Monday Update on This is Love 17 February 2020

Monday Update on This is Love 17 February 2020

Raman saying we aren’t going to cremation ground, Sahil is keeping an eye on you, I feel Vishal is acting weird, he was saying if Raman uncle meets me, either I or Raman will die, he ran away, don’t know what’s happening. Ishita says he is scared seeing Rohan’s death, maybe he is disturbed. Shagun says no Ishita, he is hiding something, he is not Rohan’s friend or family, my NGO workers stay there, they can help me and find out about him. Mani asks what will we tell if anyone asks about ashes. Raman says we will say pandit asked us to take ashes tomorrow morning, don’t worry, I will manage. Karan comes home with Bala. Amma asks him to have food. Karan says mom has broken down, I didn’t wish to send her, once she gets fine, she will come back to me forever.

Shagun calls Ishita and asks do you have time for dental camp. Ishita says of course, I will be a part of it. Raman says how will it be if my company sponsors the camp. Ishita says sure, Shagun, Raman wants to get involved in this. They nod. Ishita meets Shagun. Shagun says my NGO workers have found out about Vishal, he lives with his younger brother, we can go by an excuse and meet him. Ishita says this is strange, Yug gave me good info about Vishal, he has no financial problem, we will behave professionally, come. They come to Vishal’s house and find it locked. Shagun says I will inform NGO lady about them. They hear a sound from inside. Raman breaks the glass and looks on. He says there is someone inside. He breaks opens the door and gets in.

They see some guy tied up and ask what’s happening. The guy says save me. Ishita says relax, who did this with you. The guy says my family tortures me a lot. Vishal comes and asks them to stop. The guy says he is my elder brother, he has tied me up, he scolds and beats me always. Ishita asks how could you do this. Shagun asks are you mad. Vishal says uncle you are doing wrong. The guy says thanks, can you give me money to buy something. Vishal stops Raman and says don’t give him anything. He scolds his brother. Ishita asks what are you doing. Vishal says he is my brother, I tied him up for a reason, he looks innocent, ask him why he needs money. Ishita says maybe he needs it. Raman says matter is something else, Vishal tell us. Vishal says he wants money to buy drugs, he is a drug addict.

Karan sees Rohan’s pic and cries thinking of him. Ruhi comes there. Karan says I miss you, I couldn’t save you. Ruhi sees Karan’s hand wounded by the broken glass frame. She does the aid. He says its all over, my brother left me, how will I live, I never stayed away from him. Ruhi hugs him. He says I can’t bear this pain, you don’t cry else Rohan will get hurt, Rohan doesn’t want to see you like this, you have to keep yourself engaged, you will do it, we are doing a project, you join us, its not easy for you, but eventually you will move on, you will forget it. He says I don’t want to forget it, I want to take revenge. She says there are cameras fixed, he can hear us, relax, I understand, think of your mom, she lost Rohan, she needs you the most, you have to be strong and stand by her. He says you are right, you said about some project.

She says I will tell you later, come home, have food, come with me. He says you go, I will come. She goes. He thinks Sahil I will ruin you. Raman asks drug addict, there has to be a reason for that. Vishal says drug suppliers do this and ruin children’s lives. Ishita asks didn’t your family know this. Vishal says we were busy and he didn’t let us know his doings, his studies got affected, he failed in exams, he took valuable things, then one day, dad got a call from his school so I tried to find out. FB shows Vishal standing outside his brother’s school. A guy comes and gives drugs to Vishal’s brother. Vishal comes to his brother and asks what’s this. He slaps his brother and says you are taking drugs. FB ends.

Vishal says he was getting drugs outside his school. Shagun asks how can this be possible. Ishita says it happens, Sahil and Shamshad did the same work, Mr. Bhalla saw my car hitting someone, that man was a drug peddler. Vishal says Muskaan threatened him that she will kill him. Raman asks Muskaan….

Mrs. Bhalla asks Karan to have food. Ruhi says Karan agreed to join my project. Everyone gets glad. Karan asks where are Raman and Ishita. Sahil sees them on footage and asks where are Raman and Ishita. Shamshad says they have gone to NGO camp. Sahil says ask our man to send their pic now. Manish comes to the camp. He gets Shamshad’s call. Sahil says Raman and Ishita, don’t play any game this time, else you will be in problem.

Vishal says Muskaan was doing this business. Raman asks Ishita to see, Muskaan was evil. Vishal says Muskaan gave drugs to my brother and made him a supplier. He tells everything. Ishita says he is right, innocent people get trapped by them. Vishal says yes, she made my brother her puppet by getting him costly things, until we knew this, he got addicted, he ran away from rehab centre, we were helpless to tie him. Ishita says don’t worry, we are with you, we will help you. Vishal says thanks, I will manage my problem, don’t tell anyone about him, my family is already ashamed. Raman says don’t worry, sorry to misunderstand me. Vishal asks his brother to sit. His brother gets violent and asks for drugs. Vishal says that’s why I was stopping you from freeing him, please go. Ishita says we must go back to camp now, we are with you Vishal, let us know if you need help.

Yug gifting bangles to Aaliya. She says its really beautiful, thanks. Mihika comes and says wow, its really pretty. Aaliya says Yug gave me this to me, I will show it to everyone. He says no, listen to me. She goes out and shows bangles to everyone. Everyone likes and praises Yug’s choice. Yug says Aaliya please, its not real, but artificial. Aaliya says so what, I understood it, it doesn’t matter, I m proud that you didn’t get real jewellery by taking money from someone, gifts are valued by intentions, not price. Yug thanks her. Ranbir comes and meets them. Ishita asks where is Karan, I will go and see him. Mrs. Bhalla says Karan had breakfast with Ruhi, they are discussing a project.

Raman asks Yug and Ranbir to come with him. Raman says we shouldn’t delay and admit Naveen in rehab. Ranbir says why did Vishal hide this, he is our friend, we are like a family. Yug says maybe he felt awkward. Raman says no use of regretting now, don’t leave him alone now. Ranbir says fine, I m going to his house. He sees some shirt in the storage trunk and shows them. Raman says someone has cut this shirt. Ranbir says he might have kept this to clean the bike. Raman says what’s this one glove, it has blood stains on it, we can’t check it here. Yug says Vishal maybe in problem. Raman shouts aloud, keep bike clean, keep in touch with me. He goes. Ranbir leaves. Munna looks on.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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