Monday Update on The Frontliners 30th August 2021


Monday Update on The Frontliners 30th August 2021

Sid waking up and seeing Ishani. He gets shocked and goes away from her. He recalls the moments. She hugs him and says I love you. He asks what are you saying. She says you were drunk and told me the truth, that you love me and were making me away, you said you are unlucky, but you are my lucky charm, you have changed my life, I never fell in love, I fell in love with you. She cries.

She asks how did you believe you are unlucky, accidents keep happening, you can’t blame yourself for this. He asks her to understand. She says I m unlucky, whatever my parents did, if you think this, then we both are same, unlucky Sid, unlucky me, we will become positive together. He cries. She says take your time, no more games, you have to come to my place tonight, I know you will come, bad luck and all…. love is above it, I know you love me and you will come today, I will wait for you.

Shashank worries. He calls and asks is Anjali home, call me when she comes. He sees Anjali’s car. He recalls Vardaan’s words. Anjali comes. She asks why didn’t you sleep all night, you look tired. He says I had to see if you are fine. He goes. Vardaan asks what happened, did he say anything. She says no, strange. He says he thinks its my plan, so he is worried, you don’t worry. He thinks to take revenge soon.

Neil helps Ishani. She says I needed Asha today. Neil says Aman is also missing, I m helping you, go and get ready. She says I forgot to show the gift. He asks is it this one. She says yes, get ready. He goes. She says Sid, just come, we will fight for ourselves, I don’t want to give up, you also don’t give up. Sid recalls Ishani. Ishani waits for Sid at some cafe. The man says set up is ready, we are waiting for your order. Sid gets ready. He says I know Ishani planned something special, I will tell my feelings in a special way.

Sid comes to the restaurant. He sees Ishani. He comes to her and says sorry, I love you. She smiles and sits down to propose him. She asks will you become my lucky charm forever. Sid nods and hugs her. She says I have a surprise for you. She shows the firecrackers, with I love you Sid written on the sky. Ankhon se padke….plays… She says I love you. They dance and smile. Her dream ends. Manager says its 12. She calls Sid and says where are you, just come and complete my love.

Ishani calling Sid. She waits for long. She drinks and cries. Manager asks are you fine, I will drop you. She says I m fine. She cries and says Sid didn’t come, why did he do this. She leaves. Its morning, Ishani comes to the hospital. She says I told him I will wait, he would have come to Sanjivani. She gets in and sees the crowd. Sid comes to Ishani. She sees him wearing garlands. She says I told you I will wait for you, what’s all this., why these sweets. Sid feeds her sweets. He says I will tell you, its a big day for me, meet my wife. They get shocked seeing Asha coming. Sid says she is my wife, Dr. Asha Mathur.

Ishani asks is this some joke, Asha are you involved, you are fooling me. She asks Asha to tell her if Sid forced her. Sid stops her and says Asha is my wife, we got married, you can see the proof, she is now Dr. Asha Sid Mathur. Ishani cries. Sid says you can do anything, but come out of this bubble, we are married now. Everyone comments. Rishabh asks what’s this new drama now, tell me once, I will stop them. Vardaan says let the climax come, relax, enjoy the show. Ishani asks why Sid, you told me that you love me and making me away so that nothing happens to me. Sid says one can say anything in drunken state, stop creating a scene. Asha says we wanted to say. Ishani asks her to shut up. Sid says you can’t talk to my wife like this. He insults Ishani. Shashank and Juhi get shocked.

Sid says stay away, you mean nothing to me. Ishani slaps him. Juhi asks everyone to go and get to work. Shashank shouts what’s this job, get going. Everyone goes. Ishani cries. Sid says Asha, don’t worry, I will manage Ishani, focus on work, this matter will end soon. She says yes. Neil says you knew it, right. Rahil says its a hospital, relax. Neil says you should have told it to Ishani. Rahil says I didn’t know, stop blaming me. Neil says I will blame someone right. Rahil says then go and ask Asha. Neil calls Aman. Asha comes.

Neil says Ishani was asking us how to propose Sid, you applied her mehendi, how can you cheat her. Rahil says you are Ishani’s best friend right. Neil says she was best friend, now she doesn’t deserve anything. Rahil says Ishani had no one in her life, she got friends and love here, you snatched everything. Neil asks her to answer. Sid comes. He warns Neil. He says Asha is my wife now, don’t bring personal emotions in the hospital. They leave. Ishani looks on.