Monday Update May 28 on This is Love Glow Tv

Monday Update May 28 on This is Love Glow Tv

The Episode starts with Amma crying and saying I will do Mata Rani jagrata and pray for my daughter. Vandu consoles her. Raman tells Mihir to ask Mani not to call them, and talk to Romi, else Ashok will get his call log and doubt. Mihir gets the van details and tells them. Vandu recalls the accident and says I have hit that van with my car, I have seen a sack and there was something in it, it was Ishu. She cries. Raman says there is no time to cry, come. They leave.

Mani tells Ashok that he is worried for Ishu, Raman does not care for her. Ashok asks what can we do, lets gets back to business. Mani asks Ashok to attend his call. Ashok says no, its not imp. Niddhi comes there and sees Mani. Mani greets her. Niddhi says I need to talk to Ashok, and asks him to come. Ashok goes. Mani quickly
takes Ashok’s phone and connects to his laptop. Niddhi asks Ashok whats Mani doing here. Ashok says he is my business partner, we snatched this project from Raman. Niddhi says I don’t understand, Shagun came to join hands with me and now this Mani, Bhalla family is planning this. Ashok says they realized that Bhallas won’t value them. Raman insulted Mani, I have seen it, don’t worry.

Mani sets some app in Ashok’s phone and keeps that back. Ashok comes and discusses plan. Mani hopes that he gets some clue. Mani mails Ashok’s call details to Raman. Raman checks the call log and says Ashok called this number 16 times when Ishita got kidnapped, find about it. Romi says its switched off. Raman says trace that number. Mihir says we are thinking wrong, this is the detective I hired. The man tells them that he has sent his assistant to record Ashok and Niddhi’s conversation.

They see the recording. …………The goon tells Ashok that they kidnapped Ishita instead Ruhi. Ashok says fine, Ishita is okay, what mistake did you do. The goon says when we were shifting her, some goons attacked us and took her. Niddhi asks Ashok what will we do now, we lost Ishita, it was our planning, how did anyone else take her. Ashok claps and says this is epic. Niddhi asks are you mad, our planning got bad. Ashok says the best thing is Ishita got kidnapped, she is trapped by second kidnapper, someone kidnapped her and now blame will come on me, Raman will try to find Ishita and wasting time on us, real kidnapper may kill Ishita, maybe she will get murdered….. Niddhi gets glad. Raman and everyone get shocked and cry.

Raman says it means someone else kidnapped Ishita. Romi asks who else can do this. Mihir stops Raman from going to police. Appa says we can’t take any chance. Raman says she will die, let me go. Shagun slaps Raman and says if you panic like this, what about us, do you want to see Ishita dead. Raman says no, I got her after 7 years, I can’t lose her. She says she will come back, kidnappers will kill her if you go to police, we have to find some other way. Raman cries and everyone console him. Raman says I will go to find her.

Goon slaps another goon and says this is your mistake, boss scolded me, we will kill her. Goon says I made that woman sleep by medicines, I broke the sim. The goon scolds him and says we should get money. Door bell rings. He asks other goons to hide, and goes to check. Anil comes there and says I told you all not to do mistake. Goon says its just one mistake. Anik slaps him and asks him to do something and leave from here, hurt up, take her. Door bell rings again. Anil thinks who has come now, I will check, you guys hide.

A man comes there and says you gave this order, you have party right, you did the order, I got all the orders. Anil says we did not order it, its wrong address. The man asks his workers to take the items back. The workers take the sacks and leave. Anil asks the goons to leave soon.

Adi cries. Mihika asks him not to worry, we have to be strong, if we lose courage, how will it be, Ishita will come back soon. Adi says when Ishi Maa was here, Raman used to scold her and now he is crying. Mihika says you are right, we are humans and we all do mistake, sometimes those are close to our heart, we forget to say how much they matter, we feel we have much time to say or what’s the need to say, but you know its necessary to say what they mean in our life, I also forget to tell Romi, Amma and Appa how much I love them.

Ruhi asks Nupur how did she come here. Nupur tells about meeting her ill fan, she committed to meet the kid before. Ruhi asks her to cancel it. Shagun and everyone ask Ruhi to meet the ill child, maybe by his blessings, we will get Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says even Ishita would have asked you to go. Raman tells Ruhi that he will go with him. Ruhi agrees and goes to get ready. Raman says I just wish I get Ishita back, I won’t let anything happen to her.

Anil getting shocked seeing police. Anil lies that he is doctor and was going to other block. He leaves. Inspector asks goon about his van. Goon says yes, its mine. Inspector asks them to come with him. He asks goon is this place to park the van and scolds him. Anil gets relieved that its just parking issue. The goon move the car. The goon Ismail says I think we will be trapped for this kidnapping, we will kill this woman, I know Anil will also do the same, I have to go home, its eid, I have to take gifts for kid, you two do this work. He sends the other goons with the sack. Raman talks on phone and is worried. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says I will go with Ruhi. Raman says no, Ruhi went everywhere alone for 7 years, today I will go with her. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, I wish we
get Ishita fine. They ask each other to take care of each other.

Ruhi dressed as Ruhaan comes there. Raman says I realized my mistake seeing you like this, Niddhi made you do this work. Ruhi says its fine, I liked singing. Raman hugs Ruhi and cries. Shagun comes and says Raman, Nupur is waiting. Raman gets call and asks them to go, I will come. He tells someone to find out, nothing should happen to Ishita.The goons throw the sack to get it under the truck. The truck goes over the sack. The goons say why did she not shout and go to check. They see potatoes and onions in sack, and think whether that veg vendor took that sack, Anil will not leave us this time, come we will go and check for him.

The Muslim family celebrates eid. Sakina tells her inlaws about someone inside the sack. The man checks and they get shocked seeing a woman tied. Ishita looks at them. They free Ishita and get her out of the sack. The old lady asks who are you. Ishita says my name is Ishita, some goons kidnapped me, I have seen their face once, they kept me in some room, they made me faint and was shifting me. The old lady calms her and says you are in our house, don’t worry. The old man asks who kidnapped you. Ishita says I don’t know who are they, and where I m right now. Sakina says I ordered some items for function and she came with veg sacks. Ishita says maybe sack got changed, they will find me again, let me talk to my family. Sakina gives her landline phone. She hears door bell and panics saying they would be goons. The ladies take her inside.

Raman, Ruhi and Nupur are on the way. Nupur tells Ruhi that ill kid’s dad called us and he went to his home, its fine if we don’t go and meet him, its not written in his contract. Ruhi says its fine, we will go and meet him. The goons talk to the man that they are Ismail’s friends and get inside the house. Sakina says don’t worry, they are my husband’s friends. The old lady goes to give sweets to the goons. Sakina asks Ishita to wear her dress. Ishita asks for phone. Sakina says we have just landline, come. Ishita says no, that men… She thinks I can’t tell her about those men. She says I m fine here, I will wait. Sakina asks her to rest, she will get some food for her.

Ishita says what shall I do, this is Ismail’s house, he is a goon. She sees an ill boy sleeping there. A guy asks for potato and onion sacks. The man says I will give it, come, food should be made well. The goons talk that Ismail will not leave him now. Sakina talks to her boy and gives him medicines. Ishita asks what happened to him. Sakina says he has blood cancer, he is Aslam, 7 years old, he has this disease since his birth, Aslam’s father is working hard for his treatment, its eid today and Aslam has to get ready. Ishita thinks they don’t know what Ismail does.

Ishita asks Sakina whether she has a mobile. Sakina says no, Aslam’s dad has mobile and he is away, we just use landline. Ishita says I can’t go out, if goons come then. Sakina says you can inform police. Ishita thinks if I complaint to police, this family will lose their son. She says I just have to talk to my family. Guests come. Ishita asks Sakina not to tell anyone that she is present here. Sakina assures her and asks her to sit. She goes. The goon says I will take the tray and goes to check the sack in kitchen. He gets the sack and says that woman was here, is she here or run away, I can’t ask Ismail’s family, what shall I do. Ruhi and Raman come there. Ruhi as Ruhaan takes pics with guests and goes to meet the kid. The man says we are glad you came here. Nupur says Ruhaan has come to meet Aslam. Ruhi asks where is my little fan, call him. Sakina tells Aslam that Ruhaan has come to meet her. Ishita hears this.