Monday Update on The Frontliners 6th September 2021


Monday Update on The Frontliners 6th September 2021

Ishani and Sid crying. Tu hi meri shab…plays… Rahil comes to talk to Sid. He says Asha is coming to meet Sid. Asha comes. She asks Sid shall we go home. She takes Sid with her. Sid cries. They get a cab. Sid sees Ishani while leaving. He goes with Asha. Ishani cries and says I won’t let Sid get away from Sanjivani. Rishabh gets inside lift. He says Sid, your game is over, just I will be here, you are gone from Sanjivani.

Sid comes home. He sees Roshni and says I have ashamed you, I couldn’t become a good son and good doctor, I have ruined your hopes, sorry. He goes. Guddu asks who made him cry. Asha looks on. She goes and gets hurt. She thinks Guddu always cries, I will use you and trap Sid. Sid recalls the surgery and cries. Ishani notes down something on the board. Sid walks on the road and says I have cheated Shashank, I don’t deserve to be called a doctor. A couple gets a boy. They ask Sid to check the boy fast, what happened to him. He asks Guddu to get his bag. Guddu gets the aid.

Sid treats the boy. The lady says you are an angel, your hands have magic. She thanks Sid. Guddu says Sid you are good, you always save everyone. Sid smiles. Its morning, Ishani continues to note down the number of cases. She feels sleepy. Rahil asks why did you call me. Ishani asks him to come. She says Sid has never did any mistake in his work, even when he was ill, he reported on duty, he did a shift of 72 hours as well, everything was smooth. Rahil says you would have worked all night to get this data. She says its not imp, it means Sid didn’t sleep during surgery, I have a strong feeling, I m sure that…

He says Sid would have eaten or drunk something that he fell sleepy. She says he isn’t careless, he didn’t do this, someone else had made him the target, someone fed him something that he fell sleepy. Rahil asks but how. She says we have to find out who did this. He says its a big hospital, anyone can give anything in tea or coffee, how will we find out. She says sleeping pill affects immediately, we have to find out who gave him the pills, board meeting is in some hours, we need proof to save Sid.

He says fine, we will start with hospital staff. She goes to speak to staff. She sees Sid tensed. She comes to him and says I know you are right. He asks will everything get fine, don’t answer. She says when its not your mistake, then why to be afraid, if anyone knows this or not, you know it well, its not your mistake, then its fine, face the problem, you have to fight. She holds his hand. She thinks I m not promising, I m trying, maybe I succeed. She goes. She asks Rahil to remember, they shared the canteen food, Sid didn’t eat anything after that. The lady comes and gives her prasad. She says my son is getting the discharge today. Ishani recalls Asha giving prasad to Sid. She says Rahil, Sid has eaten the prasad given by Asha. She says was there something in that prasad.

Rahil saying we also had the prasad, we can’t blame Asha, Asha is Sid’s life, she was helpless to give her life. Ishani says yes, how can I think this, sorry. He says I hope Sid gets free of this. Ishani says I think its time for board meeting. He goes. She says I failed to find the truth. Roshni prays for Sid. Guddu says how shall I help Sid. Asha looks on and thinks he made my work easy. She fakes a call and asks what, will Sid’s problems end if we break a mannat coconut. Guddu thinks I will go and break the coconut for Sid, his problems will end. Asha asks who will do this for Sid now. Guddu thinks to go and stops at the door. Asha looks on.

Sid sees Shashank, Anjali, Juhi and Vardaan coming upstairs. Vardaan asks him not to worry, everything will be fine, Shashank is bit upset. The board meeting starts. Sid waits outside. Ishani comes and asks him to keep courage. She wishes him all the best. He thanks her. Vardaan says we called the board meeting, since there are many problems coming on our Sanjivani family, we were proud of the best doctors, Shashank and Sid… I won’t say much, we will call Sid.

Peon says you are called inside. Sid goes to the door. Anjali says I will go and see. She goes and calls out Sid. She asks where did he go. Vardaan says he was here, where did he go. He smiles. Sid tries to get an auto. He recalls getting Asha’s call. Asha says Guddu is missing, I have tried to find him, people said he went towards market. Sid asks what, he can’t even cross a road. He says I m just coming. He leaves. FB ends. The announcement is made for Sid. Ishani says he was here. Anjali asks where is he. The man says I saw him going out of the hospital. Anjali worries. She goes to Shashank and says Sid went somewhere.

The board members gets angry. Juhi says Sid is responsible, he would be coming. Vardaan says if he knew his responsibility, we would have not called for this meeting. Ishani says what did Sid do. She looks for him. Asha sees Guddu crying and asking someone to show his house. She smiles and eats chocolates. Ishani says no use to call Sid, Sid and my phones were stolen. Anjali says you know the board meeting is so imp. Rahil says Asha isn’t receiving the call. Ishani says call on landline. He says its not connecting. She worries for Sid. The board member says maybe Sid thinks this meeting is a joke. Vardaan says Sanjivani is in this state because of Sid.

Anjali says maybe he has some emergency. Vardaan asks what can be bigger emergency than this work. Juhi says he is a responsible doctor. Vardaan says he always has some legitimate/right or illegitimate/wrong reasons, right Shashank. The man says we shouldn’t wait for long. Guddu calls for help. Sid comes running. Asha says we couldn’t find him, but you had a meeting. Sid says my career isn’t imp than Guddu’s life. Asha says we are playing this game as you are an emotional fool. Sid looks for Guddu and asks people. Rahil says Ishani, Guddu is lost, everyone is finding him. Ishani says we should tell this to everyone. She thinks what will happen now. She runs to stop everyone. She shuts the door and says I m very sorry Sir, I have to do this. Ishani asks Rahil not to open the door until she comes back. She leaves.

The board members ask him to open the door. Ishani instructs the team. Sid looks for Guddu. Asha smiles. Sid sees a car going to hit Guddu. He runs. Ishani pulls Guddu aside. Sid gets relieved. Guddu cries. Ishani hugs him. Sid hugs them. Asha looks on. Sid says don’t go on road alone. Guddu asks what shall I do, I would have not come, I came here on hearing the phone call. Sid asks what. Asha says he may tell that I did this.