Monday Update on Young Love 17 February 2020

Monday Update on Young Love 17 February 2020

The turban man Akhira Singh asking his wife to take kundan with her and he will get pooja there. Sarita takes Pooja from there. He says I am not Akhira Singh if not fired the bullet. Anandi takes her daughter and runs. She is stopped by Akhira singh’s men. Akhira Singh slaps her hard. Anandi gets tensed and shocked. Anandi runs, followed by Akhira singh and his goons. Anandi falls down and Nandini slips from her hand. She tries to move. Nandini cries. The goons are fast approaching towards them. Anandi gets shocked as Akhira Singh takes Nandini. Anandi asks him to leave her daughter as his enemity is with her. Akhira Singh asks her to yearn for her all her life. Akhira Singh leaves with her daughter. She runs behind the jeep, calling aloud for Nandini. She falls down and gets shocked.

Ira is taking care of Shivam. Daddu says Anandi didn’t come till now. Alok says I shall call Anandi. She calls Alok and tells that they took her Nandini. Alok asks who took Nandini. Daddu asks what did she say? Alok says phone got disconnected. They get shocked to know that someone snatched their Nandini. Daddu asks from where she was talking. Ira tells them that Anandi went to save the girl from child marriage. The Police arrest the leftover goons. Anandi comes running and tells that they snatched her daughter Nandini. She tells everything. Sarita gets shocked. The Inspector asks how did they reach you. Anandi asks the Inspector to search for him. Anandi asks Sarita about their address. Sarita says she didn’t know anything. Even Panditji says he is not aware of them. Anandi asks about Sarita’s inlaws. The Inspector says they were eloped. Sarita calls them, but the phone is switched off. The Inspector asks them to come.

Sarita asks Anandi not to worry. She takes them to her house. Sarita is informed by her neighbor that her inlaws went somewhere on a long holiday. The Inspector asks did you get the address. Anandi gets shocked. The Inspector asks her to file the FIR and then only they can search for her. Daddu calls Anandi. She tells him everything. She worries for Nandini. The Inspector takes the call and asks Daddu to file FIR first. Daddu asks her to reach Udaipur Police station. The Inspector says he will search her. The neighbor asks Sarita where you will go? Anandi asks her to come with her. Sarita refuses. The neighbor asks her to go with Anandi.

Anandi gives her phone number to the neighbor. Akhira Singh takes Nandini to Jhalra, Rajastan. Akhira Singh’s wife asks Nandini to keep quiet. She tells Akhira Singh to get Kundan married to Nandini. Akhira says don’t know she belongs to which caste. His wife says Devi always said right. We will get her married now. Akhira singh says sh eis just 3-4 months old. His wife says our son’s dosh will get down. Akhira Singh asks her to make the arrangements for marriage.

Jagya telling Dadisaa about the tension in the near by village as the water is stopped there. He asks Ganga to handle the hospital. Ganga gets worried for house work. Dadisaa says she will handle it with Gehna. Jagya and Ganga leaves for their respective works. Gehna asks what is the matter? Dadisaa says she couldn’t sleep entire night. Don’t know why it is like that. She calls Anandi and is informed about Nandini. Anandi tells her everything about Nandini. She gets shocked. Dadisaa asks her not to lose strength as Nandini will be found soon. Anandi asks her to pray for her. Dadisaa asks her not to worry and says Devimaa will hear my prayers. She asks her to have patience. She calls Jagya and informs him about Nandini’s kidnapping. Jagya says he will call commissioner. He calls Commissioner and asks him to do the needful. Ganga is troubled too and prays for Anandi and Nandini. Anandi asks Amol to have food. Everyone is teary eyed about Nandini.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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