Tuesday Update on Young Love August 14

Tuesday Update on Young Love

August 14 Episode

Jaitsar haveli
Everybody is waiting ofr anandi to come down.Finally gehna and sugna get anandi down the stairs with evrybody watching with emotion filled eyes,for a second jagiya is shown approaching jaitsar.Shiv is smitten.Sumita seeing her has flashbacks of anandi as a child bride and prays god to give her everything that she deserves.Mahi cooments that he understands shiv’s speechlessness,anandi is indeed that beautiful.She goes to take evrybody’s blessings.Dadisa tells anandi about shiv’s surprise for her,seeing sumitra she is overwhelmed with tears who says that even though she’s not present she always wishes for the happiness and prosperity of both of her daughter’s marital life.Seeing her on the webcam,anandi silently expresses her gratitude to shiv for such a gift.She also tells sumitra that she has worn the necklace that she wanted her to wear and asks her to bless her on this imp day of her life.Mahi sensing his brother’s enchantment,teases him about understanding why did he not like anyone till now coz nobody was as bful as anandi and urges him to introduce anandi to him.mahi tells anandi that the real reason he came to their engagement was that he wanted to see the girl who bowled shiv over.He goes on to tell her that she should gang up with him coz he would be able to tell himm shiv’s intimate secrets and goes on blabbing when on shiv’s nudging he stops talking.But that doesnt stop him from asking anandi if she has a younger sister just like her,anandi not knowing what to say and the whole gathering is amused.Mahi tells its alright he’ll find one for himself.Jagat is again shown getting closer.Shyam mentions something in dadisa’s ear.She then goes on to tell everybody that for this day she has prepared a very special arrangement and motions shyam to begin.Enter gia manek and her partner from jhalak,in rajasthani folk dress to congratulate shiv and anandi in typical rajasthani folk dance style.Amidst their dancing,jagat has almost reached and shiv is shown wondering what would it be like dancing with anandi.Jagat is shown repenting for ewhat he did and his strategy for winning everybody over again.Finally everybody starts dancing and have fun.Afterwards dadisa brings ove the ‘Bhet’ that they have arranged for shiv’s family.But shiv and his family vehemently turn down the offer saying that they are against dowry,despite repeated protests from dadisa and bhairo saying that its their tradition and they are doing it out of love for anandi.Finally they give in and say whatever shiv wants,his will be done and goes on to comment that their anandi is fortunate to get a family like this.Iravati apologizes for not accepting the gifts and says that with steps into shiv’s house after marriage she would automatically bring prosperity and happiness with her.so bid her farewell wit just a pair of clothes but lots of love.Meanwhile jagat reaches and is surprised to see the decorations,lots of footwears outside and wonders whats going on.Inside the ring ceremony is about to start.Bharo remembers khajan’s conversation with anandi and asks him to give the ring that he has brought for shiv.Overwhelmed he is unable to answer when bhairo explains that since he is her father he is entitled to give the ring.an emotional khajan gives the ring to bhairo.But before the ring ceremony shiv urges dadisa that he has a condition that he would only marry her in a simple ceremony,where there would not be any pomp and show because as the sarpanch and the collector,they should not set a bad example of wastage of money,in front of the people of jaisar.Dadisa agrees to shiv’s wishes.Finally anandi is about to put the ring in shiv’s hand when something stops her.everybody is looking puzzled.At the same time jagat enters the house.An uncomfortable anandi is looking around.Finally she remembers her mother’s last words and with the pandit urging her to put the ring,she musters up the courage to put the ring in his finger but at the same time jagat enters and is left stunned.Everybody claps.Meanwhile dadisa catches sight of a staggering jagiya and is stunned.On the other hand shiv is about to put the ring on anandi’s finger.

Jaitsar haveli
The ring ceremony takes place.Jagiya remembers shiv to be the one who beat him once in the jaipur market.Everyone claps and anandi thinking to herself that she has fulfilled the promise she made to her dying mother.Bhairo congratulates sumitra and dadisa takes the credit for finding such a husband for their daughter.The couple take the blessings of the elders.Jagiya is stunned and in tears.Suddenly daddu is shown playing the dhol and dadisa too jokingly concludes that it must be from his dadaji that shiv has learnt to play it so well.Mahi gets everybody on the dance floor and everybody is enjoying.Dadisa is calling makhan when she sees jagiya for a split second,retrating with tearful eyes and ythen he disappears.She frantically runs outside and doesnt see anybody and then starts doubting if she actually saw him.Sumitra seeing everybody enjoying on the webcam is drawn to similar memories of jagiya and anandi’s marriage and shuts down the laptop.She keeps asking as to why jagiya did this for being so selfish and that it is jagiya’s loss in the long run.meanwhile bhairo sees sumitra disappeared from the laptop and rues about bad memories of the past.He goes on to find dadisa who tells her of jagiya,bhairo is worried but says why would he be here since he is happy in his life with gauri.Daidisa again doubts what she saw.Meanwhile daddu comes and takes her inside.

Location:On the road.
A barefoot jagiya is shown having past memories of his fighting with shiv,their engagement,his and anandi’s happy moments together,shiv’s advice to him and seeing her on tv with shiv.He then decides that he has to leave jaitsar asap,coz if the village people see him,they would mock and taunt and insult him endlessly.

Location: Jaitsar Haveli
Dadisa is sitting alone reminded of seeing jagiya once again.Bhairo comes in and they start chatting about how the engagement function was such a success despite all the arrangements happening at such a short notice.Makahn brings in jagiya’s shoes saying that somebody has left them back.Dadisa sees those shoes and has jagiya’s flashbacks again and says that they are his. Bhairo asks her to stop thinking about him as he has no reason to come there.dadisa says with conviction that they are his.An irritated bhairo asks makahn to throw them after two days if nobody comes up to claim them and leaves.Dadisa instructs makhan to keep the shoes in the store house.