Monday Update on This is Love 25th July 2020

Monday Update on This is Love 25th July 2020

Arijit getting angry on Bhuvan. He says Bhallas got Neeti because of you and Thia’s negligence, now tell me what to do, where is Sanjay. Bhuvan says he is waiting. Arijit meets Sanjay and scolds him. Sanjay says I will kidnap her. Arijit says Ishita will find out Neeti’s background, my game will be over. Bhuvan says she is your friend’s daughter, why are you worried, tell him to get Neeti. Arijit says he will tell my name, keep your ideas, just do as I say, don’t use your mind, I will take you to Bhalla house, keep an eye on them, inform me everything, Bhallas are oversmart, they shouldn’t know anything, no one will take my name, else I will kill them. Sanjay says I promise there won’t be any mistake. Arijit asks Bhuvan to go home. Bhuvan goes.

Ishita asks Mihika to sprinkle some water on Neeti’s face, there is no need to call a doctor. She asks Aaliya to make some soup. Neeti gets conscious. Ishita says I will go from here, she will get scared seeing me, Raman you also come. They go. Neeti sees Mihika, Yug and Aaliya. Mihika pacifies her. Aaliya introduces herself. Ishita looks on. Aaliya asks Neeti to try the soup. Mihika says its tasty. Neeti doesn’t listen. Aaliya says we will get clothes for her. Mihika asks Neeti to rest. Neeti takes the soup. Mihika says it will be hot, don’t worry. She feeds Neeti. Ishita smiles.

Arijit says that’s Raman’s house, he stays with his family, its joint family, they are clever people. He sees Simmi, Bhallas and Iyers coming. Karan says Aaliya would not get time to light diyas. Simmi asks why. Karan says she is taking care of Yug’s stomach ache. Simmi says I forgot. Karan says Yug is fine, we will go home and see. Arijit says keep an eye on them, we will get Neeti from here on right time. Sanjay asks him not to worry. Arijit says Neeti shouldn’t get harmed, inform me if any doctor or police comes to take her. Amma asks who is this girl. Simmi says she disappeared from hospital and we found her here. Karan asks why will Neeti go to any market alone. Aaliya says maybe she has run away from home.

Amma asks what happened with her, she will be fine here. Yug says Mihika is looking after her. Appa asks how is your stomach pain now. Karan says I gave him a tablet for pain relief. Yug says its fine now. Raman says yes, he is fine. Mrs. Bhalla says we have to light diyas, come with me Ishita. Ishita says I feel Neeti is in some trouble. Raman says she is safe here. Karan says I can stay back here. Ishita says go home, Sudha would be waiting. He says I will call mom. Mihika comes and says Neeti is sleeping, she may get scared at night, I will sleep in her room. Arijit wakes up by a call. He answers and scolds Thia. Thia says please let me help you. He says no, I will call you when I find Neeti, don’t call me repeatedly.

Sanjay is in watchman’s disguise. Arijit calls him. Sanjay says police and doctor didn’t come. Arijit asks what. Neeti wakes up. Mihika gets breakfast for her. She asks Neeti about her parents, its fine if she doesn’t want to talk. Arijit calls again and says tell me if anyone comes. He says I have to see how to get Neeti out of there. Mihika gets clothes for Neeti and sends her for bath. She says tell me if you need anything. She comes out and says Neeti went to take bath, she is getting upset when I asked about her parents. Raman says we should wait. Mihika says I will go and see her. Neeti sits. Mihika compliments her and asks her to rest. She gets Neeti’s locket. Ishita signs her to open it. Mihika gets shocked on opening it.

Mihika checking the locket. Neeti takes it. Mihika says sorry, I was just seeing the design, did your dad give it or your mum. Neeti cries. Mihika says sorry, we won’t talk about it, stop crying, you are a good girl. Ishita looks on. Ishita says we have no clue about this girl. Ishita asks did she tell anything. Mihika says she is sleeping. Ishita asks how shall we find about her parents, the data is lost in the hospital, Neeti is crying when we ask, what shall we do. Raman says we should talk to some psychiatrist, maybe he can help. She says she may get scared, we can’t handle her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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