 13

Monday Update on True Love

August 13 Episode

Taps is packing her bags to check out of the hotel. She checks her purse and finds a single rs100 note left. She leaves the hotel and realizes she’s hungry. She enters a small restaurant, and asks for the menu. She looks for something cheap on the menu and finally orders a masala dosa.

Veer comes to Ichcha with some shoes for her to wear. She tells him that not wearing shoes is part of her penance, and she is only doing this for the betterment of the family. Veer leaves. Damini calls Ichcha and asks about how she is doing. Veer listens in as Ichcha lies about how much everyone is feeding her, and how much they are taking care of her. After the phone call Veer confronts Ichcha. She tells him that even if Ammo knew, she would support her in her choice.

Divya goes to the temple where she finds Masoom, who begs to be taken back. Divya tells her she knows she has not done anything wrong, but she cannot help her. After this meeting, Masoom is frustrated and meets up with the mystery man and tells him that nothing is working. He is finally revealed to be Pushkar, and he offers her a large pile of money and tells her to keep working at it.

SP tells his junior to start the search for Taps. Using her credit card information, they end up at the hotel she was staying at. The manager explains that she left only a couple of hours ago. The SP spots Taps looking for an auto on the road. He tells her that he’s found a mode of transportation and a new home for her. Taps is shocked as the SP tells her that she is under arrest.


Divya returning home from mandir and telling Damini about how Jogi even kicked Masoom out of the house when she was innocent (Divya’s mind has gone for a toss now );Hearing this Damini warns Divya against Masoom’s not so masoom intentions on which Divya in frustation tells Damini that noone can b judged on face-value because when she and Ichha came in this house for the first time,they too were not judged instantly ;Hearing this Damini feels hurt and asks for an apology from Divya by telling her that mayb for a split second she forgot her limits but now she will never cross it again ;Divya goes inside the room without giving any reply while Pushkar overhears the entire convo and gives his evil smile ..

Inspector Avinash brings Tappu to the police station ;Tappu keeps pleading in front of Avinash by saying that she is innocent and has no hand in any murder ;Tappu also tells Avinash that it was all Sid’s plan…he was the one who planned Ichha’s murder and brainwashed her ;Sid who was in the lock-up hears this convo between Tappu-Avinash and shouts out from inside the lock-up that Tappu is lieing ;Sid then goes on to tell Avinash that “Whoever trusted on Tapasya always got betrayal…first Ichha trusted her but in return she almost lost her life…then Vansh trusted her and in return he got death….I also trusted her and so today I m in jail…in short Tappu’s second name is betrayal..she is the one who destroyed everyone and so for this she should b hanged” ;Hearing this Tappu too shouts at Sid and asks him to shut his mouth on which Inspector asks both Tappu and Sid to shut their respective mouths (Police station was looking like a fish market with both doing shuts-ups to each other …);

Avinash then tells Tappu that he cannot do anything as its a court case now but he can give her temporary bail if she can provide a guaranter for her right now in the police station (Why Tappu is given this chance here and Sid doesn’t get the same chance );Avinash also tells Tappu that instigating someone for commiting a crime is also a crime and serves equal punsihment ;So then Tappu thinks for sometime and quickly telephones Nani to bail her out… Nani picks up the phone but is not able to talk to Tappu directly because Jogi was sitting there in the hall area ;So Nani talks in code language and addresses Tappu as Panditji sinse Nani was suppose to arrange a pandit for a satya narayan puja in the house ;After sometime Tappu realises why Nani is talking in code-language and so she tells Nani to quickly tell Divya to come to the police station with some money for her bail (I thought Tappu will never need any help from her family );After putting down the phone,Nani tells Divya about Tappu’s telephone and the fact that she is in jail;Divya panicks and wonders if the reason is Vansh’s murder case and so she quickly rushes inside her room to arrange for money …

In the police station,Avinash asks Tappu to go inside the lock-up but Tappu starts pleading in front of Avinash by telling him that she cannot stay in this lock-up but she is ready to wait inside his office cabin ;Hearing this Avinash in strict tone tells Tappu that she is not any sarkari-guest who will wait in his office cabin…she is a criminal and so she will hv to go inside the lock-up until someone bails her out ;Tappu starts crying and pleading repeatedly when Avinash grabs her hand…drags her towards the lock-up and then pushes her inside the lock-up and closes it ;Tappu keeps crying but Avinash successfully does his duty of putting Tappu behind bars Tappu is shown spending her time in jail’s atmosphere and crying her heart out ..in the background a sad song is going on for Tappu ;Someone brings the jail food for Tappu which she sees and cries even more (She thought she will get continental food lol)