Friday Update on Young Love 3rd July 2020

Friday Update on Young Love 3rd July 2020

Urmila coming to Nimboli and gives table to her so that she can sit while her hands is tied by Akhiraj. Nimboli thanks her. Urmila tells you might be hungry and makes her eat paratha. She says she will bring water later and makes her eat paratha. Disa looks at them and smiles. Nimboli tries to speak, Urmila asks her to eat food and then speak. Disa goes and tells to God that a woman shall have same relation with her saut like Nimboli and Urmila share with each other. Kundan comes there and asks Urmila what you are doing here. Urmila lies to him and tells that she was shouting much. She asks Kundan to go and she will come. Nimboli acts as Urmila is tying her hands. Once Kundan leaves. Urmila and Nimboli laugh. Urmila feels dizzy and faints. Nimboli calls aloud for everyone. Kundan, Akhiraj, Harki and everyone come there.

Kundan asks Nimboli, what did you do to Urmila. Nimboli tells that she didn’t do anything. Akhiraj sends Kundan to bring doctor. Kundan leaves. Akhiraj tells Nimboli that he will increase her punishment and says no one shall give her food and water till tomorrow night. Nimboli pleads him not to do this and tells that she is innocent.

Ved ji checks Urmila and tells that she is very weak so unable to hold the baby in her womb. Kundan goes to see Urmila. The Ved tells something to Akhiraj which shocks him. Akhiraj tells something to Harki. Harki asks Disa to keep Urmila with her in her room. Disa says yes. Disa and Harki take Urmila to her room. Akhiraj tells Kundan that baby will be at risked if they have physical relations, so he asked him to stay far from Urmila till her delivery. Urmila wakes up in Disa’s room and asks about Nimboli. Harki gives food to Akhiraj. Nimboli asks for water and feels like fainting. Harki asks shall I open her hands, as there are many household works to do. Akhiraj says no, and says she shall be punished for teasing Urmila. Urmila comes and tells that Nimboli didn’t do anything.

Nimboli asks Urmila about her health. Urmila tells Akhiraj that Nimboli didn’t do anything and cares for her. She says she felt dizzy and fainted. She says Disa told me that she shouted and called everyone. She says she has no enmity with me, else she wouldn’t have called you all. She asks him to free her hands. Akhiraj says she lied to us about bunking to school. He asks her not to take her side. She says okay, I will not tell anything and let her be tied, but I will not eat anything until she is tied here. Everyone looks on shocked.

Urmila asking Akhiraj to free Nimboli from the punishment else she will not eat anything. Akhiraj asks are you threatening me? Don’t eat if you don’t want to. Harki asks Akhiraj to calm down and tells Urmila is pregnant with Kundan’s baby. Akhiraj asks Harki to do whatever she thinks is right. Harki signs Urmila to free Nimboli. Urmila gets happy and frees Nimboli’s hands. Nimboli hugs Urmila. Disa looks at their new found love. Mannu mortgaged his chain given by Ratan Singh for Rs. 15000. Pooja tells Sarita that she is going on a school field trip. Sarita asks her to wear school dress. She gets Mannu’s call and lies to Sarita that Nidhi is calling her. She leaves from home. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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