Monday Update June 11th on True Love Glow Tv

Monday Update on True Love Glow Tv

June 11th

Ichcha calls Ammo and assures her that Vansh is well now and not to worry. She hangs up and enters her room. She’s shocked to see a big statue figure of flowers that says ‘Sorry teacher jee’ and Vansh asks forgiveness from Ichcha. In Taps’ room Taps tells Veer that its time they stop faking their relationship and asks him for a suhaag raat.

The next morning Ichcha is cooking when Mai comes to thank her for convincing Vansh. Later Vansh comes there and hugs Ichcha. Taps sees all this and is furious. She sees Veer on the stairs and straightens out his shirt and tells him not to forget what she said last night. Veer leaves perturbed and goes to Damini paathshala to give up the records to the teacher there. That night, he is returning home in his car when he receives a text from Taps asking what she should wear tonight. Veer throws the phone away in anger.

Vansh is teaching how to draw a tiger to Ichha;Both are having some fun moments in their bedroom;Vansh tells Ichha that you might be my teacher in other fields but in the field of drawing I am your teacher;Just then Ichha’s mobile-alarm rings and Ichha tells Vansh that its time for your medicine;Vansh tells her that he will take the medicine later but Ichha insists that he should take it now only and is about to go outside the room to get water when Vansh stops her and asks her lovingly why do u love me so much on which Ichha tells him that its because you are my hubby;Ichha then goes out to get the water..

In the hall while Ichha is getting the water,Veer arrives home;Both Ichha and Veer looks at each other;Ichha then goes inside the room and closes it while Veer gets nightmares of starting his new life with Taps

Veer then enters the dragon..I mean his room where Taps is standing all dressed up waiting for their new dangerous innings to start..

Tapasya then starts her usual madness;She first gives one red rose to Veer and indicates him to put it in her hair but Veer drops the rose accidentally;Then Tapasya asks Veer to light all the candles in the room along with her but Veer drops the candle too accidentally  and ends up burning his hand when Tapasya sucks his finger(Veer all along is acting like a robot who is well programmed by his mentor Tapwater)

After this Tapasya plays that “bahon ke darmiyan” song on tape recorder and starts her great seduction act;She grabs Veer in her arms,makes him touch her waistline,hugs him tightly,makes him rest on the bed and she herself rests on the bed besides him,then rests her head on his lap for a while and does everything that she did last time.

After the song gets over,surprisingly Veer closes the door but then he tells Tapasya that “I know we are husband-wife and we are starting all over again..but is it necessary to do all this so soon..can’t we give each other some time”

Hearing this Tapasya replies to him that “You have left no other option for me..How long should I wait for you..remember one thing..our new beginning can only maintain VanCha relationship”;Hearing this Veer goes in this usual devdas cum thinking zone;Tapasya then further tells Veer that “Are u still unable to forget your past love..that is Ichha…I hope u remember that Ichha is your sister in law now”;Hearing tihs Veer gives one ultra sad look on his face.