Monday Update on True Love 23rd November 2020


Monday Update on True Love 23rd November 2020

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Meethi is at the PCO. She is confused what to do. I couldn’t say anything to bhabhi owing to her condition. Now there is only one person who can help me out of my dilemma. Meethi calls Damini who gets all emotional upon hearing her voice. Damini asks her about the wedding. Meethi denies. its all a drama to save Akash. Help me first. I am in a dilemma. I think that there is a dangerous criminal in the family who has helped me here in Pakistan. You remember Fida and her husband? I think her husband is behind the bomb blast. Damini is shocked.

Meethi asks for her help. Should I support the family whom I love a lot or save thousands of lives? Damini tells her always support the truth. You should ask your heart. You are Iccha’s daughter. Whatever you will decide wont be wrong for anyone’s family. whether its about a family or a country don’t hesitate in case your heart tells you to make a sacrifice. I am proud of you. Meethi is relieved. Plus I am not just Iccha’s daughter but Damini Bharti’s granddaughter too. Don’t worry you will be proud of me. Damini blesses her. The call ends.

Mukku reports at the garage. Other workers are jealous of her as she can be a danger for them. Rodricks appreciates her but he cannot hire her. the workers are opposing you as they feel that ladies cannot joint their field. They have threatened to quit in case I hire you. Mukku turns to go but Rodricks blesses her. the workers go to drink tea. Mr. Mehta comes there wanting to meet Mukta. He has come to give car for servicing. She tells him that she doesn’t work here anymore as the men here don’t like it that women can do their job equally nicely. Mr. Mehta is impressed with her. I can offer you a job. I don’t know if it suits you. She is ready to do anything that is legal. He has 25 taxis and is looking for a driver. She has never seen a woman driver. He tells her how women go to work and drive planes so driving a taxi is nothing in comparison to that. She wants to talk to Vishnu first so he gives her his card.

Ammi is crying. Abbu comes back after dropping Saba at her in-laws place. He tried to make her understand but in vain. She is very stubborn. Ammi knows it well that she cannot tolerate so much in one go (Khalid’s death and Ashfaque’s marriage). Our whole family is ruined because of one Indian woman. My sons are not mine anymore and my daughter has left us as well. He is sure God has some plans but she is not in a mood to buy it. our SIL died in our home. Someone has cast their evil eyes on our home it is that Indian lady only. We will be at peace once she is gone from here.

Mukku comes home. She tells him about the mindset of the men at the garage. He assures her that she is qualified enough to get any job. She tells him about Mr. Mehta’s job offer. Vishnu is not keen on the idea. She knows that he is worried for her as to how will people behave with her or what will they think about her but I assure you that I can take care of myself. Vishnu doesn’t mind it that she drives a taxi as for him men and women are equally capable. But what will the world say as you are Jogi Thakur’s granddaughter? She doesn’t care about the society. They don’t run our home. Bade papa always says that no work is big or small. We can do anything but with our held head high. We have to take care of the house and our baby. Vishnu agrees finally.

Meethi comes to look for the chip in Asgar’s room. Asgar is heading upstairs only. He doesn’t even stop to talk to Zubeida. Ammi asks her if everything is alright to which she nods. Meethi continues to search for the chip. I guess I am right that the chip has some connection with Khalid bhaijaan’s murder. Asgar is taken aback to see Meethi in his room. He asks her if she is looking for something. Meethi asks him about the chip. Have you seen it? He declines knowing anything about it but she knows it very well that he has it with him. She confronts him about everything.

Ashfaque is at the police station. Rehmat Ula comes there. Ashfaque is waiting for Ansari ji but he has gone to headquarter to attend some important meeting. We are unable to find that Indian terrorist and Ansari ji is acting too sweet with his Indian wife. He has to answer some questions. You can share it with me. Ashfaque lies that he had come to invite him for some party. He invites Rehmat Ula as well and then takes his leave. Rehmat Ula stops him. He talks about his hasty wedding with Meethi. Ashfaque says there can be no other reason than love. he advises Ashfaque to enjoy the party and wedding night before Ansari does something. Ashfaque controls his anger and thanks him before leaving.

Asgar continues to act innocent. Did you meet someone? Ansari? Now you will trust his words? She says why not as when she told him the truth he arranged for her return. But you? I feel that you don’t want it that I go back to India. Why would you want it as you want another Fidayin! Where do you want to use me, in some train or in some Aman ki Dua event? He continues his drama. I dint stop you here. Your husband is missing that’s why you are here. She knows that it was him in the Jammu train with Fida. Plus you planted that bomb in the Aman Ki Dua event and when you were caught you lied that I am your wife. Where is Akash? She grabs his collar asking him about Akash. Asgar frees himself. He says I am only trying to fulfil my promise to my Abbu.

You are losing it as you cannot find your husband. I have promised that I will help you and your husband in returning to India. You can ask my wife if you don’t trust me. I always talk to her about you. She knows that he is lying. If you would have spoken to her then you would know that she is pregnant. Asgar isn’t bothered. She tells him to stop this game. Your family has done a huge favour on me or I wouldn’t mind telling the truth to Ansari. He gets up from the bed. What will you tell him? he is a police officer. Where will get proof to prove it? She agrees with him. she shows him his wedding photo with Fida.

Asgar is shocked to see the pic. She asks him if he knows the lady in the pic. It is your wife Fida who was made a Fidayin by you. He tries to take it saying that someone is definitely instigating her against him but she pulls it back in time. You will make it disappear just like that chip, right? He tries to take it but she tells him to stand far. I wont show it to you but to your family. he tells her to go ahead and tell everything to his family members if she wishes to be another Khalid bhaijaan. She is shocked to realise that Khalid bhaijaan got to know about it. Asgar starts laughing hysterically while the realisation dawns at her. you killed him? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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