Monday Update on True Love 23rd November 2020

Monday Update on True Love 23rd November 2020

Asgar tells Meethi to go ahead and tell everything to his family members if she wishes to be another Khalid bhaijaan. She is shocked to realise that Khalid bhaijaan got to know about it. Asgar starts laughing hysterically while the realisation dawns at her. You killed him? He confirms that he killed Khalid with his own hands. He came to know everything from that chip. You want to see what’s in that chip? She cannot believe that he can be so gross. You are a pathetic human being. I was right. What will your wife, parents think about you when they will get to know of this truth? Will they be able to bear it? there is no point talking to you as you are shameless. You shushed Khalid bhaijaan but I wont keep quiet as I am Iccha Veer Singh Bundela’s daughter. That woman who sent her own son to jail for truth for 14 years. Your game is over Mr. Asgar Rizvi. I will tell your truth to everyone. Everything is over. She heads downstairs.

Meethi tells Rizvi family that Asgar is a terrorist but no one believes her. Ammi warns her not to utter another single word against her son. I wont tolerate it. asgar hugs his mom to calm her down. Anger will affect your health. You trust your son, right? We should listen to her once. He asks Meethi to go ahead and tell his family what they don’t know. Meethi shows his second marriage’s photo to them which leaves them shocked. Zubeida takes the photo. Ammi and Abbu also look at it. they ask for an explanation from him. he wants to give explanation after Meethi is done. I know I haven’t done any crime.

Zubeida is all tight lipped and tears well up in her eyes. Meethi tells them about Fida and how she had met her in Jammu train. He made her Fidayin. Call it a coincidence or a miracle that I was saved in that bomb blast but I came to that person’s home who is responsible for that blast. Asgar smiles at her story. I cannot understand how you find me a culprit when I and my family have always helped you. Abbu still wants an answer from him for that photo. Asgar calls it a lie. Such things can be easily photoshopped. Give me ten minutes and I can get you a photo where it will look like she (Meethi) is your wife. Don’t know why she is trying to tarnish my image in front of my family members.

Malvika and Ambika celebrate their victory. Malvika is sure that Ekadish is in her control completely. Ambika is thankful to her as last time she was all alone. Malvika knows there is only one problem – Kajri. Ambika wants her to be thrown out of the house. But Malvika has come to understand that Sankrant is still not over Ambika. He got emotional when I gave him that pink kurta. Ambika knows that he wont melt down so easily. It is very tough to go back in his life. Malvika wants her to think positive. If you want to take revenge then you will have to tolerate a bit. I must leave now or that oldie will ask me too many questions. She has to go as she has to keep an eye over Sankrant.

Meethi brings Quran and asks Asgar to swear on it that he is innocent. Asgar looks at Zubeida who is staring at the floor blankly. Asgar gives the Quran to Nilofer instead. He touches Zubeida’s stomach and swears over it that Meethi is lying. I don’t know what enmity she has with me but she is lying. Zubeida looks at him in shock. Ammi is surprised to know that Zubeida is pregnant. Meethi cannot believe that he can do something like this. I feel disgusted. You neither love your wife nor your soon to be born baby and nor your family. ammi cannot take it anymore and slaps her. You are such an ungrateful person and a shameless woman. We gave you shelter in our house and embraced you yet you are blaming my son for everything? You caught my son in your charms and now you want to insult my other son? Are you not at peace after ruining my one son? Meethi declines doing anything like that. I haven’t ruined Ashfaque. The truth is that I never married him. its all a sham. Asgar ji and Nilofer know it very well. Ashfaque has married Nilofer. Nilofer nods which leaves everyone surprised.

Meethi agrees that she has hurt them by lying to them. don’t you want to know why I did so? My husband Akash came to Pakistan to look for me. he is missing all thanks to your elder son. I cannot go back to India without him. He came here to save me. ashfaque told me not to tell this to you all. Abbu and everyone else is taken aback. Meethi cannot leave without her husband. Whatever I said is true. Trust me. I know that you have given him (Asgar) very good values but this man is not worth being called someone’s son. He is a danger to humanity. Abbu calls her a cheater instead. We took you to our house because of humanity and this is how you are rewarding us? You lied to us and want us to believe you after all this? What if all this is false? She denies. Ammi tells Asgar to throw Meethi out of the house right away. We don’t care what happens to her.


Meethi tries to explain but Ammi gets hyper. Asgar calms her down promising that her wish is his command. I will take her to Ansari right away. asgar gets a call from someone who informs him that Ashfaque is waiting for Ansari at the police station. Things don’t look good. Asgar lies in reply and says that Akash has been caught. I will bring his wife there asap. Meethi is not ready to believe him. akash is in his safekeeping. He cannot be caught by the police. I wont go with you. I will wait for Ashfaque. I will only go with him. Asgar is a very dangerous man. He will kill me just like he has killed Khalid bhaijaan. Whole family is stunned by her allegation.

Asgar claps for her acting. Now I became the killer of my sister’s husband. I have committed the crime of making my sister a widow? Khalid bhaijaan was like my younger brother. I used to love and respect him. Will I kill him? She replies with a yes. Asgar asks his parents if they too think the same way. This Indian woman has gone mad. Meethi pleads to everyone one by one to not let him take her. I will wait for Ashfaque and go with him only. Please help me. no one is ready to help / believe her. ammi pushes her and she lands on the floor. Asgar pulls her by her hand. Come with me I will take you to your country. She continues to plead to all of them to save her from this man but he keeps moving towards the exit.


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