Monday Update on June 11th on This is Love Glow Tv

Monday Update  on This is Love Glow Tv

June 11th

The Episode starts with Romi talking to that girl and thanking her for coming in his life. Mihika comes and gives him sweets, saying Shagun and Mani’s marriage is tomorrow. He says what shall I do, I have my work, I will come in marriage. She asks with whom does he have meeting today. He says I don’t like anyone questioning me, why are you behaving like cheap doubtful wives, have you lost it. He goes. She says I m not interested to do this, but you made me helpless. Raman hugs Mani and says we did not get that letter, you concentrate on marriage. He gets call and goes. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Mani about Pihu. Mani says I assure you I will take care of Pihu and Pihu won’t have any problem. She blesses him.
Ishita shows jewelry to Shagun. Shagun says I need to talk to you and Raman.
They go to Raman. Raman calls Abhishek and asks if he found anything about letter. Shagun tells Raman that she is worried for Pihu, I m sure she will get disturbed, I was thinking to take Pihu along at Mani’s house, if she goes in depression, I want to handle Pihu my way, just for few days, can Pihu go with me. Ruhi comes and says no way, you can’t take Pihu like this. Shagun says Pihu needs me. Ruhi says you said Pihu should get habitual to stay without you. Shagun says she is sensitive and emotional, how can we give her shock. Ruhi says I think we should tell her truth, that Ishi Maa is her real mum, last time Ishi Maa stopped me, I will explain her. Shagun says how can you explain her, Pihu needs her mum, I m her mum. Ruhi says you are not her mum, you are like her mum, Ishi Maa is her real mum. Shagun cries. Ishita says Shagun is Pihu’s real mum. Raman says enough Ruhi and takes her along. Ishita consoles Shagun and gives tissue from drawer. She does not see the confidential letter. She asks her not to feel bad of Ruhi’s words, you are Pihu’s mum, don’t cry.
Pihu plays and collides with a man. Bangles fall and Pihu gets to know its bridal bangles. She asks whose bangle is it. He tells about marriage at her home. She asks whose. He says I have name of groom and bride, Shagun and…. She says what, Papa and mumma are marrying, my Papa’s name is Raman. She runs. He says but groom’s name is Mani. Pihu goes to Adi and says I got to know mumma’s surprise, mumma is marrying Papa. Adi says what is Pihu saying.
Pihu hugs Shagun and says I got to know your marriage surprise, I m so happy. Everyone look on. Mani greets Pihu and asks will you become my friend. Pihu shakes hand. The man deliver bangles to Shagun, and congratulates Shagun and Mani. Pihu says my Papa’s name is Raman, why are you saying Mani’s name. The man says I was telling you downstairs, your mumma is marrying Mani. Adi asks him to leave. Pihu asks Shagun why did she do this, she is Raman’s wife, how can she marry Mani. She says I hate you and goes. Mani goes after them.
Pihu asks Raman why is he making Shagun marry Mani, this is wrong, he can’t do this with mumma. Ishita says we all are with your mumma. Pihu says you are lying, I know Papa is not marrying mumma because of this aunty, everything is getting bad since this aunty came, why is this aunty staying in your room, mumma should stay here, this aunty came to make you away from mumma. He says listen to me. Pihu says go aunty, I hate you. Ishita cries and leaves. Pihu asks Raman why did he do this. Shagun looks for Pihu. Mani says maybe Pihu went to Raman. She says I was afraid of this, Pihu will hate me. He says we will explain Pihu. She says she is my life, I m staying here for her, I know Ishita is her real mum, but I had her in my womb for nine months, why should Pihu suffer, I can’t hurt her, how can I leave her, I can’t do this. Mani says I understand, calm down. She says I can’t come to your house without my daughter, Pihu needs me, you have to convince Raman and Ishita, Pihu can stay with us till she understand, I can’t abandon her suddenly. He says I will talk to Raman, they will understand as its matter of few days, don’t worry, there is a solution. She says please go right away and talk to Raman. He says I m going, stop crying now. He leaves.
Mrs. Bhalla consoles Ishita and says we will explain Pihu, I m sure she will understand she is your daughter, how will she hate you, Ruhi has told her Yashoda and Devki’s story. Ishita says Shagun is Yashoda and I m Devki, Pihu will never come to me, Pihu should go with Shagun. Ruhi looks on. Ishita says I want Pihu’s happiness, she will be happy with Shagun. Ruhi asks what are you saying, how can you give Pihu to Shagun, she is your daughter, she is angry, you have to tell her truth, I don’t want her to take wrong decisions in life for which she regrets later, you have to say truth, Pihu has to stay with you, explain her, don’t give up. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Ruhi is right.
Raman says I m confused Mani. Mani says I think Pihu should come with Shagun, I have seen her reaction. Raman says Pihu is in shock, she wants me to marry Shagun, she will not accept you. Mani says we will explain her, till her mental block gets away, she can stay with Shagun, even Ishita explained me that Shagun is Pihu’s mum. Raman says give me some time, I will think.
Shagun cries and says I was afraid for this. Mani says I spoke to Raman, calm down. Ishita comes and says Raman tried to explain me a lot, he said Pihu should go with Shagun and Mani, after marriage, I m sorry, Pihu won’t go from here, she will stay here. Shagun cries. Mani says but Ishu… Ishita says Pihu is my daughter too, if she goes now, complications will increase, her life will get spoiled, we have to tell truth to her. Shagun says this is not fair and cries. Ishita says sorry. Shagun leaves. Ruhi stops Ishita and says leave Shagun alone for some time.
Shagun smiles and says its happening as I thought, its going as per my plan game, Ishita thinks she is smart, you have no idea what I m. She recalls sending that man to deliver the bangles and tell Pihu about Mani and Shagun’s marriage. She gives Pihu’s pic and money.
She says Ishita and Ruhi can’t outsmart me, my plan was Pihu will stay with me and Mani, this will happen. She smiles. Ruhi tells Ishita that she took right decision, don’t change this, I m with you, be strong for Pihu’s sake. Ishita says I m feeling so sorry for Shagun.
Shagun going to Pihu. Pihu says I won’t let this happen, why are you doing this. Shagun says your Ishi Maa is doing this, she wants to separate us, I can’t live without you, I will get married and go with Mani. Pihu says I want to be with you. She says no one will send you with me, everyone wants to separate us, Raman also listens to Ishita. Pihu says I want to be with you. Shagun says then you need to do something, just run away from here and come to my home, you can stay with me. She gives her money and asks her to take taxi and come to this address, don’t say this to anyone, promise. Pihu says promise. Shagun says when I go with Mani to court, you don’t come there. She hugs Pihu. Pihu says I love you and goes to pack her bag. Shagun says its because of you
Ishita, I had to play with my daughter’s emotions, but I won’t let you come in between me and Pihu, Pihu is mine and will be mine always, I won’t let Ishita ruin my life, Ruhi left me, Pihu is my daughter.
Raman comes home and asks Neelu for water. He is angry and shouts. Mrs. Bhalla laughs seeing his hair style. Mihika asks where did your hair go. He says I went for trim, the guy has cut more, my face is good, I look better than you all. He goes to room and recalls Pihu’s words. Ishita comes to him. She says sorry, I gave you tension, I know my decision will hurt Shagun and Pihu, shall I let Pihu go, Shagun has right on Pihu, Ruhi is right, if Pihu goes without knowing truth, it will be big problem, we have to tell her any day, I thought this is the right time, maybe you think my decision is wrong, but…. He apologizes to her and says I felt weak, maybe that’s why I asked Shagun to take Pihu, Shagun has given 7 years of her life for Pihu, I did not wish to separate them, I m sorry, you are right. She says I understand, don’t feet guilty, no one is at fault, I took decision, but I m scared. He says I m sure Pihu will understand, nothing will happen.
Its morning, Ishita wakes up Shagun and gives her bed tea. She apologizes to Shagun and says I thought this is right to avoid complications. Shagun says I should be sorry, I was selfish, Ruhi said right, Pihu should accept you as her real mum, its better for everyone. Ishita says but you will always be Pihu’s mum, no more sadness, you are the bride, you are pretty, get ready soon, its your marriage and you have to look most beautiful, I will wake up everyone and ask them to get ready. Shagun thanks her for all this. Ishita says I wish I could do more for you, get ready. She goes. Shagun smiles and says you enjoy as its time to have fun now, you don’t know what will happen after marriage.
Aaliya is sad as Rangoli does not look good. She says who will help me. Adi and Amma come. Amma says I will help you, I will teach you. Aaliya thanks her. Amma says thank Adi, he got me here. Aaliya thanks Adi and asks Mani to see who came. Mani asks Amma not to do all this. Amma says its marriage house and should look good. She asks Mani is he angry with Ishu, she refused to send Pihu with Shagun. Mani asks how can I get angry with Ishu, both Ishu and Shagun are right, I just hope Pihu does not get affected badly. Aaliya tells Adi that she is trying hard to welcome Shagun, but she is nervous. He says don’t worry, mumma is very cool. She says marriage links family, I m sure Shagun is also thinking how to adjust in new house. He says Shagun will easily adjust with Mani, but you are snobbish, how will she adjust with you. She beats him. He says some color is there on your face. She asks him to clean it. He cleans the color and smiles seeing her.
Raman and Mr. Bhalla are busy in arrangements. Ishita calls for sweets. Shagun comes there and sees everyone busy. Pihu comes and looks on sadly. Shagun smiles seeing her. Shagun tells Ishita to give breakfast to Pihu. Ishita serves breakfast to Pihu. Pihu gets angry. Shagun asks her does she not have manners, have breakfast, don’t disrespect food, thank Ishita, she is giving food with love. Pihu eats food for Shagun’s sake. Shagun smiles. Ishita thanks her.
Ishita shows bangles to Mihika and asks her to wear it. Mihika asks why did she not get ready till now. Ishita says I will get ready. Mihika asks why is she worried. Ishita says how will I handle Pihu, I have tension, Pihu did breakfast on Shagun’s saying, how will we manage her without Shagun. She reads a family trip offer ad, and says we can come close if we spend time, we can go on destination holiday. Mihika likes the idea and says Pihu likes to go on holidays. Ishita says I will plan out something.
Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla have a talk. He says Mani reached there at court, we have to leave soon. Ruhi says I m ready. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is the bride. Mihika gets Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun is looking moon, Mani is very lucky to get beautiful bride. Ruhi also compliments Shagun. Shagun asks where is Pihu. Ruhi says Pihu refused to come to court. Shagun thinks perfect, I love you Pihu. She asks Mrs. Bhalla not to force Pihu, I will meet her after marriage. Raman asks Ishita to come soon, its Shagun’s marriage, not ours. Ishita tells Raman about special trip with Pihu, I will give papers to travel agent and get it done, you go, I will come. Mrs. Bhalla blesses Shagun. Shagun says sorry if I did any mistake and thanks her. Mrs. Bhalla says you are my daughter and hugs her. Shagun thinks you forgot me after Ishita came, I will not let you forget this.