Wednesday 25 April Update on True Love


Today’s episode begins with Veer sitting in the Thakur’s living room, Jogi, Divya and Damini are shown coming down the stairs Veer first takes the blessings of the Thakur couple and then of Damini (Both of them are obviously very sad, and it shows in their eyes, their movements- their whole body language) Veer addresses Damini as “Ammu”and asks her not to worry as his “Bhaiya” would keep Ichcha very happy.(It was a very emotional scene, as if only they could understand each other’s feelings, what they were going through) Damini hides her tears and secretly wipes them.
Veer gazes up to see Ichcha coming down the stairs …there are flashbacks of their time spent together, while the song “Hairran hain hum hue kyun tum gairon se:” from the movie ‘Tum Mile’ is played. Meanwhile Taps also comes down a parallel flight of stairs.
Veer still seems to have some last minute hope in his eyes, but when Ichha nods at her ammu in acceptance of the situation he controls his tears and says that his mai has sent Odhni and Kangan for Ichha. He then extends his parents’ invitation to come to their home on the occasion of Holi. Divya accepts the invitation, telling Veer that they all will come .
Veer begins to leave and he is stopped by Jogi. Veer has tears in his eyes and Jogi comforts him by holding his hand, and asks him to take care of himself.
Rohini praises the odhni, Divya quips that the Thakur customs are like that only and indeed Ichha is very lucky’she then proceeds to put the odhni on Ichcha and exclaims that she is looking very pretty ‘while Tapu adds that this would be Ichcha’s first Holi in her in-laws , Damini forces a smile and Jogi is silent.
In the next scene the Bundela family is outside for ‘Holika Dahan’ Daddaji remarks that Vansh looks so happy as if spring has arrived in his life, his son on the other hand is upset at the whole turn of events and compares Veer’s life to the wilting autumn .The Bundela brothers together perform the various rites of ‘Holika Dahan”.Both of them silently offer their prayers’ Vansh prays to get rid of all his bad habits… Veer asks for courage to forget his past-his love, so that there is no longer any darkness in his brother’s life .Both brothers proceed to take the blessings of their elders and leave .On seeing Veer’s condition, Mai has tears in her eyes and sadly remarks she that had to sacrifice the happiness of one of her sons for the sake of the other.
Next Chanda and Gunwanti are shown discussing Puja preparations, while folk dancers are playing the ‘dhol’ and dancing .Jogi Thakur, Divya and Damini arrive with servants in tow carrying ‘shagun’. Vansh’s eyes are eagerly searching for Ichcha. The two families greet each other. Gunwanti asks about her daughters ‘in law.
Ichha and Tapasya alight from another car, and walk together’Ichcha looks so pale. Together they take the blessings of the Bundela elders. Veer has been observing Ichha all this while. Chanda has that cunning smile on her face when she tells Gunwanti that her elder daughter in law is more beautiful than her younger one. Gunwanti does not like this .Tapasya is hurt it but does not reflect on her face.
In the next scene Gunwanti & Chanda, as well as Ichcha’with Vansh behind her; and Tapasya’ with Veer behind her are shown walking inside to pray to the Kuldevi. Gunwanti asks them to come forward to take the Devi’s Blessings. Vansh moves forward, and is followed by Veer, when Gunwanti asks them to stop’and instructs them to come with their respective spouses. Vansh goes back to Ichcha, she smiles nervously at him, he then wraps his arm around her shoulder, Ichcha was not expecting this and she guiltily looks at Veer, who is extremely sad and upset. The episode ends on the sly face of Tapasya.