Monday Update on Promised Love 15th February 2021


Monday Update on Promised Love 15th February 2021

Azaan asking Shayra to select something for her and says he has ordered lehenga for Noor. Shayra says she wants the similar lehenga for her. Azaan says it was just one. Shayra asks him to choose if he will give lehenga to Noor or her. He says Noor as she is childish and immature. He says you are my wife and very intelligent and matured. He says Noor is my responsibility. Shayra says she was testing whom he will choose between Noor and her. Azaan says such day shall not come. Shayra recalls Noor’s words and thinks I can’t tell you the truth. She says its just that it is difficult to forget everything.

Azaan says Khala will be missed always. Surayya tells Asgar that Noor is planning something big and says she saw them talking. She says she will find out. Azaan tells Shayra that he don’t like lines on her forehead and kisses on her forehead. He asks her to sleep. Shayra gets dream in which Yasmeen asking Shayra to save Noor. Shayra wakes up shouting Noor. Azaan says you are calling her even in dream. Shayra asks where is Noor.

Azaan says she must be in the room. Razia tells Asgar that she will get new phone for Surayya. Surayya asks Asgar to repair it and says she wants this phone only. Razia asks what is in it. Shayra comes there and asks where is Noor?

Azaan says she is worrying about Noor unnecessarily. Shayra asks Dilruba and Mashuqa to search her. They call her, but she is not picking the call. Shayra thinks about her dream and says I know where Noor can be. They go to the burial ground. Azaan tells Razia, why Noor will come here. Shayra runs and sees Noor resting there.

Razia and Azaan also come there. Razia stops Azaan and says they have come to their mother and will handle each other. Noor rests her head on Yasmeen’s grave. Shayra tells her that yasmeen will be pained to see her like this and says you want to manipulate me and made me agree. Noor says I am doing what was in my wish list. Shayra says you are lying. Noor says I will not lie sitting near my Ammi’s grave. She says Ammi used to ask me if she will not leave her after her death and I used to answer that I will come in the grave near you. She asks her to see her grave. Shayra sees the grave dug and asks what is this madness.

Noor says I will fulfill my wishes. Shayra says I won’t let you do this and will inform everyone. Noor says then I will die, you can’t be with me 24 hours. She says I have two ways, one takes me here and one takes me to Azaan and says you still have 24 hours. They come home. Shayra holds her hand and says I want to talk to you. Noor says I don’t want to talk. Razia says you want to and says I know what Shayra wants to tell you. She says I thought you are forgetting your pain and trying to be happy. She says you didn’t think once what I am going through. She asks Shayra what happened? Shayra says she was emotional. Noor says I have to talk to you. She says I asked something from Shayra, but she can’t give me. She says you can give me this. She takes her to side and tells something.

Razia asks her to think again and says this matter is of your life. Noor says she has though enough. Razia calls everyone and tells that Noor wants to marry and has chosen the guy. Azaan asks who is he? Razia tells that grand son of your grand father. She says if she wants this then I have no objection. Razia comes to Surayya and Asgar and asks for Khalid for Noor’s marriage. Razia says I am sure that destiny is written with mother’s prayers. She says yasmeen always wanted Noor to marry in this house. She says Khalid always wanted to marry her and when she is ready, we shall not be late. She takes out her bangle and gives to Surayya as nikah’s nek.

Surayya throws it and says nek goes to hell. She says I agreed to you as you are Bhopal’s begum and I don’t agree to this. Khalid comes and says but I agree, I will marry Noor. Shayra thinks his madness about Noor. Khalid says I will marry Noor and asks her not to worry. Surayya takes out her reality and threatens to beat Khalid. Khalid says if you refuse then I will do court marriage. Surayya says I will go to jail by killing you. Razia asks Surayya not to force her decision on Khalid. She says I got Azaan married with his wish. Surayya asks her to get Azaan married her now.

Surayya asking Razia why she didn’t get her own son marry Noor. She says we are Nawabs and you want me to get my son married to this Servant’s daughter. Azaan asks her to mind her language and says she never thought Meenu as Servant, but her sister. She says Noor is her daughter. Surayya says she can’t give saree as gift, not her son. Razia says she don’t want to force her decision on her and asks her to think. She says you will not get good girl like you. Surayya says I will accept any girl, but not Noor as she is the one who made fun of my son, called him chasmish, stammering guy and threw his ring. She says why she want to marry him today. Shayra thinks what game you are playing Noor? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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