Monday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 30th August 2021


Monday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 30th August 2021

Mariam colliding with Rifat. Rifat takes her camera. Majaaz calls Mariam. She goes. Rifat checks the video and gets shocked. She says Aayat is playing this game, I have to tell this to Madiha, first I will meet Aayat, it will be fun now. She gets the video recording in her phone and goes to Aayat. She says you are Mariam’s mum, you are going to die peacefully as Mariam is coming along. She plays the video. Aayat gets shocked. Meher scolds Rihaan. He says I love Mahira, I lied to dad as he won’t understand my love. She doesn’t believe him. Aayat does drama. Rifat asks her to stop the drama. Aayat asks will haveli papers work. Rifat smiles. Meher says I won’t let you marry Mahira.

He says I will come there as a groom, stop me if you can. Meher goes. Aayat says you keep my secret, and I will give you this haveli as a gift, I named this haveli to Mariam, no one knows this, I can gift this haveli to Mahira, but its not free, you have to pay for it. Rifat agrees and hugs her. She goes. Aayat says I have taken care of Rifat, what to do about Majaaz. Its morning, Mariam records the dance practice. Aijaz and kids do robot dance. Aijaz says its better I dance than answering you. Majaaz compliments Madiha.

Aayat says I have arranged visa, I booked tickets also, you get ready. Madiha asks how so early. Aayat says sorry, my visa is expiring. Rifat dances with her friends. Lawyer comes to meet her. She asks about the property case. He says Majaaz’s case is weak, you can attack him and win. Rifat says I never lose. Aijaz lifts his leg. Kids laugh when his pants get torn. Aijaz says this house is going to be lifeless without you. Mariam says I will cure Aayat and come back to you soon. Kids hugs him.

Rifat gets ready to take baraat. Zain and Rihaan get ready and hope to get Mahira in their lives. Mahira says I don’t want to get ready. Meher says I know you are angry, its better I bear your annoyance for your good. Mahira says you made a fake promise and went against me and Rihaan. Meher says he is taking revenge for his dad, why don’t you believe me, he is cheating you. Mahira says I won’t marry Zain. Madiha hears this and shouts Mahira. She says tell me whatever I heard is wrong. She gets shocked seeing their faces and says you have hidden this from me. Mahira says Rihaan is a nice guy, we love each other. Meher says he wants revenge from us, I heard them talking, trust me. Mahira says Meher hates Rihaan, you can understand my love as you had to run away and marry dad, please agree to me. She cries. Madiha says we can’t stop this wedding.

Madiha asking why didn’t you tell me about Rihaan before. Mahira says sorry, I was afraid that you will refuse to me as Rihaan is from arch rival family, I can’t marry Zain. Mariam comes to Majaaz and says everyone is making Mahira ready. He makes Mariam ready while talking to her. She says I will go to pakistan and do reporting, is my hairstyle ready. Her friends see her and laugh. She sees the mirror. Majaaz smiles and says I think your mum can make your hairstyle, sorry Mariam, come.

Mahira asks Madiha to understand her love. Madiha says I would have understood if you told me at the right time, my relation with my brother will break, our family will lose name, you have to marry Zain. Mahira cries. Madiha says if anyone knows about this, you don’t know what I can do. They cry. Majaaz and Mariam come and see them crying. Majaaz says Mahira is going to other house, so everyone is sad. He compliments Mahira. He asks them to save some tears for bidaai. Mariam says the baraat has come. Majaaz asks Mahira to be happy and goes. Mahira says its not possible to leave now, what shall I do. She gets Rihaan’s pic and says its Rihaan in groom’s attire, it means its Rihaan there. She goes to see the groom. Everyone welcomes baraat. Aijaz throws money and asks Mariam not to pick money, they are Nawaab. Mariam says I will increase your pride. She throws all the money. Aijaz says stop it, its big currency notes.

Everyone laughs. She gives him empty wallet. He asks what will I go of this now. Mariam asks the groom to show his face. Mahira sees Zain and gets shocked. Zain smiles. Mariam records him. Rihaan reaches there and calls Mahira. She says I won’t marry Zain. He says I came inside haveli and I will take Zain’s place, I will marry you. She asks how did you get same clothes like Zain. He says I was following you, just go as I say. She agrees. Everyone dances. Rifat and Aayat hug and congratulate each other. Rihaan sees everyone coming. Mariam goes to steal shoes. Majaaz says let the groom settle, you can do this later. Mariam and Fawad argue. Fawad takes Zain’s shoes and sits over them.

Rifat says I will get Mahira and haveli too, I mean we got related to this family. Madiha says yes. Aayat calls and asks for visa request to get done. Mariam says give me idea to get shoes. Aayat says you should first find out someone’s weakness, I think his weakness is food. Mariam thanks her. Majaaz says Qazi is stuck in traffic, he will need some time. Rifat says we will sing and dance till then. Everyone dances. Mariam steals the shoes. Zain gets a message and goes to see. Mahira calls Rihaan and says Zain is coming to the terrace.

Rihaan says leave everything on me. Mariam and kids come to hide the shoes. Mahira thinks to message Rihaan about shoes. Amna comes and takes Mahira. She keeps Mahira’s shoes. Rihaan comes there. Mariam gets Mahira’s phone and goes to give her. Zain looks for Mahira. He thinks where is she and calls her out. Rihaan locks him up. Zain says open the door, who has locked the door. Rihaan says the door will not be opened till Mahira and I get married.