Monday Update May 28 on True Love Glow Tv

Monday Update May 28 on True Love Glow Tv

The Episode starts with Ichcha and Tapasya scene. Tapasya threatens Ichcha that she will not forget the slap. She is her maid’s daughter. She is brought up on her’s Uttran and so on. Ichcha also says few things. Like “I will never forgive you too. You are not insulting me but insulting your parents indirectly”. Tapasya says, “I will not enter bundela haveli until and unless you and Veer won’t ask forgiveness from me”. Tapasya leaves.

Vansh was standing near some cliff; Veer comes there and apologizes on hiding things from him. Vansh is all heart broken that how his own brother, Ichcha and whole Bundela family lied.  He can’t forget anything and so on. Veer tries to clear things but Vansh grabs his arm and push him real hard and asked to leave as he (Vansh) is not in a mood to return to Bundela Haveli ever. Veer again apologizes and Hugs him, Vansh hugs him too.  Then veer asks him to beat him like he used to beat him in their childhood whenever he (Veer) commits mistakes. Veer takes Vansh hands and start beating himself. Vansh makes him stop and forgive him.

Ichcha remembers all the scenes. How Jogi Thakur taught her to fight and struggle so you can achieve success. She remembers the entire scene from her marriage and Suhagraat too. And then promise her that she will struggle and will save this marriage.

Veer and Vansh sitting on side of cliff and Veer sorting things out. He tells Vansh the whole story, How everyone was against his relationship with Ichcha but he didnt tell him how Tapasya and he get married. They decide to return Bundela Haveli.

On the other hand Ichcha is crying, trashing and tearing all of her pics with Veer. And again remembering flashbacks from her suhagraat scenes, How Vansh reacted and all.

In thakur’s haveli Tapasya was all angry and thinking abt what happened b/w her and Ichcha and how she slapped her..

In the car, while returning, Vansh also thinks of few scenes such as Holi scene b/w Tapasya and Veer. He also had a flashback of his chat with widow cousin. How she said that things are not going well between Veer and Tapasya…Finally both brothers reach at Bundela House but Vansh refuses to go inside and questions Veer abt his(Veer) marital life with Tapasya. Veer replies that he and Tapasya are leading a happy life but Vansh demands to listen this from Tapasya’s own mouth. Veer goes inside and search for Tapasya but she was not in room so he knocks Ichcha’s room. Ichcha rushes to the door and opens it thinking that Vansh has returned but Veer was standing. Veer asks her abt Tapasya. Ichch thinks of what happened b/w two sisters and how Tapasya left. She told Veer that Tapasya had left home but I will talk to Vansh. They both go to Vansh but Vansh asks Veer and Veer replies him that she has gone to her home