Monday Update on Complicated Love 15th February 2021


Monday Update on Complicated Love 15th February 2021

Everyone enjoyed the party. Arnav and Pari were now drunk. Arnav tells Pari he loves her dearly but she doesn’t understand. Pari takes another sip. She says everyone thinks she doesn’t know Arnav has feelings for her, she respect these feelings. But she doesn’t hold such feelings for him, and if he breaks his feelings it will be wrong on her part. She believes love has no meaning if its not organic; she loves him more than she loves herself. This love thing isn’t for her.

When one is in love, there is music in the background and the lover wants to listen to the other person non-stop. She looks towards Rohan who was still beating the drum. Pari says she never felt this way, but it seems may be, she wants him to remain in her friend’s zone, but isn’t being possible. She steps five steps backwards, but ten steps forward. Arnav jerks Pari and asks her not to intrigue him now. If she wants him to be jealous. Pari claims Arnav to be stupid, then goes to ask a few questions.

Mishti arrives at the party. Rohan turns to look at her while she tries to protect herself from colors. Pari walks to Rohan to speak to him. He couldn’t hear her clearly. Pari says she loves someone and can think about no one else. She wonders if she should tell that man or not. Rohan couldn’t hear anything. Pari now shouts she is in love. Rohan was excited and asks who he is.

Sukhmani says to Arnav that it seems Pari is talking about him. Arnav says Pari wants him to be jealous, she must only love him.
Pari wasn’t ready to tell Rohan the name, she felt the feelings were strange. She asks if two friends can be friends. Rohan says friends know each other really well, it is extremely perfect.
Sukhmani gives Arnav another drink. She tells Arnav to go and ask Pari directly. Arnav agrees and says he would go straight away and ask Pari. Sukhmani urges Arnav but he doesn’t move a single step forward and repeated a single word. He was badly drunk now.

Mishti calls Veer who was in the car. Veer says he was late in deciding the color. Mishti asks him to hurry up.
Rohan and Pari stood eye to eye. Sukhmani spills a bucket of colored water over Rohan. Rohan was worried about his phone and goes to leave it upstairs.
Radhika stood in front of the family photos with plate of colors, rubbing them over Dida, Kunal, Mauli and Ishaan’s face. She cries silently. She says in a single jerk, everything in their lives ended. They were extremely happy and waited for this festival impatiently; one phone call finished everything up. She remembers being at home with the kids. She got a call with the news that the flight from Mumbai to Bangalore has crashed, there were no chances of any survival.

The girls had hugged her and cried. Rohan watched Radhika recalling the death of her children. She turns around and tries to hide her tears. Rohan asks her to shed these tears, it might ease her heart. He convince Radika to play Holi with them. Radhika holds his hand with a heavy heart, then smiles weakly.
Veer stops his car and looks around for Mishti. Mishti was running with the plate of color towards Veer. Sukhmani and Pari also head towards Veer. Rohan had brought Radhika downstairs. A bottle of color hits Mishti. She turns around to find Rohan behind her, and says what the hell. There, Pari, Arnav, Sukhmani and others had attacked Veer. Radhika applies a tillak and hugs Radhika. Sukhmani challenges Veer to beat the drum so that they can dance. Veer has fun with the family.

Mishti comes to Rohan and questions how dare you. What’s the problem with him? Veer is his friend and he said in front of Rohan that he wanted to apply color to her as the first person. He must not even be mistaken to apply color to her. Rohan says he didn’t throw that balloon. Mishti says he shouldn’t dare apply color to her. Rohan counters he isn’t interested in applying color to her. All at once, Rohan throws the plate up in the air, the lot of color showering over both of them. Veer watches their face off. Rohan warns Mishti to speak to him again in this tone.

Veer comes to Mishti and Rohan. He says it’s not fair, he wanted to color her but Rohan already did that. Mishti replies I am sorry. Veer says it’s alright, it’s none of her mistake; he complains Rohan did wrong to him. It should have been me first. Mishti walks away.
The next morning, Mishti still wipes the color off her face. Sukhmani comes in and says this color can’t go so easily. It was their first Holi, and Veer’s color can’t go so easily. She complains of a head ache, and says she was so drunk she didn’t understand what happened. Radhika made an extremely strong Thandai, then remembers she had mixed Vodka in it. Mishti silently wipes the color off. Sukhmani teases it’s the color of Veer’s love. Mishti says this color was applied by Rohan not Veer. She just hate him, he is so irritating. Sukhmani says she also doesn’t like him much. Mishti was relieved that finally someone values her judgment. She requests Sukhmani to ask Dadi send him away. Sukhmani says she is her best friend, still she doesn’t listen to her much. Mishti asks why she doesn’t like her anyway. Sukhmani says it’s because Rohan doesn’t value her at all. Mishti smiles. Sukhmani asks Mishti it seems Pari is a good friend with Rohan, but is it only friendship. Mishti says it’s about Pari, she would only friend zone anyone. Sukhmani says she can now tell Arnav to keep on trying. Mishti was happy and says Arnav is really a nice guy. Sukhmani says Arnav also got a tattoo of Pari. Mishti says Pari and Arnav seem to be made for each other, they must wait for the time Pari can realize her love for Arnav. Both ladies believe this will happen soon.
Mishti gets a call from Veer for meeting in the evening. Mishti apologizes as she has an important meeting, and back to back with the vendors and clients. Veer says alright, he will make a plan with his friends. Mishti apologizes as she is totally packed. Veer says it’s alright, he didn’t mind. Mishti feels bad for the Holi event and Veer’s request. She texts Veer she will definitely make it upto him.

Pari was watering the plants in the balcony. Rohan comes there and watch her in some deep thought. He calls her name to point towards spilling water. Pari smiles. Rohan says the plant would die if over watered. Pari asks if he has studied botany as well, he and Mishti know everything. Rohan asks Pari who is he. Pari doesn’t remember. Rohan says Pari asked him if two friends can fell in love. Pari drops the water pot out of shock, she doesn’t remember asking anything. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2


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