Monday Update April 23 on True Love Glow Tv

Monday Update April 23 on True Love

Glow Tv

The episode starts with Vansh tightly squeezing Ichha in his arms, as he joyously screams out “Ichha, Ichha, Ichha, I love you”.  Still holding her in his embrace, he introduces her to Veer, who is of course shocked. Vansh tells Ichha that Veer is his younger brother who was studying in the States. Loudly, Vansh continues professing his love for Ichha.  All this while, hiding behind a bush is Tapu.  She is observing the threesome’s encounter from a distance, with a smirk on her face.

Unable to endure his pain, Veer starts to walk towards his car.  Surprised at his cold reaction, Vansh runs towards Veer and asks him if he does not find his teacherji to be the most beautiful person he has ever met? Veer uncomfortably smiles as he agrees with Vansh. Meanwhile, Ichha is shown slowly walking towards the brothers. Confiding in Veer, Vansh tells him that Ichha is the source of all his happiness. Vansh walks towards Ichha and, again, takes her in his arms as he tells Veer that a life without Ichha is inconceivable for him. Ichha guiltily looks at Veer. Suddenly, Vansh pulls out Ichha’s hand and makes her shakes Veer’s, saying that it was Veer who led him down the path that brought him to Ichha. Vansh asks Veer to come and celebrate with them. Veer makes an excuse, but Vansh is no mood to take no for an answer. He asks Ichha to ask Veer to come along.

Not knowing how to react to Vansh’s request, Ichha is shown fumbling for words. At that moment, Tapu arrives and manipulates the situation, telling Vansh that Veer has to return home on account of an important case hearing. However, she tells Vansh to carry on with Ichhki. Vansh reiterates, Ichhki? Tapu says yes, that’s how we address her at home. Vansh lovingly asks, “Chalen Ichhki”? Ichha drily smiles and starts to walk away with Vansh. Seeing them leave, Tapu turns around and triumphantly smiles to herself, and then in a comforting manner, consoles a dazed Veer, who accuses Tapu of knowing about this new development.

Tapu apologizes to Veer, but says that not only she, but everyone else in Veer’s home knows about this relationship. A dejected Veer asks how come no one bothered to tell him anything. Tapu says that much to their surprise, it was Mai herself who took Vansh’s, and not his, rishta to their house. She adds that she had asked Ichha to call him, but Ichha was too scared. How could she, Tapu, call Veer, to give this news now that she has signed the divorce papers? Tapu empathesizes with Veer and says that she understands his pain; how he must feel on seeing the woman he loves, for whom he went to the lengths of divorce, accept the hand of his older brother to become his sister-in-law. On hearing this, Veer drives off in anger, leaving behind a screaming Tapu, asking Veer to listen to her reasons for not calling him, as she did not want to hurt Vansh Bhaiya.

Ichha and Vansh are shown sitting in a beautiful garden (background score: Saiyan by Khailah Kher is playing). Vansh is lovingly holding her hand and admiring Ichha’s beauty, while Ichha is thinking about Veer and his pain. Vansh tells an engrossed Ichha that today Lalla will be happy as his desire to see his brother live again has happened because of Ichha. Vansh observes Ichha’s distracted demeanor, and enquires about it? Is she not happy with their marriage? Does she doubt his will to fight against his addiction?  Ichha reassures him and says she believes in him. Vansh holds her hand. Ichha is shown to be a little uncomfortable with his frequent embraces/contacts. Vansh tells Iccha that he will never betray her trust, and, henceforth will live to see only his love in her eyes.

Veer is driving wildly. Thoughts are racing through his head, like the helicopter scene, Vansh confessing his love for Ichha, he telling his Mai wouldn’t it be great if both brothers marry on the same day. Veer suddenly stops the car on a deserted road. The background score, “O Meri  Jaan” from the movie Tum Mile starts to play. Veer comes out of the car and aimlessly starts to walk towards a small pond, before wailing out Ichha’s name in agony,  and  violently breaking down. He begins to cry his heart out, as he recalls Vansh telling him about his teacherji at the rehab centre and remembering Ichha in Vansh’s arms.