Monday Update on True Love 27th July 2020

Monday Update on True Love 27th July 2020

Pavitra is reluctant to steal while Maiyya takes her a little forcefully to Meethi’s room. Pavitra asks her to stay outside only as in case Akash catches her here then he will send her to Aatishgarh. Maiyya tells her to act fast as Akash would be coming back soon.

Akash enters with Meethi on the wheelchair. He appreciates her for the effort she made on the first day. Servant tells her about her juice being ready. She tells him to send that and Akash’s breakfast in the room only. Meanwhile Maiyya notices the keys of the cupboard on the dressing table and signals to Pavitra. She gets confused out of all these which will be of this cupboard? Maiyya goes out to check if Akash is back home.

Akash compliments Meethi for thinking so well about getting the breakfast at home. She reminds him that it isn’t Sunday today. You have to go to office. Plus my medicine is upstairs which I will take only after drinking juice. Let us go now. Maiyya, having seen them, goes to ask Pavitra if the work is done as they are heading towards their room only. Pavitra gets scared. Maiyya repeats that if Akash finds you stealing from the cupboard then he will send you to Aatishgarh or if you don’t steal it then I will do that. Pavitra is stuck.

Akash is walking upstairs with Meethi in his arms. Maiyya notices them coming towards their room and hides before they can see her. pavitra is able to finally open Meethi’s cupboard while Akash Meethi keep advancing. Maiyya prays that Pavitra gets successful. Pavitra finds a pair of bangles. Meethi Akash are about to reach. Maiyya is sure that Pavitra will be caught now. Pavitra herself loves all the jewellery. She takes the bangles and a pair of earrings for herself as well. She sets everything like before and hears Meethi’s voice. Pavitra picks up the broom she had brought with herself. Akash and Meethi stop in surprise as they see her cleaning their room. Akash settles Meethi on the bed. Maiyya is listening from outside. Pavitra gets up to go but Meethi calls out for her. She thanks her. Pavitra goes out and Maiyya drags her aside. Maiyya thinks that she couldn’t steal the bangles but Pavitra surprises her. Maiyya is happy. As she leaves, Pavitra takes out her earrings which she has stolen and gets happy.

Mukku puts her and Vishnu’s wedding picture on the wall of her desk. She takes out her notebook and recalls Vishnu. She kisses it and thanks Vishnu with all her heart. She is about to start working on it when a lady from the reception comes to give her the gift that the CEO has got for her. Mukku I surprised to see the laptop. She says I have my personal laptop. But the manager says she cannot save any data on her personal laptop as per company’s policy. Both of them leave. Mukku looks at both the laptops confused. The CEO is watching her. He remarks that the game has now begun. Sorry, Mrs. Mukta Kashyap the game begins now! Mukku is sad.

An employee asks Akash about a site visit that they have to do today but Akash wants to postpone it. He signs the bill and looks in a hurry. Rathore comes there asking what work you have Mr. Chatterjee. They both greet each other. Rathore says I came that day and couldn’t ask after everyone properly so thought to check with you when I was passing by from here only. Everyone is fine at home? Akash affirms. Everyone is happy. Rathore asks if everything is fine between his mom and Meethi. Akash assures him he wouldn’t let anything wrong happen with Meethi. Rathore trusts him. sankrant got married right? I couldn’t meet his wife. What’s her name? Akash tells him. when I had come on your wedding then it was like a movie that two weddings took place in one mandap itself. I dint get a chance to talk to anyone. How did this alliance happen? You guys knew each other from before? Akash says you know Maiyya. When she had fixed my alliance with Ambika then she had told me that I have to marry Ambika. She is ACP Chaubey’s daughter. Her mom died when she was a kid. I only know this much. Rathore wonders why Chaubey is lying to everyone even after the wedding. I will find out the truth behind this lie. Akash comments he is happy now that everything is fine. He notices that Rathore is lost in his own thoughts so stops himself. Rathore excuses himself as he remembered something important just now. Akash is confused by his behaviour. Why was Rathore Sahab so worried?

The CEO calls Mukta (without revealing anything) and compliments her on her beauty. Mukku thinks it to be Vishnu. I am not in a mood to joke right now. The caller tells her that she looks beautiful when she is happy and ends the call. Mukku looks around nervously. Who could call me here? The CEO was about to go but Mukku’s landline rings. She is scared but then picks it up. Its Akash. He talks of some surprise and invites her and Vishnu. She agrees to come. The CEO marks a cross over face (in the mirror) from the marker; rubs it and then bangs the marker over it. Mukku hears the noise. Why do I feel like someone is keeping a watch over me?


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