Monday Update on A Magical Love Story 6th September 2021


Monday Update on A Magical Love Story 6th September 2021

Roshni saying Shayari gave a good idea, she is so smart, she helped me, I should help her. She calls Rehan. She asks did you get any good assistant. He says no, if you recommend someone, I will hire. She asks him to hire the genius girl Shayari. He says think Shayari got the job. He goes and calls out Miss Shayari. Shayari says that’s me. Rehan gets shocked. She says I had come since you called me. A peon takes tea. She moves her hand and the tea falls over Rehan again. He gets angry. Rehan hides and comes home. Aman asks how did you come so early. Rehan says I missed you. Aman says hug me, come. Rehan says I didn’t miss so much. Roshni asks did you meet Shayari. Rehan covers up his pants.

Roshni praises Shayari. Aman says let Rehan decide. Roshni says he hired Shayari. Aman asks what is this. They see a kerchief tied over the pants. Aman asks him to remove it. Rehan says no. Aman does the magic and removes the kerchief. They see the wet pant. Roshni smiles. Aman asks do you still do this, its fine, keep the magazine. He says he wets the pants since childhood. Rehan says no, it happened because of Shayari. Aman asks who. Rehan tells everything. Roshni laughs. Rehan says I had no clothes in office, so I had to come home. He goes to his room. Aman says this girl is special, mad. Roshni asks what did you say, you judged her and called her mad. Aman asks why are you defending her, Rehan shouldn’t hire her. Rehan comes and says I have hired her, as Roshni told me, Roshni does things for everyone’s betterment. Aman says Bhabhi’s fan… Rehan goes. Aman jokes.

Shayari asks why did he make me wait here, I borrowed his car, maybe he thinks I have stolen the car, did he go to get police, I will run away. She steals some cookies. Manager gets her employment contract and congratulates her. She praises herself. She makes fun of Rehan. She gets shocked seeing Rehan. Rehan asks what were you saying about my manners and moustache. She spits the cookie on his face when she coughs. He gets angry. Aman gets the pills fallen on the ground. He goes to Roshni. He says you have having the medicines happily. Roshni says yes, you gave it with love. He says you are having it without water. She says I had taken water before. He says I also have weakness, give the pills to me. She says its mine, you get it for yourself. He says right, I got it. He shows the pills. He says I found the pills outside in the garden, tell me about it.

Rehan cleans his face. Shayari tries to praise him. Rehan says sign the contract. She says say it with love. Rehan says maybe she isn’t interested in job. She says no, I m interested in you, I mean, the job. She signs the contract. She dances. Rehan asks her to work on the files and get it home by 7 am. She says fine. He says you wrote in the CV that you are efficient and hardworking, this work shouldn’t be tough. He takes the car keys from her and goes. Khanna gives her the files. Roshni says pills like to go on a morning walk. Aman says you threw the vitamins and eating peppermint here. She says I don’t like the pills, shall I eat anything you get. He says you think I will give you anything by lying to you, am I mad. She says you think I m mad, you feel I m ill, you are giving me brain disorder pills. He says why would I give that, I don’t think you are ill. She throws cushions at him. He does magic and stops her. She says I have heard you talking to Tabeezi, you said Roshni is forgetting things and got strange.

Aman says I will eat the pill and prove that its vitamins, you need the vitamins because… She asks why do I need it, tell me. Tabeezi checks the book and sees some girl’s image. She thinks who is she. The girl/Jinn shikari follows Rehan. Rehan sees his car messed up. He thinks to do magic. A man greets him and goes. Rehan sees someone around and stops. The girl gets back. Rehan says why do I feel like someone is following me, but I will handle this problem first. Roshni asks Aman what is he hiding. Aman says nothing. She asks him to please say it. She asks what is it that I don’t know about me. Aman says you need the pills, please.

She says I won’t take it until you tell me, I have a right to know. She throws the glass and cries. She says I know you love me a lot, but I want respect also. He says I respect you. She says then you won’t hide anything from me, I fought with death and won over fate, I couldn’t win trust, I got mad because of your lies, give me the answer, what happened to me. Aman says nothing. She says I will believe that you think I got mad, if you don’t trust me, then it means you don’t love me, tell it on my face and I will go from your life forever. Aman says you were pregnant Roshni, your pregnancy got terminated due to Chand sipahi attack. She gets shocked. She asks what are you saying. He says you were pregnant, and then you had a miscarriage. She cries.

Aman saying you didn’t know you are pregnant, I m sorry, I couldn’t save my child. Roshni cries and says it means you have said about this. He says yes, I tried hard to tell you, but you didn’t know about the pregnancy, how could I say that our child aren’t coming into the world, I was waiting for the right time, you protected me and my family, I couldn’t save you and my child. She says its not your mistake, I didn’t know that I m pregnant. She cries. He hugs her and cries. She faints in his arms. He hugs her.

Shayari comes. Rehan doesn’t do the magic. She says I will clean your car, thanks for giving your car. He says I didn’t give it, you have stolen it. She says I just took it without asking you. He says its called theft. She says we will talk later, I will clean the car. She sees the garbage bin fallen. She takes the files. He says its official files. She says yes, I was just seeing. She cleans the junk. It falls over his face. She says sorry. He gets angry. He drives off. Jinn shikri gets some white smoky figure in the glass pot. Aman sees Roshni sleeping.

Dadi comes. Aman says I m thinking if I did wrong by telling the truth to Roshni. Dadi says truth is never wrong, Roshni had the right on the pain, family gives us strength to fight the pain, its your duty now, you have to make her smile again. Roshni wakes up and says sorry, I slept for long. Aman says you need to take rest and have food. She runs to the washroom to puke. Aman asks her to come with him. Shayari wakes up when Rehan calls. He says you had to come to my house at 7am, its 9.20 now, you are in a big problem. Shayari says no, I m on the way. Tabeezi comes and asks her to have breakfast. Shayari says I m standing on the signal, I m reaching in five mins.

Tabeezi asks her to have food. Shayari says no, Rehan won’t leave me. She picks the parathas. Tabeezi says it had my paratha also. Aman and Roshni go to the garden. They see some little plants. He says we keep asking for happiness, but if life gives sorrow, then we should learn to decorate life with sorrow, we can’t get what we lost, we have to learn to accept the sorrow, I have put these plants in memory of our children. Roshni and Aman cry. He goes. She holds the plant and cries. She waters the plants. She says I m much hurt to lose them, I can never teach you to walk and hug, I promise you to come every day and see you. She hugs the plants. Tabeezi comes to her room and sees the light appearing from the book. She opens it. She sees the girl’s pic. She says this mark again, what can this mean, there is a big danger coming. Jinn shikari reaches Aman’s house. Dadi and Salma console Roshni. Aman comes. Roshni says birds are taking leaves and little flowers. Dadi says maybe they are making a nest for their children. Roshni cries.

Rehan calls Farhan and gets number unreachable. Aman asks what happened. Rehan says Farhan’s phone is off. Aman says maybe he changed the number. Rehan asks why, he always stays in touch with me and Mahira. Roshni feels strange. She sees the birds getting a little crown for her. She smiles and says its so cute, but its really small, why did birds get a small crown for me. She thinks does this mean… She calls the chemist. Tabeezi sees the moon picture turning black. She says the person is using the power of the moon, he knows the moon is the biggest enemy of Jinnat. She sees a shadow.

Jinn shikari enters the house and leaves the smoke. Dadi passes by. Aman says this is our problem, not yours alone. Rehan asks are you taking Roshni to the doctor. Aman says yes, I want to have a family with Roshni and kids, I need doctor’s advice. Rehan recalls Roshni and jinn’s deal. He asks are you planning babies. Aman asks why are you nervous, why are you so worried. Rehan says no, how will you handle babies. Aman says like I handled you, don’t worry, we will find him.